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  1. Did you resolve this issue?
  2. Bump. Still looking if anyone has the pump available. Thanks, Kevin
  3. As the title says, I'd like to get my hands on a 1048 or 1250. I made a bio pellet reactor with a TLF 150 and 1046 and it's not enough flow (had the pump on hand). At first the pellets were tumbling a little bit but now I think they're sticking and water has found it's path through the pellets. I am in southern California, don't mind paying to ship if the price is right. Thanks! Kevin
  4. Yeah, I would like to hear what you find out. My controller just stopped working as well. I haven't even really used it yet. From my understanding the battery should last 9 years....... lol Maybe they are just crapy batteries.
  5. mmm local........ I hear it's a great skimmer but not much better than the solana stock skimmer (after mods)
  6. Black should be on the "L" and white on the "N" if I'm not mistaken. I am guessing Milad sent a new power supply to him?
  7. Yeah, AquaMaxx is basically owned by marine depot, it would seem... or they're in bed together. They're very close to one another geographically and at the local reef shows they seem to be attached at the hip. Likely it's just that marine depot is their key distro that all bits must pass through.
  8. I wish I had the new collection cup, but it is a great skimmer! The version you have is the one I have and it works great! I can see the new cup working better but the bubble plate seems silly. AquaMaxx should sell the new cup for those of us with the older models. GLWS! It's a great skimmer guys.
  9. Yeah, I agree, but what about the size of the PCB?
  10. How big is the area that needs to be heat sunk? Or, what is the distance between the bolt pattern that holds the chip? I am curious if you could place two of these chips on a 12" makerLED heatsink within a couple of inches of each other? They chips would not be at full power, thinking more like 60-70%. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Great skimmer! I have one on my 12g. It's overkill, I know, but it does great work when there is a bio load. Just remember to dip the air line into the water once a week to clear out salt creep. That and a full on clean-out session a couple of times a year it does very well.
  12. Will there be something like this for the Lumia 5.2? Or maybe it could work on the 5.2?
  13. Does anyone have the Lumia 5.2 in a build yet? I would really like to use one or two of them on my Solana 34g. Would two 5.2's be overkill?
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