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  1. 3G Pico+Full Spectrum Light!

    Orange zoas are bambams
  2. DIY Cone Venturi Protein Skimmer

    would be cool to see a step by step on this along with materials needed
  3. Id white sponge

    You ever try removing it?
  4. Id white sponge

    Alright thanks guys. Ive heard they can take over your corals ans anemones so i was a little worried but if they don't harm them then great.
  5. Id white sponge

    Good or bad?
  6. Id white sponge

    Good or bad?
  7. DIY Tank Help

    I'm going to be building a 24x24x9 shallow reef out of glass and had a question about best way to silicone the edges. Would it be best to just do the inside or do I need to do the outter edges as well?
  8. Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Alright I'm running to my aquarium guy today and going to price out a 3gal pico with 2.5 gal sump I'll let you know for sure if i can do it by tonight. I hope I can though a pico seems too fun to pass up
  9. Is this Coral on my L.R. ?

  10. LiveRock

    Alright ill work on pictures and try and get some up today
  11. LiveRock

    I've got LR in my tank and it seems to have a yellowish sponge growing on it and something that looks like spiderwebs ( not feather dusters) Any thoughts? Should I be worried
  12. New 10 Gallon Truvu Nano

    Its a long term goal. I'm currently doing 10% water changes every week and trying to bring my salinity up to 1.026 I'll also try and raise the temp what do you suggest? 80*F
  13. New 10 Gallon Truvu Nano

    Alright will do thanks.
  14. New 10 Gallon Truvu Nano

    Hey guys first post recently started a truvu 10 gallon nano. Been up and going for about a month now the first week was mixing the saltwater and getting it to a stable 75* F and getting my sg to 1.024. After that I added my LR and LS and let it go about its business untill yesterday when I added my first two false Percs and they seem to be quite happy. The dominance seems to be getting established already the (female) I'm guessing is pushing the other around and the (male) I'm hoping is doing the "I Submitt siezures" under the females belly. I'll try and post a few pictures and videos here soon to show off the tank. Any suggestions on where to go next? I'm wanting to get some SPS but I need to bring up my Salinity to 1.026 or so I've heard. Here is what I have so far 10 gallon TruVu HOB filter rated for 240 gph Powerhead rated for 450 gph 10lbs of LR ( with many feather dusters ) 10 lbs of LS Submersable heater ( 75*F) Marineland light with 5 blue and 30 white leds Any suggestions would be much appreciated