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  1. new tank fully set up. live rock questions.

    alright. thanks for the help. i keep checking everyday hoping to see something new. only thing that shows its face is the bristleworm. im not ecstatic about it being there but, it is a form of life so im happy to see him. i just thought of this as well. i got the rock from a "live" tank in petco where they just have a huge tank and fill it with live rock and you get a pick of the shapes you want. so, maybe everything moved off the rock??
  2. ok so i have a 10 gallon salt tank and have it filled with 10 pounds of live rock. basically 2 big-ish ones about 3 pounds each and then some smaller ones to add shape. ive had it in there for about 2 weeks now and apart from seeing some algae "blowing" in the current not much has happened. my only "friend" in the tank seems to be a bristleworm about 3 inches in length. he comes out a lot in the day and likes to go back and forth between the rocks. i was wondering if anything else would come out of the rock. or if anything other than algae would grow on it? or if the only things that will end up living in the tank are things that i will put in there. any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  3. starting a 10 gallon nano

    alright. thank you so much for the help. one more question. should i make sure the water levels are all set before i put it in with the LR and sand? or just put those in and then add the water and let it cycle over and fix the levels while thats happening?
  4. starting a 10 gallon nano

    i inherited the tank from my friend who used it in her classroom until all the fish died. so it was a freshwater at one point. I plan to turn it into a saltwater. thank you for the help. ive got the PH strips and everything to test. I can get some RODI water,but is getting the pre-mixed water better? I plan on getting the LR and some LS eventually i just need to focus on the setup and water at the moment. but will the whisper filter work for the tank or am i going to have to upgrade? thanks for the help!
  5. starting a 10 gallon nano

    alright so im fairly new to this and i was wondering what would be the ideal set up for my tank. i currently have a 10 gallon tank (10 1/2 x 20 x 12) with a whisper 101 power filter and a light. (sorry i have no idea what the make of the light is.) Im going to get a heater and a power head later today. (What kind would be best for me to have of those?) and should i get pre-mixed salt water or try and mix it up myself? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!