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  1. Hey NR, Have some left over AI Hydra 26 Diffusers. Price is $50 each. PM if interested or questions!
  2. my biggest issue is figuring out how to many top off. I don't mind manually doing it but I need to create something to show sump water lines. Smart guys go go go.......
  3. This is for sure the culprit of my leaking issue. The water was flowing back into that chamber, and flowing close enough to the edge to leak out. Just removed my modification for now. will have to laser cut a piece to hold the tubing and block more water from back filling.
  4. I went with the all blue and think it will be fine for softies. I have GSP and some mushrooms. The problem is it has three settings. I have mine on a timer and every time it turns on it defaults to the lowest setting.
  5. I did. I am going to give it a go without mod for a few days. I haven't done a water change yet....... ๐Ÿ˜‘
  6. Sexy shrimp have arrived! Now itโ€™s a party.
  7. Ahhhh this sounds like it might be the issue! Im getting a decent amount of salt creep on the right side.
  8. Have you had any issue with your flow mod? I noticed that I am getting salt creep on the right side and that water is actually coming out of sump somehow??
  9. There is! Its currently being planned on my tank thread it seems!
  10. Welcome back! I would agree that light should be ok for stocking ideas. As for pumps I would look into the sicce pumps. This is what I upgraded my Biocube with, I don't remember the appropriate size, maybe the 1.0 version? These have always been my go to upgrade. I would recommend starting with upgraded pump and then if you think more is required you can upgrade to a wave maker. I had a Innovative Marine 20g peninsula and just the upgraded pump was plenty for that tank. As for macro I agree with mcarroll, at least until tank gets a bit more mature. I ran a successful fuge in my biocube middle chamber but it was after it was a year old and was the 29g version. If you do decide to get one it should be very easy to tell the effects.....if it looks healthy and green its working, if it looks dead and brown, not working.
  11. So I was gone for 10 days and in that period it looks like the sump was about half full when returning. Salinity was at 1.030 but everything was open. So far here are my major issues that need to be addressed. 1. Evap. - Need to modify the sump so that I can tell the water level with out taking the tank off. 2. Light intensity - The light has four settings, low, medium, high, and strobe. The light is on a timer and when it comes back on it defaults at the low setting. I think if I rewire the light I can have it stay on the high setting (someone else please figure this out LOL).
  12. Thanks! Still needs a bit of work to become a true reef tank but were are getting there! hopefully it survives the extended holiday!