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  1. smiz

    Mini Complete Tank Club

    well that's a bit problematic!
  2. smiz

    Mini Complete Tank Club

    I still cant tell where to judge my top off. I think its coming out of the sump? which would make it very difficult to determine. Also leave next week so I expect my tank to crash lol.
  3. smiz

    Mini Complete Tank Club

    @jbb_00 @WV Reefer What are people doing for top off? I cant really tell how to gauge how much water is removed. Seems like its coming out of sump?
  4. smiz

    Smiz's Mini Complete Tank

    UPDATE: Last night I did testing on the heater, sat at around 76 degrees so I'm going to keep it (for now). Also did a pretty neat modification for flow. Below is my little walk through of it. - Started with a three way connector. - I cut one of the knobs off and sealed the hole by melting with lighter. - I then used a clear piece of rigid RO line to connect through the pump. I had to widen the opening on the tank in order for this to fit. - I also had to cut back some of the heat wrap around the pump connection for this to fit. - I got lucky and had a thin piece of plastic I was able to drill a hole in for the tube to come off the elbow and slide thru to keep in place. This is what replaced the stock overflow piece Note I did end up g the flexible blue tube coming of the elbow for a clear rigid piece.
  5. smiz

    Smiz's Mini Complete Tank

    Game on Bitches!!! 😜
  6. smiz

    Smiz's Mini Complete Tank

    It has arrived!!!!! Just did a leak test and it is all good. Will bring home tonight to scape it and pick out its inhabitants :).
  7. smiz

    Mini Complete Reef

    Did you drill a hole in the provided slotted piece?
  8. I figured there are several of us now with these tanks, so time for a official thread! I will update with my setup when I get it all setup.
  9. smiz

    First Time Reefer - Mini Complete Tank

    Just got my tank in today. Can't wait to see where it goes!
  10. smiz

    Mini Complete Reef

    what is the flow mod? just a 1/8 tube?
  11. smiz

    Mini Complete Reef

    what heater is this?? I order the stock heater. No idea if it will work out or not. Also how long did it take you to receive yours?
  12. No prob! Like I said I have had 3 different types of AIO and I think maintenance and design is easier with a sump. A sump allows me to add equipment and keep everything easily hidden in the stand. As well as keep a refugium which i highly recommend. The AIO also really limits you to a handful of equipment choices as you need it to fit in a specific location. As for you pump you will just want to check to see that flow is adequate for the new tank.
  13. After having several AIO and MANY sumped tanks, I would highly recommend getting the 35.1! And in all honestly for $150 extra I would really get the 45.2 or even go for the 60.2. It seems like your on the right path equipment wise and so far your current list (besides maybe the Sicce) would work for all of those sizes. One common miss conception is that a smaller tank will be "easier", I have found it rather opposite. While yes it might be easier to do a 5 gallon water change rather then a 10-15g water change, I have found much more stability the more volume I have. Plus in almost all cases people run out of room and upgrade their tank. So why not start with the largest your willing to go? But in conclusion I 100% recommend having a sump. Makes life much easier and leaves you many options moving forward (roller filter, refugium, skimmers, top off, probes, heaters, filtration, ect.).
  14. smiz

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Yes finally some reef porn from ya!! looking great
  15. smiz

    12" T5 Fixtures??

    So my fixture and bulbs came in last night. Sadly the little 6w bulb made very little visual difference when on. Not sure if I should even mount them at this point.