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  1. Has anyone ever used the KNOP Calcium Reactor Compact 80 it say it design for aquarium ranging in size from 13-66 gallons? The only information I can find on it is from reefbuilders.com. http://reefbuilders.com/2010/08/02/knop-calcium-reactor-compact-80-perfect-nano-aquariums/
  2. custom aquarium manufacturers

    Looking for some suggestions on who to hire to build me a custom aquarium? It is a pico tank with an internal capacity of 1.09 gallon and internal dimension of 7 inches long x 6 inch wide x 6 inch tall made out of starphire glass with two 1/2 inch bulkhead hole, one for return and the other one for drain
  3. What fish that will eat reef bugs?

    are these bugs a good or a bad thing to have
  4. What fish that will eat reef bugs?

    10 gallon tank i am still try to figure out how they got into my system
  5. i have a ton of little white bug in my aquarium there every where in the sand, glass, overflow and there driving me crazy. what type fish will eat them
  6. 35g refugium flow rate

    One more question should the return pump have less or more flow then the overflow box
  7. 35g refugium flow rate

    i will be setting up my new tank soon and want to know what is the recommended flow rate for refugium The display tank is 30 gallon and the sump is 35 gallon
  8. new 8g biocube

    do any of you know where i can buy a new 8 gallon biocube ?
  9. Elos E-Style Chamber

    any one else know a place that sells the Elos E-Style Chamber
  10. Elos E-Style Chamber

    ya i been looking every where for them and i cant seem to find them
  11. Elos E-Style Chamber

    do any of you know were i can buy a Elos E-Style Chamber
  12. paint inside my aquarium

    most of it is on the surface of the of the water it was still wet
  13. paint inside my aquarium

    ok thank you and no the fist do not look stressed
  14. paint inside my aquarium

    any one ??
  15. paint inside my aquarium

    i was painting the back of my tank with krylon fusion paint and some of it got in the tank should i be worried the tank is already setup with livestock