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  1. Not Sure what happened...

    Everything else seemed to be doing fine last night and this morning. Here is to hoping that all is still going well tonight when I get home from work and from here on out. Also wasn't fun explaining to my 2 year old son that his favorite fish is no longer with his. After telling him all he could say was that "Trale (the 6-line) must have been scared"
  2. Not Sure what happened...

    Ahh yes that makes so much more sense. My brain is obviously not functioning correctly today. Thanks for putting the pieces together. I still wonder what happened. Maybe something was wrong with him but it wasn't showing.
  3. Not Sure what happened...

    I didn't see his mucus bubble at all but that could just be that something took care of that. Yeah I wasn't sure if the eyes and mouth would go away that fast though. I am not sure if you meant it died there from your statement or if something was missing from your comment. Also not sure what you mean by "Was eaten, not the other way around." Thanks for the input.
  4. Not Sure what happened...

    So I got home last night to find my 6-line dead in the back of my tank. He had a chunk taken out of his back near the rear of his Dorsal Fin and he no longer had eyes or a mouth. The Caudal fin was also ravaged. Not sure if these things were done post mortem or not though. Where he was found was near his sleeping grounds and not far from one of the entrances to my Pistol Shrimps tunneling system. I didn't see him in the morning but that not uncommon for him since the lights are out before go to work in the morning and he is usually sleeping still. Sometimes I would see him that early but not often. He was fine the night before swimming around like nothing was wrong, eating well (the night before as well) for the past month I have had him (meaty Pellets, Mysis, Arcti Pods), and very brightly colored. I didn't notice anything odd about him the whole time he was in the tank. Tank Params 2 days before pH 8.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 3 Phosphate 0 dKH 9 Salinity 1.025 The temp of the tank has been fluctuating between 77 and 79 for the past week or so. I removed him the tank and did a 10% water change right after that. Params were all the same but the Nitrate went down to 2. In the tank I have 2 Blue/Green Chromis, YWG, Tiger Pistol Shrimp, 1 Emerald Mithrax, 4 Small Hermits, and variety of Cerith, Dwarf Cerith, Nerite, Trouchus. Corals - Xenia, 2 Zoas, Kenya Tree, Trumpet, and a Mushroom of sort (Looks like a Toadstool Mushroom) Not sure what happened but thought I would see if anyone has any ideas. I hope gave enough info and not too much info this time. Thank you all for the help.
  5. Nassarius Snails and Mithrax Crabs jerks?

    Well I haven't seen one of the Mithrax in a few days. I did see a random claw in the tank so it might be a sign that something took care of it. That one molted a few weeks ago but I guess it could have molted again. My Ruby Mithrax is about to go any way. Been picking at things and really upsetting the few corals I have so she is out as soon as I can catch her. Then I will be down to 1 so that should be fine as far as the crabs are concerned. I traded some of the nassaius and other snails that I have in the tank for some Superman Mushrooms so that has gotten better as well. You all have been a great help and once again thanks for the input.
  6. Nassarius Snails and Mithrax Crabs jerks?

    I have been feeding meaty pellets and mysis shrimp. I was thinking of getting cyclopeze and seeing how well that worked for food since my Chromis will barely touch the pellets or mysis even after a garlic soak. She has been eating the pods in the tank so I am not too worried that she isn't eating the supplied food. I have tried feeding further away from the burrow but that doesn't seem to help at all, they still seem to converge there once Tucker and Dale (Pistol/YWG) come and grab some food. Thanks for all the feedback everyone.
  7. Nassarius Snails and Mithrax Crabs jerks?

    Oh yeah forgot to mention that. =/ It's a 30g Nuvo.
  8. So every time I feed my tank my Nassarius Snails and Mithrax crabs end up clustering around the burrows for my YWG and Tiger Pistol. This in turn, of course, caves in the burrow everyday. They end up making the entrences again but it seems to be upsetting for the YWG and the pistol. I can guess that this is normal since they are just looking for a little extra food but I was wondering if I have too many snails/crabs for my tank. I don't know if it just that they don't have enough food in general or what is going on. I currently have the following in the tank when it comes to CUC. 15 Nassarius 3 Mithrax crabs (2 Emerald 1 Ruby) 4 Hermits 3 Trouchus 7 Nerites 6 Large Ceriths a lot of Dwarf Ceriths 31lbs of LR 30lbs of LS (2 to 3" sand bed depending on the area of the tank) Tank has been up for around 1 1/2 months. Do have too much of CUC for the tank? Should I maybe take some the CUC out? Are Mithrax and Nassarius just jerks like this in general? Thanks for any input on this.
  9. Possible Vermetid?

    I have seen 3 of them in my tank and 2 are in plain site. The stands are ugly but if they are not causing any harm I guess I will just leave them be for now. Sorry to hear you having so many issues with them. I hope they don't try to take over the tank. =/
  10. Possible Vermetid?

    Thanks. That is what I thought it was but it never hurts to double check and see what others think. It is annoying the Zoas (at least I think that is what they are next to it) there a little from time to time. but over all not doing too much but looking ugly with the strands. I might move those Zoas just in case though. Thanks for the info on feeding as well.
  11. Possible Vermetid?

    So I have seen a couple of these pop up in my tank and I have no idea what they are. They are starting to spew out a spider web like substance that is about 3 to 6 inches long. Sorry for the not so great pic but I used my phone and then had to crop the photo a bit. Is it good/bad/other? Thanks for the help with this.
  12. New to the Scene

    Thanks! I don't think you can go wrong with Dan. =) Yeah looking it up a bit I would say that is exactly what I am seeing in the tank. I am glad that it is something I don't have to worry about too much. I will still keep an eye on it and see if it coule be something different. Thanks for all the help.
  13. New to the Scene

    Yeah sorry for the long winded start. I figured since I haven't said anything I would just get it all out of the way to begin with and what not. I wasn't aware that copepods could get as big as this is. It is about the size of a small pill bug so I guess I thought the worst.
  14. New to the Scene

    Hello Everyone!, Well I have been digging through these forums for some time (about 6 months) and I started an account when I first got my tank up and started (Yet this is my first post). I seem to have gotten everything going well with the help of these forums and some local friends. The tank has been up just over a month. I have the following - Nuvo Micro 30g 31lbs of Cured LR 30lbs of LS Sklyte 30W LED 10k Everything is stock in the tank from the Media Baskets to the pump that came with it. Fluval e200 Heater The seemed to cycle in about a week and half and I added a small CUC to the tank. Let that go for about a week and then got a more robust crew from reef cleaners (I must say John was a pleasure to work with and the customer service was great from him). So after all this my CUC is (roughly since there were extras from reef cleaners of course) the following. 2 Blue Legged Hermit 3 Trochus Snails 14 Nassarius Snails 2 Emerald Mithrax Crabs 1 Ruby Mithrax 2 Scarlett Hermit Crabs 12 Large Cerith Snails 9 Nerite Snails Mix small and large 50 Dwarf Cerith Snails (around that many I would say) This morning I removed some of the snails since I am trading them to a co-worker for some Superman Mushrooms (should be getting the shrooms in a week or so). So over all the the CUC was kicking and doing very well for around a week and a half. Last Friday I did some tests and everything seems to be doing well as far as Parms went so I added a few things to the tank. Parms - Salinity - 1.026 dKH - 7 - a little low PH - 8.1 Ammonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates around 1 Calcium - 400 I added the following - Very small Frags - 2 Zoas (One Neon orange and one that looks to be dragon's eye but not 100% on that) 1 Kenya Tree 1 Trumpet of some sort (Purple with a Green center) 1 Coral that I forgot the name of. Kinda looks like a palm tree and very wispy (purple/greenish color). Others - 1 Blue Green Chromis 1 YWG (possible it is a Blue Spot since it has more of a yellow/olive color to it Hard to tell since it very young though) 1 Tiger Pistol shrimp The YWG and Pistol have paired off very well and are doing their thing. The Chromis was very timid but is starting to warm up to everything in the tank. They seems to be eating Pellets well at this time and I plan to get some Mysis this week for treats. I have been adding a little Phyto Feast every other day (about 8 drops since that is what was recommended by the LFS) to the tank for the past 2 weeks. I have a good amount of pods going the tank at this time. Starting last Friday (when I added the I have been adding 2 drops of Oyster Feast to the tank every other day as well. Doing weekly water changes of around 10%. Using the water that the LFS makes at this time since it is just up the road from me and it is a bit easier to do that till I can get an RO system at home. Also topping off with RO from the LFS every day. I didn't see much in the way of HH but I did get a little starfish. I have seen one thing on my LR that is a bit concerning to me. During the 3rd week I saw this thing that looked like a Pill Bug go darting into one of the pores on my LR. This morning my Wife saw it as well. Not sure what it is but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be a Mantis. It is way to quick to get a picture of and as soon you get close to the tank it is gone. Any thoughts on that? Wanted to see what everyones opinion was on how things seem for me at this time. Not sure if I rushed a few things but everything seems to be happy at this time. Thank you for taking the time to read this almost TLDR post and for all the help that everyone has given me without ever talking to me through this forum. You all have been great. =)