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  1. Cheese-Lover

    The Official Goby Show-Off Thread

    I can't manage to take a pic of my little goby in her tank... So here is one when she was drip acclimatising. *Edit* For reference the coin is 19.41mm across. == 0.764173228 inches for those who don't speak metric.
  2. Cheese-Lover


    I live in Australia and have a hard time tracking down fish from here... I'd hate to be doing it from the other side of the world...
  3. Cheese-Lover

    Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer Giveaway from CAD Lights!

    I would love some black sun coral... But running a skimmerless pico makes that an issue. A skimmer would go a long way to helping that.
  4. Cheese-Lover

    Meepduino: 2.0 RELEASED!

    Run them both from the same power supply. But unless you are running a silent fan, you'll want to slow it down to avoid excess noise.
  5. Cheese-Lover

    Naqua par38 - Coral Flare Max I

    Oh, I had fun. If you have anything else you want ripped apart, you know who to call...
  6. Cheese-Lover

    Im thinking of going DSLR...

    I know I'm going to be the only one but... I love my Sony a55. I <3 Minolta lenses. For others I generally recommend the NEX series from Sony or the Fuji X series. On a side note, I'm off to check out the link that Christopher Marks just put up...
  7. Cheese-Lover

    Naqua par38 - Coral Flare Max I

    With the 240v side, I used a modified suicide lead... With the 30v side, I used extension wires, lots of tape and big air-gaps. There wasn't any shorting, but eh.
  8. Cheese-Lover

    Naqua par38 - Coral Flare Max I

    More pics. *Gets food while waiting for uploads.* 30 on the left 90 on the right. I didn't take any pictures while I was testing with the multis, because I lack 15 hands...
  9. Cheese-Lover

    Naqua par38 - Coral Flare Max I

    Hi, I'm Cheese-lover/tehmwak/themwak depending on what forum/game I'm playing. Okay. I got my hands on a Coral Flare Coral Flare Max I from Naqua.com.au and here is me taking it to bits. Voiding any warrenty it may have had in the process! (and it broke while testing. Half the LEDs actually burned out. Win some you loose some.) Link: http://www.naqua.com.au/collections/lighting/products/coral-flare-full-spectrum-par38-reef-lamp This is the Par38 in question. Tamper sticker. Taking the front screw out. The front plate is on so tight that it doesn't just fall out unlike the other couple of par30/38s I've played with. The plate off with 90degree lenses still sitting on. Lenses off. *Waiting 5-6min for each picture to upload to imgur...* Three philips head screws hold the back on. The Driver itself is hidden away under a bunch of heatshrink... Lets see what we can do about that. I'll upload better pics in a little bit. Flashless so that you can actually see what it looks like. (Sorry.) The thermal paste. Replacement thermal paste. I forgot about the packaging before, but it came suitably packaged. I really liked the lollipop.... Here is the bulb functioning, this is the only picture I have of it running. With the lenses on I can't show the colours... So, here they are... This is not the bulb itself, but this is a comparison between the 90degree optics and 30degree optics from a gu10 epistar bulb. They are interchangeable. Okay. After this I started poking it with my multimeter... Input voltage; 237.1vAC with the Wattmaster multi and 222.2vAC with the MAJORtech (Major is shitty.) Output voltage; 30.7vDC wattmaster. 31.6vDC major. Output current; 604ma wattmaster. 625ma major. 18.5428watts according to the wattmaster. (accurate) 19.75watts according to the major. (not accurate.) After about 5min of current testing I had a spike from 604ma -> 1850ma (56.88watts) which happened to kill the LEDs. It makes me a little sad that I couldn't do any further testing, but s**t happens. I'm rather interested in why it was only running at 18.5watts when it should have been around 30watts. I'm looking for the exact driver to see what its specs are supposed to be, but I've not had any luck. The LEDs are Epistar LEDs. They are not Cree, but they are not terrible. More pics (Without flash) are coming. A good view of the driver coming.
  10. Cheese-Lover

    Meepduino: 2.0 RELEASED!

    The more channels the merrier as far as I am concerned... But being that this is nano-reef, ~6 should be sufficent for most people...
  11. Cheese-Lover

    HELP! My MP10 Dry Side Fell in Water!

    Dunk and swirl in freshwater. Throw it in a bag/container of white rice overnight. Go out and buy "Silica spray" and spray a bunch in to any crack/groove you can find. Then let it sit for a few hours, run it for a few seconds and re-spray with the Silica spray. Silica spray is the best thing ever. Fixed so many electronics with it... (Used to repair intercoms on the Gold Coast here, silica spray gets the salt out and gives it lubrication and a protective layer against more salt....)
  12. Cheese-Lover

    Meepduino: 2.0 RELEASED!

    Powering a controller off the tanks lights... Interesting. I like it. You'll have to have a battery backup for night time, but if you can get the power draw down low enough, it should work. Biggest problem I see is mounting a solar panel in a good spot to pickup light. To my sketchbook to work out a solution!
  13. Cheese-Lover

    attiny84 aquarium controller (CHEAP)(BETA CODE UP)

    Any chance of using celcius rather than that imaginary system of measurement favored in the states? >.< >.> <.< I mean, when I see 75degrees.... I think **** that water is about to start bubbling...
  14. Cheese-Lover

    Meepduino: 2.0 RELEASED!

    I had something very similar to this setup... A 10w solar panel connected to a 6w driver... Stupid as it sounds, it works. I'm looking at building the bigger one, and possibly move it to my next tank build. Hell. I might make both.
  15. Cheese-Lover

    LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    naqua... Now that I know who you actually are... Next tank, I'll put one of your lights on it. But replied to you via PM. <3