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  1. SOLD!

    I may - what's your asking for the whole thing? I'd need it shipped to 45432 as well...
  2. Anyone want to trade frags in Ohio?

    You are in the same boat (or geography) as some of the others that have expressed interest. If you are willing to find a way to Dayton area, I'd be more than happy to hook you up! Maybe a couple of you can carpool! LOL!
  3. Anyone want to trade frags in Ohio?

    @Disturbed: Definitely have frags! Unfortunately Mentor is quite a haul from Dayton. Maybe if we can find a way to meet? Either way, we'd have to make sure it is worth is for everyone to cover the cost of gas alone. LOL. I replied to your PM. @puffer: I do have blue cloves, but not enough that I'm able to frag much. Mine was a freebie that has just now grown to a frag size, but it is starting to grow pretty well. I could cut a couple polyps, but it would be small. The ones pictured are just regular cloves. I have some green daisies I could frag though if they are of interest. @jrmiller: Where are you located? I have a few zoas. Some are amazing under my blues, especially my orange eyes. I'd take a pic, but my camera SUCKS with that spectrum. LOL. My coolest coral under all blue, hands down.
  4. Anyone want to trade frags in Ohio?

    Here are pics of the cloves, hammer, and my full frag tank. Most of what is in it is for sale. I know about the WORC swap and I'm registered under the same screen name, but I have a wedding that night and won't be there long. Plus, I like to use every channel I can.
  5. Anyone want to trade frags in Ohio?

    Also button polyps and elephant ears (big bright green hairy mushrooms that look a bit like a carpet anemone)
  6. WTB pulsing xenia colony

    I have plenty in Dayton, OH.
  7. I have all kinds of stuff that I'm working on fragging. Before I post a bunch of pics and all, I want to check the interest. I will sell locally too, but I won't ship unless someone is buying a lot of stuff and covering the actual cost. Here's some of what I have (again, plenty more if the interest is there). Red pavona Various mushrooms (including hairy lime green elephant ears) Radioactive dragon eye zoas Orange eye / gorilla nipple zoas Green Bay Packer zoas Pearl colored hammer Pink finger leather Green Nepthia Red xenia Pom pom / waving hand xenia Green star polyps (2-3 different kinds) Clove polyps
  8. I bought a used 28g NanoCube that came with 3 different lighting options. The HQI top is the first to go, and this seemed like a good place to list it. The 150w 14k metal halide works like a charm and has the brightness and spectrum of a new bulb, though I'm not sure how much use is actually on it. I'd say not much. The fans, moonlights, etc all work. These are hard to find (and therefore hard to price), so I went with 1/2 the price of the same thing new on Marine Depot. I'm asking $150. I'm more than happy to email / take more if you message me. I live in Dayton, Ohio. A local deal would be great (I'll do some driving to meet you, within reason), but I will ship as well. Buyer will pay actual shipping. I prefer cash locally, and PayPal if shipped so nobody has to wait for a check to mail and clear. Thanks!