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  1. Not much help here again, i hate people answering a question with a question, if you dont know the answer dont answer it
  2. Hi, I have a 23l Fluval Edge converted to marine which has been set up fully for about 3 months now I went to my local fish shop today and they had some really good looking reef bones (about 1 kilo) which would look great in my edge and the guy said to wash it and dry it a couple of times then it will be safe to put in my tank after about 2-3 days I have about 2 kilos of live rock but want to replace this rock with the reef bones I was thinking of putting the reef bones in with my live rock then afetr a couple of weeks when they have matured to take my live rock out i didnt want, Would this be the best way ? Cheers
  3. Ive bought the following from Amazon, hope there ok Ultra Bright Dimmable MR16 CREE 3*3w 9W 12V High Power LED Light Bulb in COOL WHITE (6000K) 60 degree angle 450-500 Lumens I hope i got the right ones and the best out there, what do you think ?
  4. Hi, could you tell me if this is good enough for my tank because i cannot find anything much better in the uk 6w 27 SMD LED MR16 bulb 450 Lumens 120 degree beam or Ultra Bright Dimmable MR16 CREE 3*3w 9W 12V High Power LED Light Bulb in COOL WHITE (6000K) these onlt have 60 degree angle i have a fluval edge so i really want the ultra brioght ones but in a 120 degree beam, is it possible which ones would you choose
  5. I have a 23l fluval edge and it has two mr16 sockets Its the most powerfull mr16 i have seen in the uk so far, do i need to buy cree, i dont really understand what cree is for
  6. could you tell me if the following link are good MR16 bulbs. These are the best i have seen so far in the UK, are there better ? is doesnt state CREE, luxeon, or GE so will it still be ok http://www.amazon.co.uk/Energy-Saving-MR16...482&sr=8-13
  7. Hi, Im confused as to which MR16 leds to buy for my fluval edge I live in the UK and i cant find any wide angle Cree MR16 LED's anywhere But i can find 6w 27 SMD LED Energy Saving MR16 bulb 450 Lumens Will this be sufficient for coral growth ? After reading about cree is it needed as its very hard to find here in the UK which is anooying Can anyone help please
  8. Can you reccommend any mr16 bulbs which will do the trick
  9. what about this lighting http://www.amazon.co.uk/Energy-Saving-MR16...482&sr=8-13
  10. Hi, I originally had I already two 9-watt 3 CREE LED MR16 lamps in 6500K colour but these have burnt out with the saltwater so i bought 2x MR16 24 SMD LED with 120 beam span http://www.wholesaleledlights.co.uk/mr16-l...r16-24-smd.html But ive noticed my Polyps looks to have almost died, there is nothing on there now. only a few weeks ago when i had the old bulbs there was life in them Do you think i have bought the wrong bulbs ? do you reccomend any that are good for fluval edge that are MR16 fittings ? Thanks
  11. Hi, Sorry it is Nitrite, im new to all of this. The brand is API it ranges from 0ppm to 5.0ppm It is light blue but the closest match is purple which is 0.25
  12. Hi, Im the 8th week into my fluval edge converted to marine I have 2 clown fish, a shrimp and hermit crab I did a nitrate test and it shown up as 0.50 so as well as my weekly 25% water change on Monday i did another 25% water change today I then did another nitrate test but the colour came up like a very light blue-ish colour, this colour wasnt on the chart but if i had to choose which colour it most looked like i would say the colour next to 0.25 I am aware that i have to get it to 0 so i will do another 25% water change in about 4 days time Is a light blue-ish color a good color to have and would you say its near 0.05 - 0 thanks for the advice guys
  13. Hi all, I have fluval edge converted to marine and its been cycled and iam now on my 8th week I have 2 clown fish, a shrimp and hermit crab Questions are Is it fine if the hermit crab doesnt grab the food like the fish and shrimp do as he cant get to the top of the tank to get it and How long if any do you leave the filter off for after feeding has been finished I ask the second question becuase the filter will then pick up all the uneaten food and filter it not allowing the hermit crab a chance to eat it off the floor bed I use flakes and frozen food Thanks for your advice guys
  14. My Fluval Edge PICO Aquarium 2 Years!

    hI dstruong I absolutely love your marine set up, stumbling across your youyube video has insprired me to get a fluval edge and set it up for marine. ive had it 5 weeks now modded with 2 MR16 lightts with wide angle bean and blue LED strips, i have a shrimp and 2 clown fish. Just a couple of questions that i need answering if that isnt to much trouble 1. How often and in what order do you change your flters, sponges and floss 2. How many hours a day do you have your white lights on and how many hours a day do you have your blue led's on for 3. What do you feed your fish and crew and how many times a day do you feed them, also do you notice that when you turn the filter and powerhead back on you get alot of floating food swishing around the tank for some time, is this normal I want to add the sort of reef you have but im not as DIY as you and wont be able to mod my hood like yours and im thinking my 2 MR16 wont be sufficient enough, is that true ? Thanks for your time
  15. Its funny as i have alot of conflicting opinions as ive been to 2 fish shops and they said to add fish straight away to start the cycle off, i then got rid of the to fish and replaced with 2 clowns which i will now keep, ive had a shrimp in there since day 1 and he seems happy enough, as for water testing i only have a ph tester and saltines tester so am gonna go back to my local fish shop to do a better water test, its been 5 weeks and all seems fine but i do need to know more but you hear one way of doing things them someone will say exactly the opposite. I have upgraded lighting, i have 2 MR16 wide angle soft white lights which are on 10 days a day and Blue LED's that come on twice for 2 hours a day at a time Ive wanted a nanoreef for sometime but only been intreested in the fluval edge because of space issues, it is a learning curve