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  1. Nitrate Explosion

    One other question, I have used Instant Ocean exclusively in all of my tanks. I recently mixed a bucket up with salt that had hardened a bit. The salt was about 4 months old. I wonder if that could have contributed to the issue.
  2. Nitrate Explosion

    About 2" at its lowest level. I’m going to try a little clean up on my sand and see if that helps. I have tried two different tests, strips and kit type. Both show higher than normal. I am going to grab another test kit shortly and try it again just to be sure. I have also noticed the beginning stages of algae growth which is new to my tank indicating higher than normal Nitrate. I’ll just keep plugging away until I get it. Thanks for the response.
  3. Nitrate Explosion

    For over a year my 14gal bio has been in exceptional shape. Water always good, parameters fine etc. Starting a few days ago I noticed my Nitrate go through the roof. I have made several water changes with RO water and for some reason it will not go down. I have had nothing die, I feed very sparingly and everything has been and still is for the most part looking fantastic. How else can I get the Nitrate down? I have even looked into the Vodka deal. All other numbers are fine. Thanks
  4. Fuzzy Dude

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed that when I feed my Sun Corals there is a shady little character that will pop his fuzzy little head out of a hole in the rock beside my coral and snatch food from them. Due to his nature I have no pictures. He has what I beleive to be eyes like a lobster but can't confirm that. I have tried to lure him out but he's way fast and will be in before I can snap a shot. Any idea where to start looking for his identity? I have set up a camera at night but it's like he knows I'm watching and will not come out. Thanks for any help.
  5. New Coral

    Found it, Scleronepthea SP or Orange Soft Coral. Thanks for all the replies and yes this saltwater stuff is like a bad weed, its just keeps popping back up. This will be my 4thn time back in the hobby.
  6. New Coral

    The wife just grabbed this and didn't get the name of it, Anybody help me out with it. Thanks