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  1. IM fusion 40 build

    Upgrade from a JBJ RL 10 FP to this beautiful IM fusion 40. First time I’m documenting my tank build. Gonna take my time with this one. Setup: -IM fusion 40 -IM APS series stand -AI Prime (came off my old tank) -Hydor Smart Level ATO -Cobalt Neo Therm 150w heater Plans: -order a MP10QD (will be here Tuesday) -upgrade to the Kessil A360W -(2x) custom caddy media basket -IM Ghost skimmer -IM media reactor or refugium Stock: -no idea yet if you have a fusion 40, I would love to hear what you did with it!!
  2. Looking for the IM hydrofill ATO pump.
  3. WTB vortech MP10QD

    Looking for a used MP10QD
  4. Looking for a kessil light
  5. Still available?
  6. How old is the light?
  7. [FS] Hydra 26HD Like New!

    Still available?
  8. Jumping on the lagoon 25 train 😛

    I really love those rock, but $130 for 20lbs!?!? That's crazy!
  9. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    I would go with the Innovative Marine nuvo fusion 20. Just slightly bigger than the JBJ. If you don't think the size will work try the fusion 10
  10. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    Let me know if you beat the dino would really like to know what works for you.
  11. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    I'm think about the fusion lagoon 24 or the fusion 40 from innovative marine. I battling Dino for about 3 months unit I couldn't take it anymore and broke the tank down and sell it. I tried everything from h2o2 dosing to 3 days total black out and could not get rid of it.
  12. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    I had the same tank... it's a horrible tank. The overflow chamber and pump sucks. It did not surface skim at all. I had to sell it, but both your tanks look great btw.