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  1. Wondering if there's any update to this... Im currently doing the same thing to my tank. Already had it drilled, made an overflow, removed the old filtration system and will paint the tank's back wall and overflow (I only had clear acrylic)
  2. IM 8g - SOLD JBJ 28g + stand - $200 inTank AC 50 basket - SOLD AC 50 - PRICE DROP $15 (local pick up only) LED light for AC 50 - $30 (if you buy AC 50 also) Chiller - $250
  3. this tank for sale in Hardware Classifieds for $150!!
  4. Thanks, if anyone is interested in the way I made it, my sig has the build thread PRICE DROPS Innovative Marine 8g - $150!! will also include one timer and small Mag Float JBJ 28 + stand - $200!!! AC 50 + inTank media basket - $40!!! Can include this light for $30 (if you buy the AC50, for only $70 you can have a fully functioning mini fuge) http://www.marinedepot.com/UP_Aqua_UA_F17_...TFILDFX-vi.html Chiller - $250!!!
  5. Hey guys, I have to move to Virginia so Im selling my tanks and other gear. I have a really small post count here, but I mostly post on RC and have a good reputation there. Innovative Marine 8g tank w/ 14000K 8watt LED Light (Black) w/ custom rock wall I spent about $100 to make the rock wall (which is removable) - will be great if you want to make a zoa/mushroom garden Cool vinyl cover to hide the under side of the rock wall The tank finished cycling 2 months ago but I havent gotten around to putting in any livestock, or CUC, this is literally brand new! $190 for the whole thing (available now) JBJ Nano 28g tank (2 return pumps, wavemaker, MagFloat no light) $200 JBJ Nano 28g stand - minor water damage on the bottom when my skimmer spilled on the stand - $40 TAKE BOTH for $220 AquaClear 50 (2 months old) - $20 (available now) AquaClear 50 inTank media basket (1 month old) - $30 (available now) Both AquaClear + media basket - $45 (available now) AquaEuroUSA 1/13th Chiller - 6 months old (still has plastic over display) PLUS the pond hose - $275 Pick up in Santa Ana, CA 92701 Text or Call (323) 275-8364
  6. Well this will be a zoa and paly garden. Can't wait until its stocked myself Much appreciated
  7. I did not... from what I read since the foam is pond foam, you do not need to coat it with anything afterwards Thank you thank you Thanks for the heads up, but the dangerous part of the epoxy is the talcum powder they use. If you keep trying to mold the epoxy under water, itll start to "melt" and release a bunch of it into the water... at low amounts the powder is not a problem, but heavy amounts are indeed toxic. I make sure that when I use the epoxy I dont mush it around under water. I also try and save using the epoxy right before I do a water change and only epoxy one coral per week. Also, if I dont get the coral just right in the first 2-3 attempts and the talcom powder starts to come out, I pull that piece out and toss it, mix a new one and start again. If youre careful, I dont see how this product can be an issue. For others who might not want to take the precautions, then they should def use a different epoxy.
  8. SOLUTION 3 (the one I did not want to do): Add extra foam to the top parts After cutting the foam with more left over, it helped a lot to close the gap The left The right The return The overflow How it looks from the outside and FTS When I added the foam, it made the brace too wide and really tough to fit the foam in the tank, so I pulled it out AGAIN, adjusted the brace to be less wide After a final fitting to make sure everything was smooth, I epoxied the brace in place Now to add some more rock, my local LFS (coral collection) buys their coral aquacultured on these manmade rock pieces So far I dont have all the pieces, but I epoxied the ones I had to the rock wall After the rockwall was back in the tank, I added sand to cover up the brace FTS - 3/28/12 The next day when the sand settled down it looked great! FTS - 3/29/12 Here is a little video of the tank as well, in case you guys want to see how it looks
  9. And how the whole thing sits in the tank And the same from the top view To foam the wall, I found some styrofoam (lol so much foam) to prop it up on so that it doest get glued down to the ground This is the stuff I used to foam the wall I highly recommend wearing latex gloves because this stuff does not get off your hands for days This is the tube the foam is dispensed, but luckily for me, the seal was broken and it would just squirt out the side... so I had to put the foam in my hand and dab it all over the eggcrate after a little, it started to foam out of the tube, and I began applying it that way, here is the end result Close Up I noticed that the spots that I applied by hand did not create as round of a foam and had a more realistic look, so the big "boulders" had to go I used an X-Acto knife and my fingers to cut up and rip off all the big pieces and also to clear up the rocks a little, which got swallowed up by the foam The extra foam I took off So back to try again, I used the foam and sprayed it into my hand (with gloves) and dabbed it on the parts where I picked off the foam. I also sprayed the back sides of the wall to get it more sealed. QUICK TIP: if you use a water spray bottle and spray the foam while its drying, it speeds up the curing process and keeps it from expanding as much. Compare the back where I left it alone And the front which I sprayed with water Now I had to go ahead and remove all the extra foam from the back sides so that it can fit flush in the tank Using a serrated blade made the process easier because it let me "saw" through the extra foam And the final product So I cleaned up the tank, and set everything back up to start the cycle I used this timer from Home Depot for the lights Finally everything in place Added the saltwater and a piece of LR from my display tank FTS The next morning when I woke up, I noticed that the left side of the rock wall skewed a bit and did not fit as flush to the tank as Id like it to Compare to the right SOLUTION 1: Add a brace on the bottom I went ahead and cut up some extra eggcrate, used the x-acto to cut out some foam and then glued it in place with crazy glue That helped get the bottom to sit more flush, but the top still sticked away a bit. SOLUTION 2: use spare pieces of foam and glue them in That helped a bit, but there was still a gap..
  10. In addition to the crazy glue, I used epoxy to add extra support for the eggcrate... Here is the epoxy I used. I really like this stuff!!! I have used it in my other tank and it is very strong... This is how it looks Before Mixing Mixed together Then I went ahead and added the epoxy on the eggcrate Front of right side Back of right side And because of how the eggcrate matched up, I was only able to do it on one side of the left half Now on to the rocks!!! Earlier I went ahead and soaked the base rock to get all of the dirt off And then I used the same dremel and eye protection to cut 2 sides so they are flat... Here is the sample of the rocks After I went ahead and cut up the rocks using the same tool and bit, I mocked it up against the eggcrate to get an idea of how it'll look Here is the result, The Right From Above The Back The Left I then went ahead and cut the part of the rock which would sit flush with the eggcrate at different angles so that I get about a 90 degree angle on the bottom and more acute angles towards the top to make sure more of the rocks is visible when looking from the top as well as to allow for more light to penetrate to the bottom. And now I went ahead placed one side on the floor and used the same epoxy to glue the rocks (allowing for 24 hours for each side to cure and set) The Back Close Up The next day I did the right side After it had 24 hours to set, I checked to see if the rocks would hold in place Then I went ahead and flipped the whole thing on its left side and epoxied the rocks to that side (because the rocks on the right side were creating a substantial weight, I had to place a plastic piece to hold it upright until the rocks cured so that it wouldnt break or stress the epoxy connecting the parts of the eggcrate) And example of how the epoxy is holding the rocks to the eggcrate The final products Left Right Back
  11. So what is all that paper going to be? Well, Im using this Eggcrate and this, a dremel with a diamond tipped tip tile cutting tool Go ahead and make a mock up on the eggcrate and go to town... Here is the end result, Front Top The next step is to coat the eggcrate in Krylon Fusion to prevent algae blooms on the eggcrate First, paper off the balcony Before After After the pain has had time to dry, I went ahead and glued the pieces together using super glue that was laying around my house I used zip-ties to hold it in place before and after applying the glue And this is what we get Final product... all three pieces glued as one Checking to see if it still fits in the tank Notice how it sits flush with the tank
  12. Hey guys, This is my second tank I have set up. My first is a 28g JBJ Nano and now I am setting up an 8g Innovative Marine tank that will be a z and p garden. The tank, many other supplies, and the frags all came from my local LFS, Coral Collection (they are members of this site, and they have been nothing less than extremely helpful in getting all the supplies and amazing frags I am using for this build). So without further delay, here is my build... The tank itself - an Innovative Marine 8g Where it will be The unboxing My cat has to make sure everything is OK Testing the LED's Set up in its place The dreaded 24 hour leak test with tap Thankfully everything is tight and dry, so time to drain the sucker Again, the cat has to make sure its all going well Good to the last drop Mock up of the most important part The left The right The back All three to make sure they line up And now to see how it all looks in the tank
  13. Want to Buy 20g+ Set-Up

    I tried to PM you but it did not go through. I have a 28g JBJ Nano Advance LED w/ stand and lots of extras (including some livestock if you are interested) for sale now. It is only 4 months old and is practically brand new. The tank has no scratches, or blemishes at all.
  14. lets see them zoanthids

    Ooooh, I want to post mine up... This is what I have so far, Utter Chaos Ring of Fire Blue Hornet Mohawk Raptor's Rainbow Pink Fusion Blue Rhino Captain America Sunny Delight Red Devil Valentine's Day Marry Jane Hawaii Sticky Punch Pink Ladies Space Invader Blond Blue Eyed B!tches And the garden Most of these were bought at Coral Collection... they are sponsors on this website, this is not really a plug for them, but these guys have given me some amazing deals on those z's and p's