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  1. Starry Blenny food

    Thanks everyone. Great feedback. Hopefully my caulerpa will survive him
  2. Starry Blenny food

    Thanks. Do I need to supplement any other foods like algae wafers? I haven't seen him feeding much.
  3. Starry Blenny food

    I have a planted marine tank with a starry Blenny. Which algae do they tend to like best?
  4. Pink and white snail

    It's definitely not a whelk, and not colonista. I guess if it's not reef safe I'd see it on some corals
  5. Mud in fuge?

    Is your main tank actually suffering? I would probably leave it as is. A bit of macro die off isn't as bad as some might lead you to believe. Keep up with your water changes and it should all be cool.
  6. Pink and white snail

    I've just discovered a small pink and white snail. The pink is not corralling algae. The markings are white bands and pink bands on the shell, which is spiralling out to the left. Can't get a good photo. Does anyone know if it's a coral predator? I think it could be, as bright coloured Gastropods normally are. But I would love to leave him in as he's beautiful. Any ideas?
  7. Revamping my 10G. Need your Ideas/Suggestions

    In my opinion, I suggest that you need a really nice big LPS (torch, hammer or frogspawn). Maybe remove the low part in the middle of the rockwork and move the frags onto the rock, opening up the sand at the front. Creating two separate bommies. And maybe get a small dottyback. They live in the holes of the rock and add a lovely splash of colour as they dart in and out of the rock.
  8. Aquafuge

    English dictionary reads, stockist equals supplier. But thank you very much, couldn't find the website with international info. Thanks again for your link and knowledge, may you live forever
  9. Aquafuge

    Does anyone know of a stockist in the UK for CPR's Aquafuge 2. Really want one, can only find US stockists. Cheers
  10. What the hell?!

    I agree, vermetid snail releasing sperm. Awesome, you lucky dude. Good food for all and sundry
  11. Need advice

    I find these Cyanobacteria blooms come and go. Feeding your fish flake or other foods can raise your phosphates by point four very quickly and then drop back to zero. Point four is loads and can be fuel for these blooms, but ultimately your tank can read zero at all other times. Reduced feeding, macro algae and plenty of sand sifting life forms should take care of your problem. But I'm only speaking from experience, as I'm sure you know, what's true for one tank might not be true for all.
  12. what is this starfish doing?

    Does he have bumps on him back. General rule of thumb is that bumpy starfish (big bumps) are very bad, smooth are good. There are of course exceptions. Also starfish feeding requirements are largely guesswork and so cannot be catered for properly. They generally need very large aquariums to survive long term. He will die, but could give you a year or two of pleasure if you're lucky. He certainly looks very beautiful, most likely from the Fromia family. But can't get proper ID from your pic. If he is smooth-ish, then most likely Fromia, who's feeding requirements can be catered for with large amounts of live rock. Hope he is this species as they are reef safe. I think the family that Fromia are from is Ophidiasteridae.
  13. BTA trouble

    I would say pedal trauma. Make sure that all elements are up to scratch and time will sort it. I've witnessed very sensitive inverts of various kinds under go massive trauma. If given a safe, stable environment then they should recover. Remember, on the reef it's all out warfare with most creatures having to repair all kinds of injuries. They recover because water parameters are perfect. Ensure your tank has perfect water and it's all gravy
  14. Frogspawn attacked by peppermint

    Lps generally recover well, but can take a month to be back to full fighting fitness. My filefish turned on my hammer coral and learnt a very harsh lesson when he discovered that hammer, frogspawn and torches are extremely noxious. His meal poisoned him so badly that he ultimatetely died. I don't know if peppermints will react the same way and now leave it alone. But unfortunately they just cannot be trusted, next week it could be other prized possession of yours that they turn on. Semi reef safe animals are fine as long as you're prepared that there will be casualties
  15. Missing Halloween hermit

    I'll keep holding out hope, but I'm pretty sure he's dead. Being a laterally compressed cone shell hermit he can't change shell too easily. His former shell is totally empty. I've seen him shed many times and I know their casts are perfect copies but what I've seen of the leftovers this time was total dismemberment. I'll leave it a week and see if he miraculously appears. Sorry for your loss Uzi