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  1. 3 corals to be identified

    @pat - I know why nitrates are high it was just I believed the No3 absorber will reduce them. It just kept them in check apparently, and that's why I upgraded the system with a better reactor to handle all the load. Also, I do not upgrade the lights for the Sun Coral or for the Chili one, I want better lights because the colors would stand out better. However, this is just planned at one moment in time, but I will now think of a bigger aquarium instead ..
  2. 3 corals to be identified

    Ok guys, the outpour of "get back on tracks" is huge I will go to the shop with some photos and ask what I can sell and what they want to have back for free. Although the aquarium appears stable and I finally managed to get back the lost No3 territory (dropped to 5ppm this morning even after intense feedings through the weekends). It might also be cheaper to actually buy a bigger aquarium and some more rocks though ... and move everything there after it cycles.
  3. 3 corals to be identified

    Thank you for the feedback guys, The tank is overstock that's for sure. I was battling high No3 (the highest I saw was 25ppm) after I introduced the fish. I usually feed slowly until I see there's no more interest and then I fed the sun coral and the fungia plates (otherwise hungry fish would steal the food). I change 50% of the water each week and throw away the most likely detritus traps which are the prefilter and the white foam filter every two weeks. However, this would only drop the No3 to 10 and in 2-3 days it was back to 25. I kept trying various combinations of No3 reducers but they seemed not to be able to handle the situation. Since I know the feeding is success - I also bought this NitratReductor from Aquamedic which cycled on its own (without being connected in the circuit) and I introduced it in the loop afterwards - this happened 2 weeks ago or so. I am feeding itself too with the pills (and also bought the additional powder). Another change was switching to Purigen + Carbon instead of AquaMedic No3 Marine Reducer. Now it is not even 10 on the scale even after few days of heavy feeding. I am not neglecting the tank... I believe also that they are doing better because at the shop they were more retracted - whenever I went to see them. For now is ok. The chili gives me the most problems it never sits where I put it.
  4. 3 corals to be identified

    I have updated the aquarium details here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...t&p=3963774
  5. New Caledonia - 8g

    Time for an update so here are some shots of the aquarium: Front view: And from left to right: Fish: a) orchid dottyback + 2 false percula (paired) + yellow watchman goby + blue yellow tail damsel Corals: a) Torch coral, Sun coral, 2 x Chili coral, Stylophora Pistillata, Platygyra sp., 2 x Fungia Plates, Zoas and Alveopora, Xenia. Hardware: a) No sump, Eheim Ecco Pro 200 with 1L Eheim Substrat Pro and approx. 300ml Rowa Phos, 200 ml Purigen and 400 ml Carbon. I clean it every two weeks when I exchange prefilter as well as the white pad. AquaMedic NR400 nitrat reactor without mv controller / probe set to about 1-2 drops per second (mainly according to opinions of people running them with the controllers). I feed filter feed food, frozen marine mix, flakes and once a week live artemia - also I add JBL KorallFluid (vitamins). Frozen food gets soaked in Seachem Garlic Guard. Every water change (RO) I also add bacteries and reef elements - trace and minerals - bith from Dennerle. Stats: a) Salinity 1026-1027 (refractometer) 26 Celsius c) kH 7 d) Po4 not detectable with test kits e) No3 between 5 and 10. No more stocking from now on, I am investigation for a better light.
  6. 3 corals to be identified

    @Meus - sorry, I missed your post - I think I just posted when you did. The stocking plan would be nice if the shop would have the stuff. But I have to wait weeks, and I don't want to. Also, the shop tellers speak French and the coral names are different so is hard to understand. So what I can do is going there every week or so and if I see something interesting (rarely it happens) then I buy. Otherwise their merchandise goes quickly, mostly all of the things are bright in color - the torch for example was something they had with one shipment, and if I did not have it, in next few days it would have been already sold. @metrokat - If I wouldn't know how Aiptasia looks like and provided that the sellers wouldn't be just clueless but also jerks - then certainly it would have been possible. But I know it, and sellers are only clueless not jerks, then I'm safe from Aiptasia (or so I think). @patback - I can search on phone only outside the shop - back inside where the reefs are I tried, but no signal. Internet only helps for products though (like identification, reviews, problems, etc) but for Coral, there's not yet an instant Google Coral Recognizer @buddythelion - Yes, I have but not up to date - I will update it tomorrow with recent pics and measurements. It is here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=296073
  7. 3 corals to be identified

    Ha Ok, next time I go to the shop I will come back with a photo to show you guys how it looks like.
  8. 3 corals to be identified

    Wow guys, I have to give some feedback so that you better understand the context. The hardware / substances - I study a lot about them because it is easy to spot their name / model etc and then I do research before buying. For example, last investment was a NitratReductor reactor from Aquamedic (the Deniballs one - NR400, not the Sulphur one NS400). I was tempted with the Sulphur and the magic it does, but the reviews say that you also need other reactors to compensate for the drop in alkalinity - so I said it is safer to go with Deniballs even it it might take longer to cycle. Fishes again, I listened to the advice and added them slowly, goby first, clown fish after, then the damsel. However, when buying corals, beside few common ones which I can recognize by now, the only alternative to research with them not being labeled would be to carry the DSLR + macro, try to get some clear shots, post online and so on. But how often have you seen a lens in an aquarium shop ? Also, not all are put in an easy way for the macro to catch. And with the phone 8Mpx camera - don't even get me started on this. It is useless even on "close up" setting. So I am left to my own devices, for now I stay away of the big ones. So this is it. I admit it is impulse buying for corals, but now I will stop since there's no more place for it. I'm searching for better light - still doing a lot of investigation and trying to figure out between the Ai Nano or alternatives, maybe the new white one from Eco-Aqua Led ? For now, I run the aquarium with an Eheim Ecco Pro 200 filled with Purigen + Carbon +_Rowa Phos + Eheim Substrat Pro as well as this NR400 from AquaMedic which is not yet cycled. I will tell the story into the topic of the aquarium. @Xris - thanks for the my advocate - I am not that bad though. I understand the points of everybody but I have to manage with what I have. TLDR: sometimes is impulse buying, but I also spend a lot of time checking parameters, feeding, etc ... studying different changes I do. Carrying a macro is not that easy.
  9. 3 corals to be identified

    You are right guys, it's zoas, the torch coral and alveopora. My language teacher used to say that she was not present when they decided to spread the shame around to people It doesn't mean that I am ignorant though .. I assume the risks, I ask online and then I read, and like mostly everybody passionate about aquariums, I will do my best to have them growing instead of dying. I understand your passion and your level, but everybody is beginner once . I have to manage with what I have available here.
  10. Hello, Could you please help identifying the following corals ? 1. Not yet fully open, I hate when LFS sells corals on rocks that are too big for my nano and then I have to saw them in smaller pieces. The mouth area is yellow. 2. Another one not fully open yet: Sorry for the image quality, I do use a DSLR with macro but the lens has to be perpendicular to the scene - any inclination make the photo blurry. 3. I suspect it is a kind of anemone, but to you know which one please ? Thank you, PS: you may see some alge on the glass of aquarium, but I've already cleaned them.
  11. A red apparently soft coral

    I confirm it is nocturnal, damn the think is inflated again now and all polyps out. I'll take a photo in the dark, hold on... PS: I handled it with gloves and is alone on that piece of rock, no other corals in reach for now. PS2: Photos look bad and I don't want to turn on the lights again. I am wondering why it doesn't stay up, but I will read a bit more about it now ... Thank you for the tips guys, if in few days I don't get how it works and it starts to look a bit bad, I'll take it back to the shop.
  12. A red apparently soft coral

    Thank you for such quick feedback guys! I am grateful! Now I got my hopes back .. I initially started reading about the Carnation Coral mentioned above and got a bit depressed since it was obvious I don't have the time and dedication to care for it. Even if it does look like Chili Coral indeed (thicker branches, smaller polyps), the Carnation Coral is described as inflating itself which this one also appears to be doing. But, I guess it is Chili Coral since it survived in LFS tank for some months and I doubt they care so much about them; the tank was infested with green hairy algae and brown stuff and only now they have upgraded the lights and started cleaning up the aquarium. According to the descriptions of Carnation Coral, the animal should have been long gone, but it survived. I would like to keep it for a bit more, I have a type of powdery food, very fine grained (Dennerle Coral Aktiv) and I could also feed it every other day with frozen brine shrimp and some Marine Mix I have (I turn off the pumps and squirt with the syringe connected to a rigid air tubing directly on it).
  13. Hello, I just got a coral from LFS, looked poor being kept in algae but I liked the red color ... I got it home, put it into a short bath of peroxide to get rid of the algae that apparently was also growing on the coral itself. The branches looked thin and it grew to the side of the rock, it was lying on rock instead of sitting straight up - the base was attached, but the coral looked like it flopped to the side. Anyway, I put it back into the aquarium but with the rock vertically so that the coral appeared as also standing vertically. This morning I found it in the position below (first photo). Swollen, all the little white things on it open and it finally looked that it decided to stay tall (but due to the position of the rock) it was actually heading toward the glass now. So I went to work saying that I will return it to proper position when I get back home. But when I returned, I found it with almost of the little white things retracted and ... now flopped on the other side .. I decided to feed with some powdery food for corals I have - and the white things came back and thats when I took the second photo. But now I have few questions, in case you cound help - I'll be grateful: a) what kind of coral is it ? is it normal to be floppy like this and not stand on its own ? c) is it normal for the white things to retract and only come up when food is available ? Thank you, About the tank - in case the floppiness could depend on water quality: a) 5g, RO water + Dennerle Salt, 1024 salinity, 24W of neon light (1/4 blue, 3/4 white) about 40% WC each week while cleaning the external filter every 2 weeks (and replacing sponges with others that are washed and clean) c) Ca, Mg appear standard (but forgot the values) d) PO4 undetectable (I use a PO4 absorber) e) No3 is 10-15 after a week of feeding, and after water change it drops back to 2.5. I was using Zeolite but not in the standard way with a reactor, just put in the canister alongside Eheim Substrat Pro and used as media and hopefully as No3 absorber. I decided to use a proper No3 absorber this weekend (Aquatic Nature No3 M) and I'll monitor the things around. f) I also run Carbon since I don't have a skimmer - I change it about a month. Thank you again,
  14. New Caledonia - 8g

    A short video I recorded (then sped up by a factor of 20) of one of my Plate Corals (Fungia Sp) while opening to eat. I recommend watching it full screen @720p
  15. big macro algae + more ...

    I quick thing I noticed. I realized when I arrived home (lights were still on) that caulerpa racemosa was green! Now, when I went to check again, they are white. I think they become green when the lights are on for longer period (the photo above with them white was taken during night when I turned on the lights for impromptu photo shooting).