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  1. Up for sale is an Oceanic Biocube 14g that has been up and running since March 2012. Here is the list of mods/additions to it: -Steve's LEDs retrofit with fan to increase cooling (9 Royal Blue,5 neutral white Luxeon LED's). Blue and white run on separate dimmers. -Dimmable/multicolor LED Moonlights with remote -2 fans installed in feeding lid to increase cooling (runs on separate power than lights) -50w Jagr Heater -SteveT Media Basket with submersible light (Currently running purigen in middle, chaeto in bottom, filter floss on top) -Hydor Pico 900 sump -Koralia Nano 240 -false bottom out of chamber 1/2 knocked out -extra cut out between chamber 1/2 to increase flow For the stocklist: -~14 pounds LR -3-4 inches Arag Argonite b/w sand -1 B/W Occ. Clown -1 Pearly Jawfish -1 Tailspot Blenny -1 PomPom crab -1 Cleaner Shrimp -misc hermits/snails/brittle sea stars for CUC -Frogspawn (Bought ~4 months ago with 3 heads, now has 4 and growing -Fuscia Macroalgae -1 orange Ricordea -Green Birdsnest SPS -Pink Stylo SPS -misc zoas -Pink Xenia I'll also throw in the following extras: -29 gallon stand that it’s sitting on in the pictures -API Test kit (PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate) -Seachem Phosphate Test Kit -Refractometer ~half bucket of Seachem Salt -Extra heater/pump/5 gallon bucket for mixing salt -Nano Mag cleaner magnet -Digital Thermometer -7 gallon water container -Misc food (Spectrum New Life/Rod’s Food is what I currently feed) The tank does have a few scratches on it (2-3 on left side of tank, 1 on front). Also, there is a small amount of red bubble algae. I've had it since I first got the tank and siphon off what I can during my weekly water change. Sometimes it seems pretty dormant, other times 5-10 bubbles will pop up. I've never seen more than 10 bubbles total, so it's definitely nothing out of control. Looking for $350, OBO. Located in Meyerland (SW part of 610 loop). PICS: Tank/stand with lights on Jawfish Frogspawn and clownfish (note: clownfish does not host frogspawn) tailspot Blenny Birdsnest: Thanks for looking. PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.
  2. SPS ID?

    I've got a question. A few weeks ago I was at SeaWorld San Antonio. In their aquariums, most of them had fake corals. I saw a few tanks with some softies and whatnot, but then I saw this tank: http://dfwmas.org/Forums/download/file.php...3a4b4c3b0e9faa0 The tank looked a lot more like actual SPS coral then some of their other tanks which you could obviously tell was fake. Anyways, is the coral in that pic real? And if so, what would you say was the coral in the top center called? I'm looking at the blue piece that has a fish (chromis?)in front of it.
  3. msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    Hmm, maybe a molt from your sexy shrimp? As for the camera, that's good to know! Thank you! I've been using my iphone for all my pics. I do have the Panasonic Lumix that can go underwater though...not the newest one, I think it's about 2 years old now...I'll have to try and snap a shot or two and see how it comes out! Also, besides the lighting, I was looking over your tank and it doesn't look like you have a powerhead in there at all. Is that correct? Just curious more than anything...have you upgraded the stock sump in the back? My ricordea seem to hate me because I have a koralia 240 in the display and an upgraded sump pump so there's not really a place in my tank with low flow. One of the ricordeas went MIA a week ago and hasn't turned up since! Have you had any problems with algae forming in low flow areas in your tank? Just curious more than anything-it looks great!
  4. msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    Looks great! I completely know what you mean about the shimmer...it's the same way on my tank...I guess I just sorta got used to it after a bit. For that picture do you have the blues turned up at all? I know you went with rapid, but they have two separate knobs (one for the whites/one for the blues), right? Just curious as to your settings as your picture came out a lot better than some of my first pics!

    You understood correct. LFS A seems to have the better water, at least as far as my tank looks with it. I guess my question is why do all of their corals look so good? I know he's got to be running a huge skimmer and he's probably dosing nutrients, so maybe that's it? Regardless, I'll be buying my water from store A from now on.

    Albert, a question for you about water quality. In my tank that you have helped me with already, I have a frogspawn...here's one thing I noticed today. Roughly three weeks ago, I started getting my Ro/di from a different lfs (well call it lfs B ). Prior to this, all my coral had seemed lush and full flowing. Yesterday I was running low on water ad bought it from the original lfs (A) I had been buying from a month ago. I came home and mixed the water with my salt. Not wanting to change the water chemistry completely, I used 2 gallons of the remaining water I had from store B and one gallon from the new water at store A. Today the frogspawn is back and looking very full and healthy. Unfortunately, I don't know the tds of either water source. Interestingly, store B has a much better coral display and their tanks look better (which is the original reason I switched a few weeks ago). Any thoughts onto why this is or if my findings seem valid? Thanks.
  7. red bubble algae

    I put a reply on your main thread involving what's going on with the bubble algae...let me know if you would like me to add anything...I tried to be as specific as I could. As for the algae, it seems to have slowed it's growth. There's still some pieces that are in nooks and crannies that I can't get to on the LR. The frogspawn is what's bugging me now. I was able to remove one or two pieces of algae today from the frogspawn, but there's a lot more I can't get to using the siphon. I have the frogspawn attached to a piece of LR with some epoxy putty...think I could just remove the frogspawn from the tank and treat manually with something without hurting the frogspawn itself (just sticking to dipping the stalk in something perhaps)?

    Per the request of Albert, I've included some info on my current red bubble algae problem. I have a 14g biocube that's been up and running for about 7 months now. I noticed some red bubble algae on one of the pieces of LR about 2-3 months into owning the tank...not much, maybe only 10-15 small bubbles. I siphoned them off and played a game of tug and war over the next 2 months seeing some grow and siphoning them off. Recently, about one month ago, I noticed a new explosion of bubble algae on the same piece of LR as well as on my frogspawn, seen here: It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but there are many tiny bubbles on the frogspawn. I increased the water changes to twice a week for the last week and plan on continuing. It seems the growth rate of the bubble algae has slowed significantly. One interesting part is that during one of the last water changes I got in the back chambers and really siphoned everything out...I was surprised how much gunk was in there...I'm thinking this might have been a nitrate factory for things to grow...though I've heard bubble algae doesn't need any nutrients to grow, so not sure on that... Here's a pic of the bubble algae on the substrate removed from the tank: There were a few more small bubbles on the sand bottom yesterday that I spotted, which I removed by hand...just taking out the whole piece of gravel. My main concern now is the frogspawn. There are some pieces of bubble algae on the LR that are just too tiny to get at, as they are in nooks and crannies of the rock. I figure I'll wait till they get bigger to attack them. But the frogspawn, there's just so many little bubbles that I can't get at. Would it be possible to remove the frogspawn from the LR (It's attached to the LR with some epoxy putty right now) and dip the frogspawn in something to kill off the bubble algae? Or maybe remove the frogspawn and extract all the pieces of bubble algae by hand, then rinse it in some fresh RO/DI, then place back in the tank?
  9. red bubble algae

    I'm open for any ideas, but I want to be sure we're talking about the same things...my main problem was bubble algae, so I thought...but are you saying I have some red algae (slime?)? If so, where do you see it? The one part that has popped up is on the top rock, where there's a clear spot of red. The thing is, that doesn't seem to scrape off like my last bout of cyano did a few months ago, so I'm not sure what it is...I'm doubting very much it's coralline. If so, for drain and treat or submerged spot treatment, besides the manual removal, what else do you suggest? I thought peroxide was a no-go because of the cleaner shrimp I have in there...
  10. red bubble algae

    I have a jawfish which has a burrow underneath the rock and about 3-4" of substrate...if I were to remove the rock, besides stressing out the jawfish, I think I would get a mini-cycle from stirring everything up and it would be very difficult to ensure the rock gets on the bottom of the tank again.
  11. red bubble algae

    Nothing yet. I watched that video and it doesn't look like a blackout is going to help out, as he said that it can grow in very low light conditions. However, I'm going to start doing 2 30% water changes a week for the next few weeks while aggresively siphoning and see if that will help out. I'm also feeding pellets every other day and frozen (rinsed) mysis once a week instead of mysis once a week and pellets every day. I have 2 scarlet hermits but they haven't been making much of an impact (if any) on the bubble algae). I don't think it's a major enough problem to introduce chemicals at this point, but the only one I've seen that might work is Dr. Tim's Waste Away. Thoughts?
  12. I just want to confirm, cyano is NOT the same as red bubble algae, correct? I have some problems with the red bubble algae and if that could be cured by items in this thread, then all the better.
  13. Ok, first some background... I have a 14g biocube, up for about 6 months now. I started the tank with chaeto in the back and some chemipure elite using a media basket. The sump has been upgraded with a pico 1200 from the start and I have a koralia nano 240 in the display. I have three pieces of LR totalling about 18 pounds. Here's an FTS taken today: I used the chaeto/chemipure elite in the back for about the first 2-3 months. The chaeto started great but slowly started to dwindle. I ended up getting rid of it because I was sick of chaeto finding it's way into the display and blocking up the sump. I replaced it and had chemipure elite/purigen in the back. About a month into owning the tank, I saw, what I thought...were red sponges and thought to myself 'Sweet! Awesome hitchhikers!' I then found out it was actually red bubble algae, and it was spreading..only on the rock on the right. I grabbed a siphon and scraped them off best I could every time I did a water change. Things were going well. I then replaced the PC stock lighting with an LED retrofit kit from Stevesleds. This happened about 1-1.5 months ago. Around this time (a month ago maybe?), it was time to change the chemipure elite once again and I had read that chemipure is regarded as pretty much crap and instead decided to just do away with chemipure and refresh the purigen, as it was looking like it needed it. I followed the instructions, put the purigen back into the tank and did a water change right after. The frogspawn in the tank shrank very rapidly after putting the purigen back in and doing a water change (maybe over 2 days?). It used to flow quite a bit and be big and even one of the heads is splitting into two. However, it has retracted quite a bit. What were once thick tentacles have become very thin and almost lifeless... Around this time I also noticed the bubble algae spreading a bit on another rock, some substrate, and the frogspawn stalk. Here's two pics of the frogspawn I took yesterday: All levels are still normal (Ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrate 5-10, phosphate 0 or as near to 0 as my eyes can tell.) The frogspawn *HAS* started rebounding recently in the last week, but slowly. I'm not sure if the purigen sucked out too many nutrients once it was refreshed or what...maybe the red bubble algae is choking the nutrients out of it? (is that even possible???) Here's a pic of the bubble algae on the substrate removed from the tank: So, what to do about the bubble algae? I currently have this stock list: b/w occ. clown tailspot blenny pearly jawfish cleaner shrimp pom pom crab emerald crab So I think peroxide treatment is out. Should I take the frogspawn out and dip the stalk in something to kill off the bubble algae growing on it or is that a waste of time? Thanks in advance. Also please note on the pic of the FTS...I never keep my LED's that high. I just had to turn the blue all the way down and the whites all the way up or else the blue would wash out the picture.
  14. macroalgae ID?

    I turned down the blues and turned up the whites...brought the magnifying glass out too! I think this is the best I can do...