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  1. I have a reactor with carbon and phosguard in it I wanted to know if it was ok to add purigen to it . Also what do you guys think is better, phosguard or GFO ?
  2. my 12g fluval edge

    I took the top glass off the edge so the top is open and better gas exchange Drilled the back for a sump underneath in stand .
  3. my 12g fluval edge

    Your right, the MP10 has been blowing the sand all over my tank It has stopped for now but the sand is very fine . It was a bad choice. Looked good at first. I want to take it out and put in different sand but I'm am worried it might start a small cycle again. What do you guys suggest Any input?
  4. my 12g fluval edge

    Hi , this is my 12g fluval edge Any new ideas would be great
  5. Does having just my blue LEDs on cause green hair to grow more I know it can grow under low lighting conditions but is blue light the right spectrum I do have a very small amount of green hair and I didn't want it to grow more when just Blues are on .
  6. Hi, I have two percs that won't leave my sand bed alone. I have very fine sand all over everything in my tank so I got a bubble Tip hoping they would use it and leave my sand bed alone . What's the best way to get them to notice it ?
  7. Fluval edge conversion

    I would cut the top glass off for better gas exchange. It makes it easier to clean as well I have mine drilled with a 10g sump.
  8. I have very fine sand in my fluval edge 12g tank and I want to take it out because my MP10 blows it all over the tank I want to put sand that was in a friends tank in mine . It has been sitting in a bag for awhile but if it is rinsed out in RO water , do you think it should be alright or will it crash my tank .
  9. took the top glass off fluval edge 2 , 12g

    You are the brave one , I would take my time with the razor Even if it took all day before using a hammer on any part of a glass tank If razor is sharp , it should only take about 10 min or so to get the top off
  10. took the top glass off fluval edge 2 , 12g

    It's 3/4 inch bulkhead approx 350 gph. Overflow is 5 inch wide and yes sub glass is safe.
  11. took the top glass off fluval edge 2 , 12g

    It was $149 at winners. Still need to frost the glass doors To hide sump .
  12. took the top glass off fluval edge 2 , 12g

    Yep, works good. I have it drilled with an over flow box that I made A 10g sump with a maxi 1200 for return. The back of tank Is painted black , I find that corals just seem to have more colour Pop up against a black background. Still looks like an edge just no top and better
  13. took the top glass off fluval edge 2 , 12g

    I just used a razor blade and ran it all the way around top . Came off Easy, no problems
  14. Well I cut the top glass off fluval edge 12g I siliconed 3 inch 90 degree glass in the corners For extra support and to add strength Still running stock lighting , waiting for my Cree LEDs
  15. P1260034_01

    Will you ship to Canada