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  1. Im using the stock heater with no issues. keeps it right around 78-80. I don't think there is a easy work around with the light. However I have seen no ill effects on corals having the lowest setting for 2.5 weeks.
  2. I've got a slightly used one that uses clips for $60 + shipping. Or can finish making one of the routed ones like above for $100+shipping.
  3. Other wise been good! Coral looks really good and is spreading. Only downside is the salt issue.
  4. Might have to give this a go!
  5. Hey all, Sorry but not currently making tops right now other then the Innovative Marine 10g ones I have left. If this changes I'll update the thread!
  6. I'm using the blue light, and for the most part I am satisfied. Color is fine for what I have and my ricordeas and GSP are growing and look good. The only down side of the light is that it has three intensities. When on a timer when it turns on it is default to lowest setting. Not a huge deal as I've had it be on low for a few weeks when away from work and no ill effects.
  7. It was. It seems to me that the salt build up caused it to possibly pop out of the base????
  8. I was considering this. Couldn't really come up with a great idea to keep the look intact but have it actually work....
  9. Kind of considering breaking down.....I've gotten no response from manufacturer about my salt creep issue. This was what happened over a 4 day time period.
  10. For anyone interested, Here is a ebay link! https://www.ebay.com/itm/223376799901
  11. Hey NR, Have some left over AI Hydra 26 Diffusers. Price is $50 each. PM if interested or questions!
  12. my biggest issue is figuring out how to many top off. I don't mind manually doing it but I need to create something to show sump water lines. Smart guys go go go.......
  13. This is for sure the culprit of my leaking issue. The water was flowing back into that chamber, and flowing close enough to the edge to leak out. Just removed my modification for now. will have to laser cut a piece to hold the tubing and block more water from back filling.
  14. I went with the all blue and think it will be fine for softies. I have GSP and some mushrooms. The problem is it has three settings. I have mine on a timer and every time it turns on it defaults to the lowest setting.
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