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  1. funny I clicked this and then see my name I actually do have several IM leftover that I could help you out with. PM if youd like some info.
  2. Honestly with running no skimmer I would get All In One kit from ocean box and just run floss and whatever in a media rack. Would keep the tank nice and clean.
  3. I have the spec 5 on my desk currently, it is freshwater but I love the dimensions. Im actually looking into a larger peninsula tank now for my reef tank. I think you would be very happy with the dimensions of the evo and it would give you more room for the shrooms! As for heaters I have always used cobalt neotherms, so I think a 25w or 50w would fit in the rear chamber (might have to use a different media basket.
  4. The birdsnest is bleaching,meaning it is dying. You mentioned its a new tank. How old is it and do you have the ability to test your calcium and alkalinity? If you have diatoms and all your corals do not look good then something is wrong. Start with posting you test results and people can better assist you.
  5. Hey NR Looks like a 10g and 20g fusion are spoken for. I still have several IM 10g tops left that I would likely be able to ship out. If you're interested in something custom we are still only hand delivering at the connecticut swap. Regardless, if you live near it get your butt there! It is the best show i've been too!
  6. Not sure what sized tank you have but really be aware of light blockage before you go and spend the time building a top. Not only will it significantly affect par in some cases, it will also create a terrible disco effect if the material blocks light.
  7. not going to find anything locally most likely. Unless you just use window mesh. You can get that at hardware store.
  8. Thanks, I love him! That is how my whole top business started lol.
  9. So my life has finally settled down a bit so I decided to start a new thread. After baby number two came my previous 30g tank saw serious neglect. I ended up shutting it down as keeping up with evap was killing me. I transferred what was left to the 10g to try to bring it back. Maintenance is much easier and that has sparked the itch to get the tank looking great. No pics for now as it is a mess from a neglected tank. Once things get on track ill post some pics! Display: Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Lighting: NanoBox Duo Plus M (Overkill ) Circulation: 1x Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10ES Skimmer: None for now Media Reactor: IM Minimax Desktop Return Pump: Sicce 0.5 Return Pump Heater: 1x Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium 50w Heater ATO: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 Controller: Neptune System Aqua Controller Jr. Filtration: Filter Media Dosing: Two BRS dosing pump, have never dosed so will figure it out when the time comes.
  10. Here is my "madonna" clown. I've had this fish for almost 4 years. I had a pair that both had the same markings but sadly one jumped It was a mix of a picasso and black onyx and I absolutely love this fish!
  11. like phill said, you should never just blindly dose your tank. Once you do the above, you should know exactly what to dose and not run the risk of over dosing.
  12. I went with sicce .5 out of all the pumps I've had they are the quietest. Sure others will chime in on other options but I would prob go with sicce as the price difference isn't going to be that large.
  13. Need a pic
  14. Just make sure it works Russ, and clean it well before setting it up. I recently down sized to a IM 10 (thread to come) but here are the upgrades i've done: Lighting - Nanobox Duo plus M (A tide would do) Filtration - Intank media basket Flow - Sicce 0.5 pump, MP 10, Spinstream Top - Replaced stock top with home made top (noticed a lot of light diffusion and disco effect with stock top) Top off - Tunze nano (love it, been going strong for 4 years)