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  1. 34 Gallon Solana Still Exist?

    hmmm, not so sure. This just showed up on MarineDepot just this evening, in stock and orderable. It says its an AIO. MarineDepot Solana Sent an email to MarineDepot, will see what they say.
  2. 34 Gallon Solana Still Exist?

    I have contacted Current USA. According to them, they have just release a new 34g Solana on 2/22. No LFS or online stores seem to carry them now. However, Current USA says if you contact them, they can get in touch with your LFS and see if they can ship one to them. I have also contacted Marine Depot, they said they should have Solana up on their website this or next week. As far as I can see on Current's website, I can't tell what is the difference between this new version and earlier starphire version.
  3. AI nano or Kessil A150W?

    Both are great lights. I went with AI on DT and Kessil on frag tank. If I have to choose one, it would probably be AI due to its controllability.
  4. Custom Look CadLights 50Long

    Thank you very much for the nice detailed thread. I was thinking to save some money to go with Cadlights not Elos but after seeing what happened to your tank, I am definitely having 2nd thoughts now. Sorry to hear all the troubles you went through so far, hope everything will work out for you. Subscribed and following.
  5. reef safe magnets

    These may help, http://www.avastmarine.com/ssc/do/product/...For-DIY-Holders http://www.magnet4sale.com/On-Sale-Neodymi...th-Magnets.html
  6. Cycle start: shrimp?

    The cycle is not just the ammonia spike. It is the entire nitrogen cycle from ammonia to nitrite to nitrate. A nitrogen cycle does not alway occurs if you don't have ammonia to begin with. Given that in this case LR and LS are used, there should be some die-off that will result in production of ammonia and like you said, it may be converted faster than can be detected. Adding ammonia given you a detectable and measurable way to see the nitrogen cycle thus confirming that the tank is ready for livestock. It will not necessary length the time livestock can be added. Even if it does, once the cycle is complete you will have better bio capacity than before. It does not tell you how much livestock to add but I don't think it is OP's question.
  7. Goo in my Vortech

    yep, you can take the wet side apart.
  8. Cycle start: shrimp?

    I never said add a large quantity of ammonia, I said a few drops. Adding fish food can achieve the same result, just take a little longer.
  9. Cycle start: shrimp?

    Your point is valid and I agree with you. However, the way I read OP's question is he/she is looking for confirmation that tank has cycled. Adding ammonia can help confirm that. Nowhere did I see a question regarding adding livestock. Once the tank is confirmed to be cycled, I agree with you, livestock should be added slowly to build up the bio capacity.
  10. Cycle start: shrimp?

    Don't see how adding ammonia will hurt anything or start another cycle. If the tank is ready, it will just process the ammonia and turn it into nitrate in a day or two then just do a water change to remove the nitrate. This way you are sure the tank is ready and don't have to wait a week. Of course don't add a lot of ammonia, a few drops of it just so it shows up on the test kit. When I cycle my tank, I add ammonia up to 3ppm, when my tank can process it from ammonia to nitrate in a day for 2 days straight, I know the tank is ready.
  11. Live Rock or Dry Rock?

    +1 to 100% dry rock, won't have a pest or algae problem..
  12. Cycle start: shrimp?

    you could add some pure ammonia to test it out and test the parameters after some time to see if it is really cycled.
  13. the cube

    Nice cube, cant't wait for it to be up..
  14. 20 Long

    Sea horses would be cool....