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  1. ATO and MP10 are sold sorry.
  2. Asking $400 shipped for 2 AI sol blue LED fixtures with an extra set of 40 degree optics free and 2 controllers. I can take more photos / video of the lights turned on to show functionality. The sol blues aren't the newest on the market but I used them to keep SPS and they were more than sufficient and worked great. Attached are some growth photos. Bubble Magus NAC6 Protein Skimmer - SOLD. Here is the craigslist ad - http://fortwayne.craigslist.org/ele/4667104091.html I also have a 40 gallon breeder with stand, 20 L Sump and glass holes overflow and return kit. Aquariums can be picked up locally, but will part out Hydor pump, overflow and return kit. 2-27-2013 6-7-2013 9-21-2013 To see all of the photos visit my thread HERE
  3. 2 x AI Sol Blue w/ controller(s)

  4. 2 x AI Sol Blue w/ controller(s)

    $500 shipped
  5. 2 x AI Sol Blue w/ controller(s)

    $575 shipped. PM if interested in photos.
  6. whats a cool active fish for a 20g high?

    blenny, a lot of personality.
  7. Torch Corals Sting

    Has anyone seen a torch coral "reaching out" and stinging another coral? I saw this happen a few months ago and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was one of those moments when this creature really seemed alien as most marine life can. I looked at my tank and saw one of the tentacles stretched out very straight and almost appeared hard, it resembled a needle. As soon as it stung the neighboring coral it retracted back into the locks of tentacles. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and to this day I haven't heard anyone else talk about this. Just curious if anyone on this forum as seen this happen?
  8. TDS Meter and RO water

    great advice, thank you both for the response
  9. TDS Meter and RO water

    I've noticed that when using RO water and a TDS meter it can be really easy to pollute the water with more solutes (i guess?). I don't know very much about this so trying to get some info. Here is my question say you have a clean container that your RO water is poured into and your TDS ppm is 002 then you pour the water into a bucket that you just rinsed out with tap water the TDS can go up to 150. What is the best way to clean containers without polluting them? Is this a concern for anyone else? I'm guessing the best way would be to use RO water to clean the container. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if it's a problem. I've noticed that when the TDS is above 100 I get more of a algae problem. This may be a stupid question.. just looking for ideas and solutions for keeping solutes to a minimum.
  10. How much?

    good advice, I was thinking $75 might be a fair number.. i paid 80 for them.
  11. How much?

    jesus come one.. somebody give me some info here. I've looked online and found prices, but I just want some opinions because I'm getting cheapos in fort wayne telling me I'm asking way too much at $110. Are these people cheap or am I asking too much?
  12. How much?

    What is a good price for mated pair of ORA black Ocellaris. 2 years old, male 2", female 3"? please help.
  13. Adult Mated Pair - ORA Black & White Australian Ocellaris...edit: sorry incorrect info Male - 3" / Female 2" - Great starter fish, perfectly healthy no problems. They are solid black and white, no orange on face. $110 for pair.. local pick up preferred. $40 shipping overnight. Please comment on price, what are they worth - 2 years old?
  14. 2 Polyps Of Bowser FS

    you'd be lucky to get $10 a polyp for them in fort wayne indiana... this place is full of very cheap people