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  1. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Ohh i thought uv was damaging to organisams
  2. 4 Gallon DIY AIO

    Cool im starting my light afresh after killimg all my leds with bad wiring lol oops
  3. 4 Gallon DIY AIO

    Umfortunatly the pump took up all the space so i cant put the cheato back in anyway Have you deceided what leds your using?
  4. 4 Gallon DIY AIO

    Hmmmmm really is it really your gfs tank?
  5. 4 Gallon DIY AIO

    I ditched my cheato when i added thr extra pump to my pico and it made no difference not being there
  6. 4 Gallon DIY AIO

    Nice tank josh will it be all sps like ur contest pico
  7. Josh's 2.5 gallon SPS Reef

    My porcelain crab is pain in the arsr when im cleaning he comes over and grabs the toothbrush
  8. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Cheers cheese lover I ordered a dimmable driver a couple of days ago and its the 240v one youve suggested ill gt sum more gu10s as it works out cheaper again thanks for the help should i be adding any other colors in to the mix now that im starting afresh with the rings a warm white or a purple , red
  9. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Thanks for the help ill need more lol cheers loos like ill get mote ptactice with the soldering iron
  10. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    No multimeter sorry Check out this item I found on eBay: 8W 12W 8-12X1W LED Constant Current Driver for High Power LED 300mA UK Stock Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8W-12W-8-12X1W-L...k-/280832948141 (Sent from eBay Mobile for Android) i will be using a different driver same spec just dimmable
  11. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Cheers guys ill order sum more gu10s then and redo the wiring on another note how and where do i attach a dimmer and what dimmer should i use cheers
  12. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    The leds are from stripped down gu10 fittings so thetes 4 rings of 3 1w leds Im running them i this order wall socket 240v (uk) , then driver which is a 300ma 21v/45v 12w then ive wired each ring seperatly there not a named led just cheap chinese things
  13. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Wired up my driver today and when o turmed it on the leds flashed for a bit then burnt out the diodes have black inside them now Dont know what ive done wrong really confused as what to fo next any suggestions Oh and with a testing sctewdriver i was picking up a ligjt current on my heatsink so ive messed up somewhere
  14. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Jusy ordered a dimmable one aswell just to keep u guys happy lol So how do i dim them whar ate my options?
  15. matts 2 gallon pico reef Dymax IQ3

    Im gona try it first because im hopefully upgrading my tank in few weeks or so because cleaning the tank the other day and not paying attention ive scratched the hell out of the front so looking to change for a 12" cube or bigger