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  1. Sound advice! I didn't think that far to be honest haha
  2. Will definitely keep up with it! Best of luck, your setup sure is an inspiration.
  3. That’s what I was thinking too, regarding the hiding space. I’ll post side pictures for reference as well.
  4. Hey guys! What do you guys think of my rock work. I didn’t have much to work with, since this is what came with the tank. I don’t mind adding more rock now, I should’ve done that before I started the tank cycle in retrospect. I would like for it to look better but I’m not a creative type, what do you guys think? What can I do to make it better?
  5. I changed the skimmer because I could not dial it in and it was a pain in the but, also it was loud. The Tunze is smaller, takes up less space and so far has been much more efficient. I can't quote the actual parameters precisely. 1.025 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 0-5 phosphate nearly 0
  6. Thanks for the response and your insight. I am not changing water with tap water, im getting RO water from LFS with 0 TDS reading. I was thinking about running cheato in a reactor, is it an overkill right now given the parameters of the tank are near perfect? I used dry rock, what will likely be the next stage?
  7. Hey guys! Just needed some advice from you guys. Here is some info about the tank. It is a 20g RSM Nano, Ive changed the skimmer to the Tunze nano. The only media I am using is CPE. For reference the tank is 2 months old, all the parameters are normal; (nitrates/nitrites/phosphates). The light cycle is almost 8 hours but ill add the light cycle screenshot for reference. I have stubborn algae I can't get rid of, not sure if it is part of the cycle or if there is anything I can do to solve the problem. Even after water changes, the algae seems to appear right back almost a day later. I have a few fishes in the tank, I do water changes almost weekly. There is a clean up crew present and I feed the fishes almost daily. Ive attached a video for reference as well. https://youtu.be/QvarmJr5A8I
  8. awesome advice my friend, thank you! i think chaeto alone makes sense to simplify things.
  9. Hey guys! I have the red sea max nano and there isnt much i could do to run media or grow chaeto due to the all in one restrictions. Currently im running CPE but i wanted to add a reactor to grow chaeto. I just cant decide which reactor i want to buy and while i was looking at some options i glanced at the dual reactor from BRS. I was wondering if anyone has tried using one of the reactors for chaeto and the other for gfo/carbon? is that an overkill? Would one decent pump be adequate for the dual reactors? would both the medias/algae require different flow or something? Anything im missing here? Sorry for the long post but just thoughts i had in mind before executing it.
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