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  1. Where did you get your Tunze.......they are impossible to find
  2. It amazes me that your duster stays open for that. My closes if you sneeze from across the room......Very cute!
  3. Thanks! This picture is actually in the daytime with lights on. When I was at the LFS in the afternoon they had 3 and they were all open. I had to get one of these already "trained" sun corals.
  4. This is a picture of my new sun coral. I am excited how well it has opened and eaten in only a couple of hours in my tank!
  5. Hello! I know this tread is old but I thought I would reply anyways. My LFS started carrying it and boy is it expensive. Almost 5 Gallons for $15.99. Has anyone tried it and if so what kind of results did you get?
  6. Hey Newschool...thansk for the info. I wil definately be checking out that place. Sounds great. As far clubs...hmmmm.....I am also new to this, but I just found this. It sounds real nice. I will definately be chcking it out and most likely joining.
  7. You can buy an auto/on battery powered air pump. You plug it in, and when the electricity goes out it autimatically goes to battery usage. Therefore it only works if the electricity goes out. I got mine at PetCo, but Dr. Foster and Smith has them for like $10.00.
  8. I just got some great bright (almost flourescent) green mushrooms yesterday. They almost match my torch! They are happy and very open.
  9. Where did you get them at? They sound really cool. I am from the chicago area too and everything I have seen in price has been outrageous! That sounds like an awesome deal!
  10. Well it only took 4 and half hours...on and off...but I finally got that fish out of there (well actually my husband got determined and finally did it). It was 2 clownfish who I believed to have paired..........the one seemed soooo sad while his wife was held captive in the JBJ chamber...but they are happy now! Hope they don't try to repeat their Saturday night escapades.
  11. I like most of you would just love to know what goes on when those lights go out.......or would I ? So after reading about the whole flashlight with the red filter, I decided to give it a whirl. Much to my surprise I did not like what I saw. Now this is a true story.......I witnessed my bumblee snail get on the back of my peppermint shrimp. Since the peppermint did not like that, he tried to run, and the two went tumbling about 6 inches on a pile of rocks landing upside down. At this point the peppermint was VERY unhappy. You saw all his legs and appendages trying to swim away very fast, but the bumblebee snail had a good hold of him. This was my photo opp. Snap snap...anyways....I decided I would need to come in and rescue. I get them off the pile of rocks, grab, the snail, who does not want to let go. more photos of me holding the snail, holding the shrimp....eventually the shrimp looks tired. I finally get the snail off and the shrimp runs die..... = ( Now today I turn on the lights to admire.......and I say to myself...hmmmm.something does not seem right.....whats missing here......hmmmmmm.....MY FISH!!! Both fish are gone! Well needless to say I have a JBJ I bet I can guess where they is compatment 1 one is in compartment 3...... wouldn't you have loved to see how that one went down...... I still can't get one of them out........he's not falling for my tricks....but I am working on it! Just thought I would share!
  12. I was just wondering if you ended up drilling and if it worked. I have a JBJ and want to add another as well........a mini-jet 404. I am also trying to find a way to do this with the pump in the rear compartments. Let me know how this went! Thanks!
  13. okay so I guess I am not even sure this is a fire is very thin and flat, bright redish orange......very bright...little bristly legs, and pretty long....I think maybe 5 inches. After I tried to get the little guy he took off. I saw him one other time peeking up through the sand in the same area...I believe he was taunting me
  14. Help me help me help me! I am a new Nano-reefer...but have been lurking for quite some time. I have a JBJ Nano cube. Yesterday, I bought a feather duster....woo hoo....very exciting. It came out with in a few hours of being in the tank, and looked great. Anyways, I am looking into my tank this afternoon and I see the feather duster kinda coming out of its tube. Then I look closer and tthere is this awful looking bright red/orange centipede thing wrapped all around it and partially in the tube. Is this a fireworm.....if so what do I do. Are they known to kill things like feather dusters? I tried to get it with some tweezers but it got away. Any advice would be great! Christine