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  1. W.T.F. is this thing

    Thanks for everyones help. i found him the other day and i wasnt sure so i tossed him. in the future i may keep. thanks again
  2. W.T.F. is this thing

    yep i went to the lfs and we looked this guy up it is a black scutus. and they atr NOT reef safe they like to munc on the coral. no damn good... thanks for all the help
  3. W.T.F. is this thing

    googled the black scutus. it looks just like that.. are they safe for corals?
  4. W.T.F. is this thing

    its hard in the middle i guess it feels like a shell.. idk im still kinda new to this.. are they safe for corals?
  5. Feeding corals a little bit a go and seen this guy. i thought it was algue so i put the turkey baster to it and it took off across the rock. flipped the rock over scrapped him off and in a sandwich bag he lives now. just wanting to know what it is? good? bad? i have several corals in the tank i dont wanna lose to this guy so please help. sorry for the crappy pic. it is hard in the middle and looks and feels like a mushroom around the edges. i have no freaking idea first one i have seen.. thanks for the help
  6. what is this?

    I have had another friend tell me that its a elephants ear shrrom???????? any ideas?
  7. starfish id

    Is it a serpent starfish????
  8. what is this?

    i got this from a friend. thought it was just an ole mushroom. had a good friend stop by lastnight. he thinks it either a hairy mushroom or an flower aneomne. i have no clue but would like to find out if i need to move my brain or not.. thanks for the help
  9. no i was woundering if i should leave them on the old shell on the live rocks or put them on the sand. moving and dividing all good right? "nubs" mean it gonna grow or what does that mean?
  10. i pickes up a pair of the pulsating xenias today and was woundering if i shold put them close to the lights or on the sand bed. i have a 20 long with a 10000k daylight buld and a purple and blue night bulb... and with the zoas i got them a week ago and i have them near the top of the tank on the liverock and some of the orange skirts are kinda turning brown. does that mean they are to close to the lights? thanks for the help yall... edit pics as requested
  11. wat are these. part 3

    Thanks so much guys for the quick replys... another question.. do i leave the cloves on the shell i bought them on or do i try to remove and place on my live rock??????? im still really new to the whole saltwater thing and needing help. thanks again
  12. i got these a few weeks ago and posted a pic here and was wanting to know what they were. had a few folks saying the pic was kinda bad so here is a better one
  13. what are these? part 2

    well dip me in #### and roll me in corn flakes.. thanks for the help. any ideas on how to remove the back wall????????
  14. what are these? part 2

    what kind of worms on the back wall? good? bad? do i need to get rid of?