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  1. Help me make my zoas happy

    Try dipping them, there may be an unknown pest to blame. Good luck!
  2. Pat's New 20 High

    Thanks! I'm wicked excited to get this tank rolling. Maybe in the future, I already had the Theo so it was a natural fit for the tank and my wallet haha
  3. Pat's New 20 High

    Hey everyone! My first saltwater tank was started a year ago with mixed success. Since then i've learned a ton and decided to start a 20 high. I want a fresh start and try to do everything right from the start. My vision for the tank is to be heavily stocked with LPS and Zoas, and I may make my first endeavor into some SPS corals. I'd love to hear everyone's input and advice. Equipment: Sea Clear 20 High Sunlight Supply Tek-Light T5 (2x ATI Blue Plus, 2x ATI Coral Plus) Aquamaxx HOB-1 100w Hydor Theo Heater Hydor Koralia Nano 425 JBJ A.T.O What is everyone's thoughts on the aquascape? I will also most likely be adding an AC50 or 70 with an intank media basket. Unsure if i should set it up as a fuge or run CPE and Purigen, thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Looking for tiny frag plugs

  5. Looking for tiny frag plugs

    Does anyone know of an online vendor for these ceramico plugs and plug rocks. I love the natural look and might incorporate them in my new build
  6. tap water and cycling

    Just check out this calculator to give you an idea of how important it is to start with quality water: http://www.hamzasreef.com/Contents/Calculators/EffectiveWaterChange.php From rough calculations, if you were to do 20% weekly water changes religiously you would still have close to 10% tap water. If you really want to go the "lazy" route, go by containers of 'natural sea water.' Most fish stores sell it fairly cheaply and two containers will have you up and running
  7. First Timer! Aqueon 15G Column Build

    If you're going to use a piece of PVC to build a center column, you could attach a water pump to the bottom, then drill holes throughout the pvc pipe to create random(ish) flow through the entire column. I haven't tested it as a theory, but i imagine done correctly you could pretty much make the flow any way you wanted.
  8. Just Another Noob With Questions

    Unsure of what the picture may be, appears to be some form of algae; but someone in the ID section I'm sure can give you a positive ID. Peppermint shrimp can be hit or miss, some people love them, others don't seem to be as fond of them. I personally have never had one and i think that stocking an animal to destroy a pest is not the right way of attacking the problem. As far as aiptasia goes i like just epoxying them into their little holes.
  9. Aquamaxx Hob Vs. Deltec Mce600

    I've got an aquamaxx coming in a couple days for my new build. I'll be more than willing to post a review if it helps. My major reason for choosing the aquamaxx was price, i never really thought that skimmers were a primary means of nutrient export in a nano (as compared to the effects of just water changes) I have read more negative reviews of the deltec than the aquamaxx, but the could easily be my personal research I got a decent deal on the aquamaxx used
  10. New 20H build questions

    Hey guys, So I've finally decided to start a new build after close to a year of running my 10g with fairly decent success. (at least for a first go at things ) So far my vision for the new build is a 20g H w/ 10g sump. Zoas, LPS, and maybe my first attempts at some SPS. I guess all i need is some input to help me get a better footing for this build. So i'm going to post my ideas so far and would love to hear opinions, critiques, advice and so on.... Setup; 20g H and Stand (my soon to be x-mas present) ~Depending on tank i'm not sure if I will attempt my first drilling or do the CPR CS50 overflow Return Pumps -Eheim Compact 2000 or 3000 - Mag-Drive 3 Filtration: ~Skimmer -Aquatic Life mini skimmer 115 - AES Euro Nano Skimmer - Hydor Slim Skim -Tunze 9002 ~Small Fuge ~(Maybe) GFO+Carbon in BRS reactor JBJ ATO BRS Dry Rock - Can't decide between pukani and reefsaver - Like the looks of pukani a little better, but have heard of issues with phosphates and overall dirtiness and want to start as easy as possible - Like how easy it looks to aquascape reefsaver and the limited hastle Fiji Pink Arag-Alive Sand Lighting ~Probably my most contested idea. Trying to keep the price of fixture under $250 (suggestions? - 4x24w T5Ho - 2x PAR30 Boost LED lamps (unsure of colour combinations) - Metal Halide (?) I've honestly done little to no research on this route but would love to hear opinions Potential Livestalk: Fish: Chalk Bass Purple Firefish Flame Hawkfish/ Falco Hawkfish Goby Goby/Shrimp Pair Fairy/ Flasher Wrasse (Probably 3 of these, maybe four depending how everything shapes up) Corals: Zoo Garden Lps: - One or Two Large Euphylias (undecided which) - Lots of acan lords SPS - Idk, never had any - Maybe birdsnest - Plating Montis - if at all successful maybe some acros? Would love to hear any and all input. I'm sorry if this is too long-winded of a thread; but i just need some outside guidance and can probably divide it into more posts if that is a more appropriate way of posting. I do have a pretty limited income and need to keep things as cheap as possible. And will probably be spreading out expenses where possible (i.e manually top off to start, just skimmer or fuge, etc...) Thanks for any and all advice!
  11. Cultivatedreef.com

    Just received my zoa frag pack, acan frag pack, as well as a blasto wellsi that i ordered and all i can say is wow. The packaging was phenomenal, most of the frags were individually bagged, while some were 2 frags to a bag. They were secured well inside a small Styrofoam cooler with a heat pack. And there was a nice freebie in there After dipping and acclimating them most of the corals opened right up. 2 of the acans even had their feeding tentacles out. I ended up with (my best guesses here): -X-man zoas -Tyree L.E Captain America Palys -Sun Burst Zoas -Blue and green aussie acan (w/ one red head ) -Candy striped acan -Rainbow Acan 2 -Red and Green Blasto Welsi -Neon Candy Cane I can't write a good enough recommendation to use cultivated reef. Their live-stalk is excellent, the prices are great, and the customer service is unbeatable. I will be shopping again from cultivated reef!
  12. CUC

    You'll get a lot of mixed comments here. Some will tell you too stay away from crabs and go snail only, some will say some crabs are fine. I personally have no problems with my emerald crab *knock on wood*. I would suggest a couple nass and a couple cerith snails to get you started. Or you can go the reefcleaners custom crew route, which people rave about. My only issue is when adding an initial CUC i like to only add a few critters at a time to prevent another cycle. But this is probably hotly debated as well. haha
  13. Color Morph Question

    I'd prefer not to frag all the others away, maybe if i meet someone that wants a few polyps and can frag out a path, but i really like the cluster they've formed. And i cant imagine it being all too difficult? I have scalpels, and would it be much different then filleting a delicate fish? Or a dissection? My thought was to gently prod the corals till they retract, and then gently fillet the head away from the rock it's on, or is there a more preferred method?
  14. Color Morph Question

    Haha yea I studied biology in college, so genes being weird is something i know a little bit about. I just never even touched upon coral genetics, and wasn't really sure if they got the coloring from their own genes, or from the zooxanthellae? In my own thought process, a minor mutation in the zooxanthellae would occur much more often, just from the replication rates. But i've never really studied corals from a scientific view. Regardless i'll try and get some pics up tomorrow, the macro on my camera kinda blows but i'll get something that works...
  15. Color Morph Question

    Hey so i have a small colony of Whammin watermelon zoas. One of the polyps has a green (the same hue as the tentacles) mouth instead of the traditional blue/purple mouth. If i were to frag this individual polyp, would it's clone/offspring (sorry i don't know the correct terminology?) have the same color morph? I'm just really curious, i've never fragged a coral at all before, but this one polyp is starting to seem like a prime suspect. I really like the coloring on it, maybe more so than the 'traditional' zoa. Thanks!