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  1. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Do you have any ready now or is there a waiting list? Any chance you could find a cheaper courier?
  2. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Hi How much are these? Postage to UK? Been looking all over for one!
  3. nanocube 28 led retro question

    I have the same apart from i also got 4 UV but 2 never worked so waiting for replacement i thought the colour was a bit washed out so i have ordered a couple of reds to get a bit pop back. I will let you know what they are like when they arrive.
  4. LED lights stay on

    Oh i see, its not a problem just wonderd if it was natural, and like you said it is like a dull moon.
  5. LED lights stay on

    Hi, I have just installed my diy led fixture into the hood of my tank. I have 12 cree 3w whites 8 cree 3w royal blues and 4 uv leds connected to two meanwell dimmable drivers, connected to a boostled typhon controller. I have noticed that once the lights go through there sequence and turn off for the night they are all still lit but very very dull, is this normal???
  6. Storm sketch for typhon

    Hi guys any one got a storm sketch for my boostled typhon led controller, my first channel is blues and second channel is the whites i just want some hing to put on without any mucking about. Thanks
  7. Fan controller?

    Think your right, i just want something where i set a temperature and once the heatsink reaches that point it powers the fans.
  8. Fan controller?

    there is some thing that resembles that already on the hood above the old t5 tube. Wondered what it was, must be set low cause the fans kick in as soon as it turns on.
  9. Fan controller?

    I am about to mount my diy led light unit into the hood of my jbj nano 28g hood. I want to use the fans already in the hood to cool it down, but i want to connect a temperature controller to control the fans so they only come on when needed, does anyone know of any i could use as this would also need to power the fans? Thank you
  10. diy Led

    Yeah but how do I power them as they have no direct power them, they have no direct power to them?
  11. diy Led

    Hi I am in the process of installing 12 cree white 12 cree royal blue and 4 cree UV Leds in the hood of my JBJ 28g nano. I want to get rid of every thing in the hood but keep the fans, how can I do this as the fans only come on when the main light powers up?