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  1. Priority Mail is $23 and Parcel Post is $16 both with tracking. Insurance add $1.45.
  2. What is your zip code? Shouldn't be too much considering its very light except for the ballast.
  3. 20 gallon long with custom built in black overflow box made for a "herbie" method drain and 1/2" return. Asking Price: $80 or best offer 10 gallon DIY sump with glass baffles and 50W heater Asking Price: SOLD Sunpark 150W Electronic Ballast DIY MH kit. Comes with reflector, glass shield, socket, cord, ballast and 2 bulbs. One bulb is a 14K Phoenix used for roughly 7 months and the other is a 10K generic bulb with little usage, no more then maybe 4 months max. Asking Price: SOLD Two Little Fishes Nano Cleaner *Hardly Used* Asking Price: SOLD Mag Float Small *Hardly Used* Asking Price: SOLD Amazon Pay: chrsphan@yahoo.com Text: (626) 215-8658 Located: Rosemead, CA 91770 If you have any questions please feel free to text me for the fastest response. I will not be checking PM's here on a regular basis so if you do PM me please allow a few days for a response. I will only ship the magnet cleaners and the MH setup. The tanks must be picked up locally. Shipping is not included in the prices so please send me your shipping information to get quotes.
  4. CH2iS

    SOCAL 20L Setup for sale

    Item 5 is sold. Only have items 1 & 9 left! Pictures of item 9 will be up soon.
  5. CH2iS

    SOCAL 20L Setup for sale

    bump update! items 1, 5 & 9 still available.
  6. CH2iS

    SOCAL 20L Setup for sale

    bump, $150 complete with LR, LS, custom overflow box, plumbing with gate valve, stand and sump!
  7. CH2iS

    SOCAL 20L Setup for sale

    yes, i will try to upload pix of the light. its a poplar box i put together and just mounted the the diy mh setup inside it with fans. all pm's have been replied.
  8. CH2iS

    SOCAL 20L Setup for sale

    all pm's replied. list has been updated.
  9. I've got a 20L setup I am going to be breaking down and selling so I can get back some money to upgrade to a larger tank and hardware. This setup had livestock but I have already sold everything in it except for a six line wrasse, live rock, live sand and the cleanup crew. I'm going to list the tank up for sale first before selling off any of the other equipment as I need the hardware to keep the tank running till someone picks up the tank. LIST: 1. 20L custom built overflow box with 2X 3/4" drains and a 1/2" return *NO THIS IS NOT A GL#SSHOLES ONE since theirs is too narrow and small for what I wanted so I had acrylic cut and put it together myself*. Tank will be sold with live rock, live sand, plumbing, stand, sump and clean up crew. Basically ready to start right up once you take home. No parting out. - PRICE: $150 no shipping local pickup only 2. Ecotech Vortec MP10 non wireless with original box. I changed out the bearings on this but still makes noise and i really don't want to try different bearings to get the noise down so I left it. Its a June 2011 model. Works perfectly fine except for the noise. Its louder then 50 decibels for those who are wondering. - SOLD 3. Sicce Silent 1.5 return pump 4 months old with original box - SOLD 4. Sicce Micra circulation pump 4 months old with original box - SOLD 5. Eheim 1250 return pump 1 year old broken intake screen costs $10 to replace - SOLD 6. Koralia Nano 240GPH with original box - SOLD 7. Eheim Jager 50W heater - SOLD 8. 2X Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor like new with original boxes - BOTH SOLD 9. 150W DIY Metal Halide setup with electronic ballast comes with 6 month old Phoenix 14K bulb - PRICE: $100 picked up / $115 shipped I will try and get images of the parts after the tank has been sold but most of the parts are like new with original boxes. Just want a quick sale so I can start building a bigger tank so please PM or text me at 626-215-8658 Chris. More pictures/info of the tank can be seen here. All questions will be answered as quickly as possible.
  10. CH2iS

    WTS: FNI 4x24 T5HO Fixture w/ bulbs

    dibs. got any pictures? whats your paypal?
  11. if u do decide to part out, im interested in the mp10 ..
  12. CH2iS

    150 watt MH too hot for 14 gallon?

    i have a 150W over my 20L now. its an open top with ambient room temps of 78-74 summer months without A/C. the temps stay a constant 77-78 even with the MH on. i have 2 fans in my diy hood and the phoenix 14K is roughly 8" above the waters surface. one fans draws the air out and one pulls the ambient air in. i have them strategically place so that the one that draws air out pushes towards my entry door into the room and the one that pulls air in is on the window side where cool air comes in. for your application there may be heat issues since the water volume isnt as much as mine but who really knows till you try ..
  13. CH2iS

    T5 or metal halide?

    not necessary if your ambient air temps in that room is around mid to low 70's. my room stays under 75 during the summer months. i'm running a 150W MH with a 14K phoenix over a 20L and see only a 1 to 2 degree difference in temps in the DT. MH is hung about 8" above the water line. my evap is about half inch to three quarters of an inch daily without the MH and when i started using the MH there was no change. i thought the heat would be ridiculous with the 150W but tell you the truth it's not THAT bad. like 80 degree warm air. ive had 250W-400W halides and those suckers are ludicrous with heat. get the halides ..
  14. sorry john, been busy with work and when i am not working i am diy'n a few things for the tank. will try and get some updated pictures soon. might not be till next month