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  1. Why is liveaquaria Minimum Tank size for livestock higher from other info that's out here? Is there live stock different from other breeders,etc?
  2. Coral Beginner

    Can Someone advise me on where i can find a coral beginner info on learning all corals(sites,books)etc. Thanks.
  3. Starting over

    Thanks everyone.
  4. Starting over

    The ich treament was not copper based. Live sand already was in the tank. I have notice bubble alge on the rock.And notice this red thing that pops in and out on the rock what is it? Thanks
  5. Starting over

    It's been a while haven't been on the forums Glad to be back. Starting over since losing everything in my tank due to ich outbreak that i could not fix.My tank has been siting for months changed some the water and used ich treatment everything seems fine now. Before I add new LS is there anything i should do to avoid this from happening again? Tank is 10g with LR. Thanks
  6. Something on LR, Is it time for a filter?

    The tank has been set for year. Ammonia 0 ppm,nitrate 0 ppm,nitrite 0 ppm, ph 8.2. Live stock had white spots on them on their eyes and body. I have been using distilled water. Would a filter help things better.
  7. Something on my LR that pops in and out look like a red flower what could this be? My tank has been running LR no filter is time to get a filter? My stock doesn't live long the water is fine except alge keep coming back fast. Fish seem to be dying with ich on them.What should I do before I adding new live stock? It's a 10g. Thanks in advance.
  8. Purchasing live stock

    Yes I did. Drip acclimation, and sometime letting the bag sit in the tank.
  9. Purchasing live stock

    Any other online vendors. I'm trying to not buy at lfs or petco everything livestock I pick up from petco didnt live long and my water is fine.
  10. Purchasing live stock

    The lfs in my area is expensive. What are the good sites online to purchase live stock? Thanks.
  11. What live stock would you have for 10 gal?

    I'm just seeing what other options can go well in a 10 gal. I dont mine have clowns fish. and Shrimp.