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  1. Squat lobster survival rate

    I didnt realize they had a short survival rate. I really like the look of them and have been waiting for one locally to get.
  2. el_ote's 10 Gallon Revival

    Still kicking. SB Reefs Nano Sprite. i really like the light, but the white is very powerful, i have it set at just on or it overtakes the blues Bad FTS, i still havent figured a good Android photo app, or how to tweak the photos. Any Mac or Linux Mint program suggestions would be appreciated. A few frags from Infinite Aquariums. forgot the names My BiColor Blenny
  3. Mitch's FIshes "Not Another Fusion 10..." Fusion 10

    Looks good! Nice fish! Following along
  4. rock/stone or gorilla crab? its a molt i believe. i saw an escape flap at the back. Looking at the brs crab trap since im not so great at diy and this guy i think has already taken out some fish... its a good 1.5-2" across thanks!
  5. Any thoughts on these bad boys. They are freaking me out! They are in a bad corner of my tank and i cant clean the glass very well so sorry about the bad picture. They look to have strings or mucous coming outta the tops. maybe a spaghetti worm or hair worm or a vermetid? This is after i nudged them with my poking stick: How worried should i be. They gave me the heebie-jeebies
  6. Drew's 5.5 gallon pico reef

    http://www.reefgardener.com/collections/ricordea-mushrooms havent ordered any from there, but the corals look great
  7. BowieBranchia

    just as good as the title implies: http://bowiebranchia.tumblr.com/?_utm_source=1-2-2 found this in my G+ feed
  8. Myster's 40b SPS Dominate (Some STN)

    Nice tank! love the clams!! How are the fish since the treatment? I like those dosing containers you're using. Have you had any issue with the lids being metal?
  9. el_ote's 10 Gallon Revival

    Thanks mystersyster. This smaller tank is what I should have stuck with from the beginning. Keeping my tank now feels like fun again.
  10. el_ote's 10 Gallon Revival

    Added a CurrentUSA TrueLumen Pro 12" Actinic to my fixture. I love the color being added and my couple of mushrooms are really opening up now. I may just end up gutting the fixture and mounting some more of these inside.
  11. el_ote's 10 Gallon Revival

    hi NaCl H20 my biggest issue was not sticking to weekly water changes. one skipped became two became three... Then the GHA took over and it became a REAL battle. The rocks i have are the ones i was able to clean the most of GHA before transfering. there is still some on there, but im scrubbing it off at water changes and its also dying off on its own. My best advice is dont ever skip a weekly water change! Also, dont over stock or over feed.
  12. From an original tank of 5.5 gallons to 10, 20, & 40, I'm back to a 10 gallon. FTS 12-3-17 Equipment: 10 Gallon Standard Tank SB Reef Lights Nano Sprite Aquaclear 110 with Fuge Mod, Chemipure Blue in a DIY reactor IM Auqa Gadget Magnafuge Refugium Led Jebao WP-10 Wavemaker Aqualifter ATO with timer 2 minutes a day Livestock: 1 Clownfish 1 Bicolor Blenny 1 hermit crab Zoas and Palys Acans Thanks for stopping by.
  13. Is the 36" Current USA TrueLumen Pro Deepwater Blue Actinic LED StripLight you listed the only light you are using? i saw the great growth you are getting and was thinking of adding a strip to my small t5 fixture.
  14. Goby/Pistol shrimp

    I've had the yellow watchman, the Randall's goby, and the hi-fin goby. The yellow watchman and the hi-fin were both paired to my Randall's pistol shrimp at home. They just found the shrimp within a day or so of being introduced to the tank. The Randall's goby is paired to a Randall's pistol shrimp at work and was also paired within a day or so of being introduced with no help from me. I'm not sure any of those fish stay small enough for a 4.3 gallon, but i can tell you that my hi-fin goby was the smallest of the bunch. They are all relatively inexpensive. -e edit: Looks like all the fish i listed are shown to be 10 gallon minimum tank size. check this thread out for fish in the pico tank range. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/74703-lgreens-ultimate-guide-to-nano-fish/