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  1. I blow alot of crap off of my rocks daily! I didn't as much when I had the pumps up higher, but then I had to stir up the sand a little everyday, and give it a good vacuuming with my weekly water change. I do feed pretty heavily, though. I change my floss every other day, and it's filled with gunk. I guess I can't win with just the two pumps that I have. I didn't know that they get less efficient as they get dirty since I've never seen one operating. That's interesting to know. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the compliments on the tank! It's still a little too bare, but I'm taking it really slow with livestock. I'd really like to do a ric garden at some point, and I love LPS, so I'll be adding some soon. What do you guys think about a gyre pump system on this tank? Would it be overkill? I thought about an mp10, and still may go that route, but for now, I guess I'll keep it as is, and continue blowing off my rock daily line I've been doing. Thanks for all of the replies! Yeah, I think that I may give the spin stream a try. Pretty cheap option, so I guess it couldn't hurt.
  3. Hi all. I have a Nuvo 30L that's been running for a few months now. I still only have 1 coral (a torch), and two small mushrooms. I have 3 fish - Platinum Percula (small), Coral Beauty, and a Solar Wrasse, along with some snails, hermits, and a cleaner shrimp. I can't complain too much about my tank health. I've had pretty stable parameters, no noticable algae issues, and overall healthy inhabitants (knock on wood). I have two AI Prime HD's, a small skimmer, about 20 lbs. of sand and around 30lbs. of live rock. I run CPB, Carbon, and floss in the IM media basket, have an autoaqua micro ATO, and I run the IM stock pump with split returns. Here's my question: I run 2 Koralia 425's for flow, located on either end of the 36" long tank. I'd like to get something better, and likely will in the future, but for now, where do you think the best placement is for these two pumps in order to keep particulate suspended until it makes the overflow? I've tried having both low, but they kicked up too much sand, both high, but I had too many dead spots, and one of each, which caused a mini sand storm. Should I move them to the back? Anyone have any ideas from experience? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  4. Ahh, that looks like it, except it's hasn't opened up yet. Thanks.
  5. The guy at the LFS told me this was a green hairy mushroom. I dipped it and put it into the DT this afternoon, but it doesn't look like that's what it is. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. I do weekly 25% water changes and have a low bioload right now(1" clown and small wrasse), so I stopped using a skimmer at all for now and sold it.
  7. Yeah, I have one and it did a decent job but it was a little noisy for my taste.
  8. I would think that likely you'll have a mini-cycle if the rock isn't out of the water long. One rock wouldn't have enough of a biological filter for a 40 gallon tank. I'd seed the new sand with some from your current tank (maybe in a container if you don't want it mixed with you new sand), and use some Dr Tim's. I would think you'd be ok with the livestock then, just monitor closely for ammonia. At least that's the route that I'd take, for what it's worth. The IM ghost skimmer fits nicely in the back of that tank and does an OK job. It's barely noticeable.
  9. Whew! I'll have to look into those lid clips, or lower my waterline, since I really don't like running topless now that I have a wrasse in the tank.
  10. Now you're scaring me!
  11. Yeah, that's why I got rid of my top. Constantly dripping water from the clips. I wasn't happy with the low water level in the tank, so I raised mine using the inTank surface skimmers on each overflow. This made the dripping much worse, so I keep the top off now.
  12. That doesn't make me feel better, but thanks for trying!
  13. I'll try that. I also never filled out my warranty card and you only have 14 days to do it! Duh!
  14. Yeah, I have the leveling pad under there, and I do remove the salt creep when I see it. It's been happening for about a week now. God, I hope it's not leaking. I'm going to stay away from that side when doing my next water change and hope for the best. The stand is a little damp in that corner, and I have an ato so I don't notice the water level dropping and my salinity seems to be stable. Thanks for the replies.
  15. Hi all. I've had my IM Nuvo 30L running for about 2 months now. I didn't go with the (what I think is sub-par stand), and instead bought a really nice solid wood table from a local furniture store. Anyway, for the last week or so I've been noting this buildup of salt creep in the front lower left corner every 2 days. It's also a little damp. Does this mean that my tank has a leak? I'd hate to have to rip it down already after 2 months. I did have a problem with the lid clips dripping saltwater down that side of the tank for the first few weeks, so I got rid of the entire top. Do you think this is related to accumulated moisture from that? Thanks in advance for the replies.