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  1. $200 includes shipping Used on nano 6 months gooseneck & bluefish
  2. This is SOLD MP10 Quiet Drive Not wireless Pico Aquariums Shield - lets you run the pump higher up w out sucking in water. Clips on and offNever ramped past 1/4 on my nuvo 10
  3. -Ocean Revive t247b Led. 1 month if that of usage. Mounting arms, hanging kit, remote included. $140-**SOLD** -kessil a80 tuna blue, 3 months usage, mounting arm, apex dimmer wire included $100–**SOLD** -SCA301 skimmer, 2 months usage, $75 **SOLD** -ReefGlass Skimmer, 2 months usage, $50**SOLD** -IM desktop reactor, smallest size, used maybe 1 month, $50 PayPal. All prices include shipping.
  4. No everything looks good. Frogspawn is growing. Tank is consuming Alk. Just curious as your light is much lower and your light could cycle is longer and whiter. I was considering giving it a mid day “punch” for a very short period. Nutrients are high, Alk is high, so I was considering bumping the intensity to accelerate growth. Can you share your schedule? I know 12 hours, 75/35. But the whites can’t be on all day right?
  5. So I’ve got same tank/light. Frogspawn dominated. Softies at the bottom. My zoas stretch so I know it’s low on the bottom. I’ve got the long gooseneck so 7” above tank. Currently 100 violet&RB. 5 whites, 30 blue. 10 hour cycle, 1hour ramps. Dave, you think ok to increase blue a bit? Maybe go white higher for a couple hours?
  6. How long do you run at 100% now and what color? Love your tank. Almost identical setup going!
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