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  1. What is this in my 'fuge???

    Too late. It managed to find a small crevice in a piece of LR rubble. I picked it out and threw it into the trees next to my house! Let's see if the trees start being overrun with Aptaisia...
  2. What is this in my 'fuge???

    I guess I'll pull it out and toss it. Hopefully there are no others hanging out in the algae. I'll have to properly thank my LFS as well...
  3. I recently purchased an in tank refugium and got a bag of "macro algae" from my LFS. It's been in for a few days now, and when I moved my ball of algae to the side to mix it up a little, I found this little bugger stuck to the acrylic inside the 'fuge. It retracts if I get close to it. Any ideas? Is it Majano or Aptaisia, or something else?
  4. Another "what's wrong with my torch" thread!

    Thanks again Mark. I'm still curious if anybody has seen this before? Whatever's on this head is very puffy and actually waves with the current and is covering the entire head. I've been googling images and can't find any that look like this.
  5. Another "what's wrong with my torch" thread!

    Thanks for the reply. I know we can't be certain with these animals what they like and don't like. A few months ago this was bleaching, so I moved it to the sandbed. The color started to return, but I wasn't getting as much extension. Now this is happening. I'm not sure what to do, but I will try fiddling with the placement a little. Thanks again for the try!
  6. So, one of the heads of my torch is suddenly staying retracted, and it looks like the flesh is "swollen", for lack of a better term. Nothing new has been done to the tank, with 0 ammonia and Nitrites, 15 nitrates, and a PH averaging around 8.1. I don't measure ALK or Calcium. Any ideas, or has anyone seen this before? Thanks in advance! Sorry for the blue pic, my lights are ramping down.
  7. Jebao SW-2

    If samnaz doesn't take it, I definitely will. LMK.
  8. torch coral see thru

    How about an update? How does it look now?
  9. A few weeks after losing two heads, I noticed that some tentacles on a few heads are starting to turn whitish, from their usual bright green coloration. I saw my cleaner shrimp picking around the heads in question, and I'm wondering if he's the reason that I lost the two heads in the first place. In researching the issue of the heads turning white, I get some conflicting information. Some say it's due to too much light, others not enough light. My parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate, 1.026 salinity, and 8.1 pH, and my temp is 78 F. That's all I test for. The offending tentacles are on the top right head. I also included a picture of where it is in the tank in relation to the ai prime hd's that I run. Any thoughts?
  10. clown fish white string

    I had this same issue/concern with my Picasso Clown. I was feeding frozen mysis. When I stopped, and started feeding spirulina enriched brine, it went away and turned to normal, brown looking fish poop within a week.
  11. Torch losing a head & what's this lump?

    Oh, ok. I guess that's not bad. I was wondering if I should remove it. The good thing is, "It's not a tumor..." (that should be read in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).
  12. Torch losing a head & what's this lump?

    Anybody have any ideas on the lump?
  13. Torch losing a head & what's this lump?

    I don't measure ALK. I change 5 gallons of water weekly to keep everything in order. I don't have any swings in the parameters that I do test for, and I dont dose anything. I did reposition my powerheads back to where they were from the beginning, and that reduced the flow dramatically on the torch. I'll just hope that's what caused this issue and keep an eye on it for now. I also noticed this soft lump on the skeleton pictured here. I'm not sure what it is, or if it's related.
  14. So I've had this branching, 4 headed torch for months now. It was growing nicely and had 0 issues. This morning I noticed that one of the heads was separating from the skeleton. I haven't added anything new to the tank in months, and have been keeping up with water changes. All of the basic parameters are stable and correct. I did move my Koralias around to try and minimize dead spots (I have one on each short side of a Nuvo 30l), and I also have the stock returns, but haven't adjusted them. Is it possible for this head to reattach, or will it eventually come off? If it does come off, what should I do with it? The tentacles are still extended. Will it stick somewhere and start growing a new skeleton? Thanks in advance for the feedback.