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  1. el_ote

    6.5 gal Pico reef (New pictures)

    Wow good job. This is such a cool project. Can't wait to see it running.
  2. el_ote

    Lorekeeper's 10 Gallon Mixed Reef!

    that is a really nice blenny. sorry i dont know much about its food likes, but have you called the LFS and asked what they fed? maybe they remember seeing him eat and what it was that he took. is the blenny afraid to eat near the clown? you said that there was a feeding time dispute between them that was resolved, but maybe as the loser, he has to go without since the clown may be too nearby... dunno, just thoughts... good luck.
  3. el_ote

    First 5g Reef on a College Budget - Month 7

    Awww man that sucks! What a bummer. Poor little guy
  4. el_ote

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Tank

    FTS 6-13-18 Added some of ReefCleaners macros. Good sized frags!! Gotta keep my calcium up for these guys. Picked up a pencil cap, money plant halimeda, and carpet halimeda for behind my rockwork. Any macro algae advise is welcome!
  5. el_ote

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Tank

    Also deciding between my aquarium apps... I like both for different reasons and can't choose... I like the photos of the aquarium note, but I like the style and ease if the aquarium logger... Edit: I also have my replacement filters, di resin, and ro membrane for my RODI unit coming in this week. Hopefully this helps my phosphates! I've also cut down feeding a lot since changing to pellets from leftover flakes that went EVERYWHERE.
  6. el_ote

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Tank

    So I'm stuck wondering what's going on with the tank, my zoas and clove polyps are staying closed a lot of the time. I have done some big water changes since the alk dump, I am keeping alk at about 9 - 10. I heard the emeralds may be bugging them, but I haven't seen them in there. I am thinking my clown may be trying to find a host in each colony. I have seen him/her rubbing up on my Duncan but nothing else. My lights are hung high and at the lowest intensity which puffed up my Duncan and torch, but has had no affect on the z's and P's...
  7. el_ote

    5.5g ADA Reef

    What are the nitrates or ammonia at? I'da thought the corals would show stress before a shrimp.
  8. el_ote

    5.5g ADA Reef

    Oh no? A molt maybe?
  9. el_ote

    First 5g Reef on a College Budget - Month 7

    Awesome, perfect place for the cave
  10. Thanks for the code! Can't wait for the macros!
  11. el_ote

    BaristaBob's Mini M | New FTS 8/6/18

    Was it a copper nail? I've read many posts about rusting items in the tank and people say that it's basically just free gfo so I assumed it not to be too big an issue. I don't claim to know the science, but I think you may be ok. Tanks looking real good!
  12. el_ote

    5.5g ADA Reef

    That's some good extension on the hammer and frogspawn! Love em! And cool beans on the royal gramma it's been a fave of mine forever! Does it hide for you all the time?
  13. el_ote

    First 5g Reef on a College Budget - Month 7

    Super cool! I'm kinda afraid to get my goby for my pistol shrimp because my clown was pretty aggressive towards my bicolor blenny when I first got him. I love the coloration of your goby!
  14. el_ote

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    You can also cut a soda bottle in half to place over it while you feed and let it soak longer. It let's you have the pumps back on quicker.
  15. el_ote

    Office 2.7 gal Pest Pico

    Man, great looking tank!