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  1. 75G Bowfront glass tank, in really good condition, barely any scratches on really nice stand and glass lids -15/20G sump with bioballs, skimmer, heater, return pump, ext.. -MH lighting with PC's and moonlight leds all in one fixture(can come with the brackets to hang it. -Artica Chiller -two koralia powerhead's -two JVJ powerheads -themometer -over 100 pounds coraline encrusted rock(big heavy pieces) -over 100 pounds of crushed coral/sand ***it is a really nice quite setup and runs great*** *small overflow box that hang on the back and adjustable valves for changing water movement LIVESTOCK: - 3.5" sailfin tang -2.5" blue hippo tang -6" marine betta - 2" dwarf lion -pair of clowns(they are mated and very happy together) >one occi female about 2.5" >oxny male about 2" -fiji blue damsel -tuxido urchin -yellow nudibranch -cleanup crew -Green carpet anenome(hosting the clowns) -Unknown anenome(will post pic tomorrow for proper identification, was sold as Ritteri. -2 orange starfish CORALS: -5" red and green open brain -4" green/blue/purple open brain - 4" green flowerpot coral -8" x 6" green closed brain. -2 bright orange ricordas w/green mouths -neon green torch(2 heads) -4/5" green zoa bunch -3" green fungia -HUGE Aussie orange hammer(opens up to about 8 x 8 or more) -two mushroom rocks w/blue/red with blue dot/neon green/ and fuzzy blue assortment on them -5" teal candy coral -brown and green palys lots of extras... -really nice reef test kit and other types of measuring/testing units -all kinds of dry and frozen foods -siphons -5 gallon water jugs -supplements like calcium, coralvite, ext.... tons more. . LIVESTOCK MUST GO FIRST BEFORE I WILL PART OUT the tanks has been running for over a year and is very healthy, only selling because i am in college and dont have time anymore, also need the money Looking to get around $950 obo for the setup if anyone wants the whole thing, price is negotiable if you want the whole set up if you are interested in something feel free to messege me and we can work out a price, want to get it sold quickly so will discount for the more you buy. if you want pics of anything feel free to text me and i can send you one 714 889 9594 also have a JBJ Unibody led dimable fixture if anyone is interested and a canister filter(only used for about 2 weeks)
  2. small little guy, heads about the size of a nickel. healthy eater. very playful $80 obo will trade for coral also 714 889 9594
  3. small little guy, heads about the size of a nickel. healthy eater. very playful $80 obo will trade for coral also 714 889 9594
  4. Sold

    what state?
  5. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    yea i have two b/w ocellaris clowns that host anything but they havent found the little guy yet which is good cuz i want him to be able to settle in before they go crazy. it has gone to about 5"
  6. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    will it stay this color as it grows?
  7. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    yes i have had a huge 14" haddoni previously but sold it when i switched tanks and upgraded to my new tank. they are one of my favorites. tank has been established for over 2 years so my water should be sutible for it. i will keep you guys updated on its growth and how it is doing. Do you think it will stay this color as it grows out? i was suprised that it found its home in the rock instead of the sand bed below but it seems happy
  8. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    pictures pic picture
  9. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    the color was the part that confused me because it has amazing coloring and usually carpets are solid. it is a mix between dark green and a tealish blue will take more pics now
  10. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    thats what i thought but it was very small in the store it was only about 2 1/2" now it is expanded to about 5
  11. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    only paid $20 for so hopefully it turns out to be a carpet, that would be a steal haha,been looking for one for awhile. i will post some more pics under different lighting soon. the guy at the lfs was super funny and was determined to convince me it was a sebea.
  12. sold to me as a sebea....looks like a maxi mini right??
  13. really nice healthy Eyestripe Surgeonfish, about 3 1/2-4". eats tons and loves to swim . already starting to morph into its adult coloring. hard to get pics because he swims behind the live rock when i put the camera up to the tank, but pm me if interested and i will try to take some again. $100 obo http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...amp;pcatid=2991