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  1. Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun getting the pic. he actual stayed put and "smiled"
  2. I so far am liking mine. I am running two mp10's on one side and upgraded from stock pump (was extremely loud). I dont love the pump chamber size but I knew it was going to be an issue when I started. Evap is pretty high due to large surface area.
  3. Managed to move all the fish in and some of the coral, things are looking good! Snapped this grumpy pic of the watchman goby ( named meh)
  4. It looks acrylic to me I would confirm it's polycarb!
  5. looking good. Lets not take a table saw to this one
  6. I need to finally get me some of these! Send pm when you have some available!
  7. lol ok, thanks guys! I will send him in!
  8. Hey NR! I'm looking for some input on if my tank is truly cycled or not. In my 7 years of reefing I have never actually started a reef. They had all been transfers since the first used tank I bought. So I am fairly clueless when it comes to this. I'll give a brief background of the tank and the concerns I have. The tank is a new IM 20g Peninsula. It has been running for almost 4 weeks now. The tank has reused sand and live rock from a previous build that had been sitting in buckets for about two months. I am guessing there was a ton of gunk on both the LR and sand even after I cleaned it well. The tank is an upgrade to my current IM 10g. Here's where it gets unique.... I currently have all my equipment running on the IM 10g with only a sicce 1.0 and heater on the 20g (No lights). Also I have had to travel about three out of the four weeks it has been running. This means since the ATO is on my 10g, whenever the tank ran low the wife would unplug it until I got home days later to plug it in. So my questions are: 1 - Would the "gunk" from previously used be enough to start the cycle? I am certain there was some algae that was still living and had died off after starting the tank up. 2 - I am currently reading 0 ammonia with my redsea test kit, have I cycled and am ready for a sacrificial snail? 3 - Is running the tank with no lights and at time no flow preventing the cycle from even starting?
  9. One thing that has always come to mind when using these lights and more so when setting up on bluefish is having the app determine my settings. I haven't setup one in a while so correct me if I'm wrong but current methods requires you to setup intensities and settings. In my mind I would see you typing in the dimensions of your tank, height above surface, and corals that populate tank. With those inputs it would determine what intensities you need to achieve appropriate par for this. Without having a par meter I am really shooting in the dark on what intensities will give me what results. Shouldnt be to hard to get some data points and have an equation worked out to determine this for customers? Again sorry if there is already something like this built in, it has been a while since I setup.
  10. I switched over to the Sicce 1.0 last night and WOW. I've always run these pumps on all my builds but I never had anything to compare them to before running. It is a huge difference compared to the stock pump in noise level! Very happy!
  11. So here's the space. This used to just be two of these cool barber chairs. I'm said to see them go but love having the tank upstairs. Still debating if a desk will look good in the space or not. Im planning on getting a custom built ceramic scape from a buddy and just threw in some old rock to give me something to look at still a long ways to go but im pretty happy so far.
  12. On this note, I've done 3 upgrades and every tank revolves around my light and what it will work with best place to invest IMO
  13. My last tank was SPS, Im thinking of mainly doing LPS for this tank. I just dont really like the look of having a mp10 hanging off. One would look fine but not sure how much its going to help in the random flow department.