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  1. Uncurable rock

    Before giving up maybe you could soak it in bleach, thoroughly rinse it and then re-cure it? That should remove waste?
  2. My 10gal rockscape

    Very nice rock shape! I love the negative space
  3. Looking to get a circulation for my BC 14, wondering whether to go with the Hydor Koralia 240 or 425...Would love some input, also for the MJ900 should I go utility or PH with or without Hydor Flo Thanks, QED!
  4. Jastin's 14g biocube

    Did you go with the Koralia 240 or 425?
  5. Kat's badass BC14, retired

    Just wanted to say that your tank was beautiful...Has given me some serious ideas for the Aquascape of my new BC14! Thank you
  6. new BC 14?

    Also after some reading the inTank basket seems like the way to go...Is the Chempure/Purigen or the Chaeto route better? How often would I have to replace Chempure/Purgen?
  7. new BC 14?

    I'm pretty sure I may just be patient and do the dry rock route. Unless anyone can vouch for saltwaterfish.com. It just seems like I have a bit more selection on what I can buy and whats a few months of waiting long term...Any idea of how much I should buy? I'm thinking 20-30 pounds?
  8. new BC 14?

    I was looking at adding a Koralia Nano, and possibly upgrading the stock pump. I have heard a MaxiJet would be good for this? What do you mean by tough cycle? I think I may go dry rock as its cheaper and I would avoid all the pests that I hear horror stories about lol Another question, Would a ATO fit in the back chambers?
  9. new BC 14?

    I have been looking to get back into Saltwater fish keeping for awhile but want to do so without spending a lot up front and have a small clean looking set up. From what I have found cost wise the Oceanic Biocube 14 with matching stand seems to fit what I am looking for best. Is the newer version with the "PC/LED" any better? Any words of caution before purchasing this tank? If nothing major I think I'll be buying one shortly. My plan is to get the tank up and let it run for some time before doing much to it. I have been shopping around for live rock and found that Saltwaterfish.com has a nano package with 12 pounds quite cheap has anyone bought this? What live rock is the best to purchase? I am not really into much green growth on the rock more so just coraline. Would dry rock be a better bet, and how long should I expect for coraline to grow? Sorry for all the questions trying to get all this figured out! Thanks, QED