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  1. Poll for all you JBJ NanoCube owners!!!

    I have 1 Royal Gramma. He comes out everytime someone comes near the tank.....I think begging for food. Fun to watch and very friendly as far as fish goes.
  2. Help...JBJ ballast blew..........

    Thanks to all who gave me ideas.....I have decided to purchase a new cube deluxe. Now I don't have to worry about the puny original lighting. I am also going to take the old tank and put in new lighting. Now I will have 12 cubes!
  3. Help...JBJ ballast blew..........

    Its the original JBJ cube........the old basic 24w lighting.
  4. So after 2 years my ballast seems to have blown on my JBJ Nano Cube. My tank is in darkness. So now I need advice. What to do. I am not really a do it yourselfer. Any ideas for a replacement for the same tank that is not too insanely overpriced? Any help would be appreciated as we all know I need light! Thanks.
  5. yellow tailed blue damsel

    Yellow tail damsels are the devil. I once had one and it LOVED to kicjk up sand daily and cover al my corals. It would also pick up small peppbles in each mouth and directly toss them on the corals. I lost a beautiful colony of GSP to the demon. I recommend not getting one.
  6. 2.5g zoo tank-- critique me!

    I second the coralife mini 18 watter. I use it over a 2 gallon. I think it is great!
  7. New Sun Coral

    I feed mine frozen formula one....they love it!
  8. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    Surfing.....I was researching starting a salt water tank (fish only).........and stumbled upon something much more exciting.
  9. sun coral

    Sun corals do not need any light at all. They are quite demanding. To survive, they need to be fed. Feed each polyp meaty foods a few times a week and it should be very happy.
  10. rock anemone

    Like a atlantic rock flower anemone? If so it reguires medium light and occasional feedings of meaty foods. I feed mine 2-3 week.
  11. Mini Pumps

    Where did you get your Tunze.......they are impossible to find
  12. Very tough cerith snail

    Thats crazy............
  13. baby anemones!!!

    Post those pics!!!
  14. Give it to me straight.....

    The link is not working.
  15. My sun coral spawned!

    Thanks everyone for all of your help! We shall see what happens! reefsrule -The size you showed is about the size of mine. MAn are they small...I find them hard to feed but keep trying. Hopefully they are getting something. Anyways, I will keep everyone update on their progress.