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  1. demo saw with a diamond blade one of my favorite toys at work.
  2. 25g rimless cube build

    Thanks! oh two more pics. I got my ato up and running yesterday and am putting the finishing touches on the door. I'm going to use magnets to hold it in place it's just propped up where it will be mounted ato container on the right
  3. 25g rimless cube build

    The skimmer is working surprisingly well for an $80 skimmer. It took about two days to break in but now its pulling some descent dark skimmate for just cycling the tank. thanks criley i took some new pics too
  4. 25g rimless cube build

    yeah i guess those packing peanuts really work. Looked the dribbled it like soccer ball for a while before i got it, all was well though! hah yea i know asting gotta pinch pennies where i can. But $80 for a cone skimmer thats been getting descent reviews how could i go wrong? If i dont like it back on fleabay it goes and i'll order something more serious.
  5. 25g rimless cube build

    I haven't had a tank in over a year and couldn't shake the itch anymore. I wanted to do something smaller this time incase I need to move again. I love the look of rimless cubes and decided on a Mr. Aqua 25g. Planned equipment list: 25g Mr aqua cube gl*******s nano over flow and return Homemade stand, 28 1/2"x18"x38" 20g high sump, homemade baffles sc-65 skimmer mp10 ai nano and controller brs dual reactor still deciding on an ato, thinking about trying the elos. I have mostly everything ordered, still need an mp10 and the ato. So far i have the stand framed and partially skinned and the sump built. Can't wait for my many boxes to start arriving Yesterday I buttoned up the stand except for the door, mis calculation on 1x3 oak oops. I got it all stained and cleared. not my best work but came out descent considering i did everything with a side drive. and today i paced until the ups man finally showed up around 2 and he brought me some goodies I worked on some of the plumbing but I am still waiting on my mp10, brs reactors and skimmer. They should all be here within the next few days. got the overflow and return all drilled, piece of cake. I don't know why i was ever worried about drilling tanks before. Sprayed the back with some fusion flat black. Got the rodi fired up and started filling. the rock is a work in progress, its some dead rock i've had left over from previous tanks. I'm going to seed it with some rock from my lfs
  6. Spring Cleaning PART 2 BIG LIST!

    I'll take the ph and nitrate monitors.