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  1. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

  2. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    Well I think its time for a update The tank is doing great the fish are thriving and the new coral I added seems to fairing well So the fish I added is a fire fish He or she is so colorful. The coral I added is a small zoa colony, the out side is green and the inside is light purple. I cant wait to get more coral! 4
  3. Help from Red Sea Coral Pro users

    I use this salt and I think its fine but I have nothing to compare it to. The only thing I don't like is that it leaves a residue on my mixing pump and heater.
  4. Day Job

    I cut grass and do cabinet work with my dad. It keeps the tank going.
  5. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    So I just added the clean up crew, and man did they eat that algae! posting some videos soon
  6. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    I got some pictures of the tank fts and one other little pick of some algae... I think it's cool.
  7. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    OK it has been awhile so lets see what we have: Amonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5ppm ph 8.06 Sg around 30 Salt is mixing as we speak. So the plans are to get the salinity up and everything should rise. Then I will ad the cuc to get this hair algae out then, I let the tank mature and keep everything stable then I think we will add some coral. I am thinking zoas or a mushroom. fts soon
  8. Alveopora

  9. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    Well a major setback has happened over the past week. The tanked cracked and is going away but there is hope! hope in the form of a 65 so now this is the 40+25 thread lol Now the goal is to get more rock I only have 17lbs so I am going to pick up some base rock some time soon. I just finnished filling it up and I need like 30 more gallons of water and we will be under way!. So the stocking plans have changed. Yellow tang 2 Ocellaris clownish 1-2 Fire fish Here are some pictures A little behind the scenes
  10. CRACKED TANK! hlep me

    Well everything is going well my lfs did not have a 40b drilled in stock they said they would have to order it and then drill it. they said it would be like $300 but they could order a 65 drilled and it would be there in the next day for 250 so I got that one . So I have to get all the plumbing and stuff going that will be fun. It could have been way worse.
  11. CRACKED TANK! hlep me

    SO I wake up this morning to my dad saying there is water all around the tank. Alarmed I rush down stairs thinking that the skimmer is over flowing. I look and every things fine with the skimmer. Next I check the seal on the drain and to my surprise nothing was wrong. but there is still water every where around the tank. so I start wipe every thing up and there it is a hair line crack ! As fast as I could I run to the laundry room to grab my 55g blue drum. Starting my siphon first try I emptied the tank out and left the sand and then threw in my live rock. put in my heater and my power heads and called it safe. So now my hunt is on for a 40 breeder drilled in the metro Atlanta area. The excitement of having a saltwater tank! pictures l8r
  12. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    So I tested my water and this is what I got PH: 8.00 SG: 1.022 Amonia:0ppm nitrite:0ppm temperature: 77.5 I know ph an sg are low but i am working on it would chato in the sump help any ?
  13. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    Well sand settled and got some live rock 17lb's need more but I like the layout cant wait for it to cycle here are the picks:
  14. Blue Tide

  15. Aaron's 40Gallon Adventure!

    Day 2 Ok so the sand has all settled but there is still some fine dust floating around I think it is from the salt. Now I just have to move the sand around to get it all even. Once the water clears up a bit I think I will add some live rock. :happydance: