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  1. i have a 12 gallon mr aqua long for sale can look up the spec on marinedepot. asking for 50 dollar firm. looking for upgrade. pick up only also selling a eshopp overflow pf-300 as seen in the corner of the front tank shot. have the original box asking for $35 located in manhattan new york. i also travel to brooklyn very frequently so please PM me. i check email every hour. also have a aquac nano remora $60 no pump feel free to offer.
  2. Solana 34G pickup only, MP10ES

    better price on the solana?
  3. MR AQUA 12g LONG

    check my link in my signature that's the new threat
  4. ADA 60-F Shallow in Texas

    those are perfectly normal to show up in the tank. i have it in my tank b4 i just waited it out. brushing and stirring sand wont really help with this problem patient is key. if u dont have chemi pure elit i suggest you use that. good product =D
  5. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    dam bro i am jelly
  6. 3 Foot Long Nano - Video Update

    ar nvm. it sits up to 8 inches you dont have the clearance for that. i think the 9002 is the only option for u. or would it even fit my take will be jack up that shelve divider it will open a lot more option for you. and how is ur overflow doing? is it loud when the water guzzle down?
  7. 3 Foot Long Nano - Video Update

    I would suggest aquac nano hang on back I have that in my sump ATM no issue with low water level
  8. the 3/5 sps is officially dead after a week in my tank. i think the shipment put them into too much shock. however, 2 of them starting to have polyp extension and color is recovering. which is good . hows ur MR Coral coral turn out? pics please =D
  9. Which led should I go with? So many choices!

    i would go with t5+led mix. led have good penetration but the color of coral is not as good. so t5 mix with stunner strip probably. if u wanna go led only for 35 gal a kessil a150w will be ur best bet or wait for the a350
  10. yes, its safe to add "reef bone" to ur system but make sure "bone" is completely dry so it dosent add any bateria to ur tank. i lol so bad reading this threat
  11. Types of Firefish Question?

    firefish can live together if their a mated pair. however, the personality of firefish is overall "shy" mines always hide in the hole. just make sure when u pick one thats less shy i guess? their color is awsome great fish overall if their not that shy!!!
  12. ADA 60-F Shallow in Texas

    what substrate you using? and does the mp10 kick up the sand? what mode? how many % of power?
  13. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    OMG.! FAKE sand bad. i think this will be a great idea for my shallow tank. stupid mp10 is creating sand storms. can i please have more info on the procedures of the bottom? few more pics? please!
  14. i got my shipment today, kinda disappointing. check my threat out. i posted pics
  15. Mr Aqua 12 Gallon Long

    That was the old setup, the skimmer is now in the sump=]