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  1. el_ote

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Tank

    Everything is still alive and kicking. Swapped out my aquaclear 110 for the 20 or 30, forgot which I have. Also setup my jbj ato again. Trying it out without a timer on just the float switch cut into my lid instead of the bracket it comes with. I'm hoping this will keep the pesky snails away from it and make it less likely to fail. I want to grab a controller or one of those Alexa power strips and only keep the ato on for a minute 2-3 times a day as a more reliable safety measure. I got an Alexa for Christmas and am thinking of using it for my lights, aquaclear, and ato.
  2. el_ote

    AIO filtration water level low...

    Think so. Either cut pump rate lower or like you say increase inflow.
  3. el_ote

    RODI System suddenly half output

    Maybe some debris backflowed from the washer on shut off and lodged in the intake of the RODI? Can you remove all the parts inline to the first filter and blow out any debris maybe caught? Also is the waste water pressure about the same to your eye?
  4. el_ote

    2.5 bowfront gulf Coast tank

    What lighting do you have? I am keeping an eye on these pico tanks because I want one also, but have enough work with my 10.
  5. el_ote

    2.5 bowfront gulf Coast tank

    I like the mini anemone route. They come in such great colors!
  6. el_ote

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Tank

    Few pics from today: Picked up an RO Buddie with DI from here. I had a spare BRS Reactor that I was able to convert with their parts into an additional filtration stage to take care of the chloramines here in our water. Im keeping it in my waste water bucket for now while it makes my agua. Kids bought me the Nemo coffee cup a while ago at my height of this addiction of ours!
  7. el_ote

    New Nano guy

    You have to have enough ammonia to watch your tank be able to convert it to nitrate within 24 hours. Dose your ammonia till the test reads 2ppm (was just a drop in my 10 gallon if I remember correctly). Then the beneficial bacteria should have enough to munch on and convert to nitrate for you.
  8. Oh man it fit... Lol. Are those ok to keep on their back like that? Think I remember reading that some get stuck on because of the internal mechanics if laid on their backs/sides. Dont want you to cook the little guy.
  9. el_ote

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Tank

    11-3-18 FTS Just after a water change. Consistent water changes has made a world of difference with my tank. I can probably do less that 3 gallons a week, but it's been working so I'll keep it up. Also moved all the MarinePure Cubes to below the rock on the left. Going to move most of the sand on that side to encourage my pistol shrimp to come out and dig. He just hides in the rockwork and I never get to see more than his claws. Maybe soon I'll try my luck with some acans again. Before all I did was kill them. Now maybe they stand a chance.
  10. el_ote

    Total noob in need of advice

    Don't buy anything other than rock and something for flow for now, given that you already have a heater. Read everyone's tank thread here. Think, do I need that? Do I just want it? There are pico tanks here with no sump or skimmer. Good husbandry is key. STOP GOING BACK TO THAT LFS. They only want to sell you, and you seem to want to buy... Have a plan of what you want, why you want it, and when you need it. Not everything is required to buy right away, but the lfs sounds like they'll sure take your money. At some point you may need/want gadgets, but read here why, when, and which to get. Stop giving that lfs your money.
  11. el_ote

    HELP! Pistol Shrimp! UPDATE!!!

    i think what was meant by the cheato suggestion was to grab the cheato "carefully" push down till you get to the bottom where the shrimp is and smoosh/pinch the cheato to try and grab him in it like say a hot kettle with the kitchen towel. empty out as much of whatever you have in there first and use just as much cheato as you feel you need. you can just throw everything into a bucket till you get him out. cheato wont die if you move it to a container for a while.
  12. el_ote

    HELP! Pistol Shrimp! UPDATE!!!

    I've scooped my little Randall's Pistol with my hand. He was in a rock that got a glug of h2o2 and shot out quicker than quick. I freaked out and grabbed for him. He snapped which scared the heck outta me but I didn't feel anything. He is still pretty tiny tho so take that into account too.
  13. I love the look of those splatters! Nice couple of finds!
  14. el_ote

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    That's a heck of a set-up! I love the look of the heatsink. I don't plan on starting the pico any time soon, so maybe I'll save for one of Dave's Mini Tides. If I DIY it, I'd want one of his arrays anyway.
  15. el_ote

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Well that's another one! I was looking at the 4 gallon waterbox tanks or the 3.7 imaginarium. I may have to look at these as well. The imaginarium is basically a 6 gallon with the footprint and I wanted it to be as small as possible so I'm leaning towards the waterbox. Where do get the info on DIY LEDs? I built my first light but forgot how to calculate LEDs per driver wattage or voltage strength... Also the nanobox arrays look awesome but all the wires intimidate me. What does the other end of your wiring look like?