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  1. Hi, it's 20x20x25 cm.. Lighting will be dependent on stock and at the mo I am thinking of using an Ehiem compact 600 that I have knocking around the house.. Was looking at someones algae pico that looked pretty cool
  2. Kat's Pico: Fashionably oops!

    Lazy is the future
  3. Kat's Pico: Fashionably oops!

    Really pretty setup this, sooooo colourful Looking for inspiration for a new 2g Pico i've acquired and am impressed with the algae idea now Do you water change each week? Thanks
  4. Hey from the UK guys, I'm currently running a 46l Edge reef tank and have recently closed down a 300l cube tank, now i'm looking for ideas on a 2g pico? Pics would be fab? It is tiny lol.. Look forward to your thought.. Muz