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  1. Look for a ghost skimmer for my IM Nuvo 40
  2. AI prime (non HD) black with 2 AI adjustable tank mount (1 is brand new) $150 includes PayPal fees and shipping.
  3. trong

    WTB AI Prime

    Looking for a used black AI Prime. Does not have to be HD model
  4. trong

    AI Prime non-HD with gooseneck

    Yea he’s right $175 is high.
  5. trong

    FS: IM Midsize Ghost Skimmer *SOLD*

    How much is shipping to 77493?
  6. trong

    FS- Hydor Slim Skim Nano Skimmer

    Ok let me check the dims to see if it will fit my tank and I’ll pm you
  7. trong

    FS- Hydor Slim Skim Nano Skimmer

    How long did you use it? It obviously was not just tested because there’s coralline algae on it.
  8. trong

    AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    Why is it you buy all these light and then turn around and try to sell them so fast. Why not just stop buying lights you don’t want. People ask question because then want to know what there are getting with a USED light. Don’t matter how long it been use or at what percentage. The fact is it still USED. it’s a different story if it’s brand new. Do you buy used things with out asking questions? Btw dont use the word hella. It’s makes you sound like a douchbag, but actually your comments already do that.
  9. trong

    IM fusion 40 build

    Upgrade from a JBJ RL 10 FP to this beautiful IM fusion 40. First time I’m documenting my tank build. Gonna take my time with this one. Setup: -IM fusion 40 -IM APS series stand -AI Prime (came off my old tank) -Hydor Smart Level ATO -Cobalt Neo Therm 150w heater Plans: -order a MP10QD (will be here Tuesday) -upgrade to the Kessil A360W -(2x) custom caddy media basket -IM Ghost skimmer -IM media reactor or refugium Stock: -no idea yet if you have a fusion 40, I would love to hear what you did with it!!
  10. Looking for the IM hydrofill ATO pump.
  11. trong

    WTB vortech MP10QD

    Looking for a used MP10QD