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  1. This was not there the other day...what is it?

    Well, I googled and all signs point to Cerith snail eggs. I also found out what the tank creepers are.. stomatella ;D I want the sleeping bag... Tauntaun sleeping bag
  2. This was not there the other day...what is it?

    LMAO. -2 Turbo Snails -3 Cerith snails -2 Hermit crabs -1 strawberry crab -1 decorator crab -2 ocellaris clowns -1 green mandarin and there's some weird hitchhiker slug things that have been creepin' around in my tank, one is black and the other is beige-ish. It reminds me of..
  3. What is this on my Hammer Coral?

    Noted! He is a tad creepy....but interesting nonetheless, if he's friendly then I don't mind his free rent at all. I don't think I could bring myself to seal his fate with a super glue grave!
  4. What is this on my Hammer Coral?

    Oh wow, is it harmful where it is? Will I be able to find much discussion about the barnacle dude? It kind of creeps me out, ha.
  5. What is this on my Hammer Coral?

    It almost reminds me of a shrimp with its movements, it kind of sways back and forth when it retracts. I got a response on youtube that said it is how the coral finds things to eat in the water. I have never seen the sweeper tentacles but I had a totally different idea fashioned in my head about what they looked like and where they were located. No other stalk has this on it either.
  6. What is this on my Hammer Coral?

    Thanks for the quick response
  7. Hello, I bought this Hammer Coral yesterday and I would like to know if this 'thing' residing in one of the stalks is normal. I got it on video, it is not shy. Also, this popped up on my glass a few days ago. Is it an aiptasia?