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  1. anemone,pink tipped

    Thanks all for the input. As of today all is well. Seems to be getting it's color back. All I have is stock lighting so needless to say he is close to it. Thanks again.
  2. anemone,pink tipped

    I do believe they split to reproduce ???
  3. anemone,pink tipped

    I am not sure,like I said it was a gift. She called it a pink tipped. It is long and flows and stretches to the light. This morning it was all curled up and purple in color.It shot white looked like string out of it.Man I hate this .Really wish people would not go to the FS and buy me stuff cause they think it looks cool. I have tried to explain to people that I can't just put anything in my tank.How do tell if they are pooping ? Like I said it is eating.My params. are good. I understand that if they are croaking ,they start to fall apart ? I don't want my tank to crash if it does, How much time do you think I will have ? Thanks for the input.
  4. anemone,pink tipped

    I think I may have messed up big time.Have a 29g bio. Been up for 9 months. 2 weeks ago I got a pink tipped anemone given to me. Been doing well,until last night. Started shooting white streamers. I fed it today and it ate all I gave it. It's still standing.Is it going to die ? Any ideas,should I wait ? Or take it out?
  5. water types.

    Thanks so much for the imfo.
  6. water types.

    I was reading the forum for beginners and noticed some things on water types.Could some please explain RO ? I have had my 29gal cube up and running for 9 months now.I only use distilled.We have well water that has sulfur and is very hard. Is it ok to use distilled ?
  7. Live rock

    I only want to remove a few pieces,some of the larger ones.So I should do a couple at a time ? It seems to be pretty porous.If I do remove some and want to keep it.Can I store it. Does it need to be in salt water.Would like to take it to my grandson,but not sure when I will be going.
  8. Live rock

    I have a 29g cube.It has 30 lb's of rock. Been running for 9 months now. My question is,can I remove some of the rock.I find it very cluttered.I have a clown,sixline,cuc,a pink tip anemone.All are doing well.Levels are good. Please advise. Thanks.
  9. new fish ?

    I have a 29g bio cube.Presently it is home to Kenya Tree 1 Clown 1 sixline 3 red legged hermits 5 Astrea snails 1 scarlet shrimp 2 emerald crabs. I would very much like to add another fish.So I am thinking,royal gramma,purple firefish,springeri damsel or a starry blennies.What do you think ? I am a newbie. Have had my tank for 3 months .When I bought it it was 5 months old.Came with the clown.Have added the sixline,he and the clown are best friends now. I understand the Damsel may eat my bristol worms,which would not bother me a bit. Find it very big and gross. I know it's good for CU but really ?I want to experiment with different fish. So these being relatively inexpensive and I like there colors.I have lost 2 Chromis,one died after transport,the other followed shortly. Probably do to clown torture. Also should I add more to my Cu crew ? I bought 3 Narcissus Snails,ya they died. Quick.My local FS does not have the best rep. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. newbie

  11. newbie

    does that mean if I have one ,will I have more ? not crazy about this thing.if I decide to how do I get rid of it.how do they breed.
  12. newbie

    My grandson told me they sting ? So surgical gloves are ok ?
  13. newbie

    ewww,Looking at the tank last night. I have a Bristol worm. Where was he all this time ?Do I need to be concerned ? Is this a good sign that I am doing things right ?
  14. newbie

    Thank you both I will look at it when I do my water on the weekend.Have to keep to my schedule lol. Will report back. As you can imagine every day I have new questions. I would like to get a critter that will keep my sand clean. Any suggestions ?
  15. newbie

    Hi all. I have a couple of questions I purchased a 29g biocube almost 2 months ago.It came with everything right down to the water. I have 5 snails 1 clown 3 hermits 2 emerald crabs 1 six stripe. The guy I got it from did some modifications,like up grading the pump. He also changed the filter..That's my question. He has layered media, fiber,a cushion of some sort.and 2 sacks with stuff in it. Any idea what may be in the cushion and bags ? Like I said I am very new to this. Also I can't get my water temp lower than 81 degrees . There is no thermostat on my heater,just a red knob.Is this OK ,or should I get a new one? My live rock is looking better every day. Nice red and pink. Bristol worms are poking out every where.So amazing to see the changes each day. My water has tested perfect. Do you recommend the strips or the kits for that? I have nicked named my clown "Miss Piggy" all it wants to do is eat. Takes food right out of 6 strip's mouth. Thanks for you help.