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  1. Lion's Coral Den! Kessil, Rics, Zoas, Palys!

    Yeah. Pumps were on. Chaeto was lit. Skimmer was on. Wow!!! I love the new additions!!! How do you not run out or space! Haha! What is the 2nd picture of? Zoas with the orange ring.
  2. Lion's Coral Den! Kessil, Rics, Zoas, Palys!

    Yeah the TSB has had an abundance of green algae to eat! I like him too much and I want him in my next tank so I couldn't give him away. Haha. But yeah, weird thing is that the green hair algae is starting to recede. So weird! Ecopicos are kind of small, but they are gorgeous tanks! Go for a Solana! those are nice!
  3. Lion's Coral Den! Kessil, Rics, Zoas, Palys!

    Ahh!!! I know! I've been MIA for a while. I've been so busy. Now that work has calmed down a bit, I can play with some saltwater again. I just got my Ridge 24 from PicOAquariums so I'll have to make a topic for that one once I get it up and running. Right now I have everything transferred into my garage. I might end up turning my NC12 into a QT or might sell it. Funny story... For the past 4 months. I tried seeing if my tank would crash or if it would get consumed by algae if I didn't do any maintenance. All I had was the chaeto, the live rocks+sand, purigen, and chemi-pure elite that were already in there. It lasted maybe 8 weeks until algae started forming in disgusting sizes (keep in mind I had 2 emerald crabs, 2 hermits, 4 snails, and 1 TSBlenny still inside). At the 12 week mark I started getting Cyano and coraline was growing everywhere Including glass walls. At the 14 week mark, the algae seemed to start receding. Just recently I moved them temporarily into the garage in a clean 10 gallon. lol But anyways, throughout the whole 4+ months, I didn't feed at all and everything was thriving. The TSB was always fat and plumped, too! Sea life is amazing!
  4. NC12: diary of an L.A. tank

    Amazing! I've been gone for too long. How many gallons is that tank? And how do you keep it so clean! Wow! Also, what are those invisible baskets with suction cups called? I actually want to buy one for my QT
  5. Lion's Coral Den! Kessil, Rics, Zoas, Palys!

    I love it! I love your fish! Your BTA is awesome, too! But I really love how gorgeous and active your clowns are! BTW, I'm 7Defcon on youtube. I subscribed!
  6. May 2012 Reef Profile - Gena

    Wow!!! Congrats, Gena!!! About time! It was well deserved! I didn't know until my cousin told me that you were TOTM! The pictures are amazing!
  7. NC12: diary of an L.A. tank

    The lighting is definitely a great addition! Your corals stand out more! I love it!
  8. PicO Aquariums

    Cool! I figured that I would have to install it after shipping. It seems the safer way. No rush on the tank Chris! And thanks for the heads up! Glad to see its coming along smoothly.
  9. PicO Aquariums

    Whoa! What tank is that big one on the far left? And I think I see my Ridge 24!
  10. The PicoAquariums.com Owners' Thread

    Wow! Everyone's tank in this thread look awesome!!! Anyone here with a Ridge tank? I put my order for one about a week ago. I'll post it up here as soon as its completely set!
  11. PicO Aquariums

    Aww! ... I literally put in my tank order 1-2 days before Freefuge!
  12. Fish Died

    My LFS keeps their salinity at 1.019
  13. Pair of Darwin Ocellaris behavior

    I had a pair that did the same thing. But every once in a while they'd sleep together. I watched them closely and when the lights would come back on after a night of being away from each other, they would instantly rush towards each other as if they haven't seen each other for the longest time. It's cute. After that, they swim all day next to each other.
  14. PicO Aquariums

    Oh noes! Dang UPS! I'm glad your tank came out perfectly fine Maximus! I just put in my order for the Ridge 24. I'm really scared of UPS now... Congrats Chris on being a sponsor! I have heard nothing but amazing news on your tanks. I guess I'll find out in 2-3 weeks. I'm excited!
  15. I've just gone through my first tank (Nano Cube 12). Had it for about 5-6 months already. No sudden crashes, but the only corals I have (Ricordeas) are completely thriving. I know the nitrogen cycle and also know a good amount about diatoms and the infamous diatom bloom/ new tank syndrome. I handled the diatom bloom in my Nano Cube 12 with snails. I am planning on starting up a new tank... planning a Ridge 24 (15 gallon) and I was wondering if there are any elite and diatom experienced reefers here that can answer this question... When I set up my next tank and I reach the diatom bloom stage, can I just wait and not add any clean up crew and let the diatoms just starve/die off? If so, how will I know if they are completely gone/dead? I'm planning on using 15lbs of aragonite live sand and 15-20 lbs of dry florida rock. Thanks!