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  1. Sea life systems Back pack 40

    No answers
  2. Hey all just wondering if anyone has this same filter And if so are you or have you experienced any micro bubble issues, I have this set up on my 37 gallon tall and I'm struggling with clarity due to the bubbles ..I would love some guidance with this issue. Seems like a great system other than the bubbles :-/ http://www.sealifesystems.com/BackPack_40_...Dry_Filter.html Thanks
  3. Torch on glass ?

    Sorry it's taken me a while to respond , been crazy busy with work and trying to pick out all the pieces of my tube anemone that decided to have a Rondezvous with my mp10 ( GRRRR) What a mess that was. Killed lots of coral and i think my baby anthias Anyways thank you SO much for the help, I had previously ordered the frag mags and they are nice although I have a sea life systems filter that hangs on the back and the back of the magnet won't fit I between the filter and the glass. I'm still a little new at all this, how do I find it? Thanks
  4. Torch on glass ?

    Yeah that's what I was thinking, little different then a GSP though, tough decision!
  5. Torch on glass ?

    Okay this may be a totally stupid question but has anyone had any success with attaching a torch to the glass? I have a gap in the back where I want to put something to add depth but the bottom is too narrow to fit a rock to put it on, so I was thinking of just attaching a torch to the glass in the open space. I also bought some frag mags that I could try too but I dont think they will work As I planned. I hope I don't sound like a total blonde :blink:
  6. Starfish

    Very true... My little guy has behaved himself though, I do have a few small hitch hiker clams too. I love him enough to let him eat a few snails if he might wish ! Lol my fiancé on the other hand hates starfish for the reason you mentioned, but this one has grown on him for sure!
  7. Starfish

    http://www.reefs2go.com/product/INV_STAR_R...y-Starfish.html These little guys are awesome and super easy to keep. They have never bothered any of my coral and it's so fun to watch them move around the tank. They are always on the move! Mine is really bright orange, one of the brightest I've seen! Love him
  8. POLL FOR SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: Have you had cyano with LED's

    I have 60 watt Cree LEDs getting ready to upgrade to ai sols, thinking about ordering a uv stunner strip for supplemental uv light. Still such mixed feelings about it though. My tank has been up for 3 months with the Crees and no sign of cyano!
  9. what is this? a slug, a snail, or a nudi

    I agree, stomatella! Good guy to have around
  10. WTB Rainbow Montipora Frag

    I have a few of them, they are still healing and coloring up. Where are you located ? Willing to pay shipping ?