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  1. Hi Chad, is this unit still for sale? also can you deliver to teh U.K. Thanks
  2. Fluval edge led

    Hi, I am starting my first nano reef with a fluval edge tank! I noticed the led fixture by nanotuners seems to be the beat or most people favourite. As they are no longer around, do you guys know anyone who may be selling this kind of kit? Thanks!
  3. First Fluval edge Lighting.

    Sweet, thanks mate. I feel dumb.
  4. First Fluval edge Lighting.

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I am newbie and dont know what NW:RB combo can you please explain ? Much appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, This is the first time I am trying to do a Nano Reef in a Fluval Edge. I have read lots of different topics/post regarding the lighting etc. Before I start I wanted to get the lighting sorted and was thinking of going with a 12 cool white Cree LED's at 10,000k and 8 royal blue LED's. I just wanted to know whether anyone would know this these will be too much for Live Rock or Coral ? I will have these attached to a manual dimmer bdw. Thanks