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  1. Fragging tips

    Growing pretty well....need to get the hedge clippers out. lol
  2. Fragging tips

    It's twice the size now. I need to prune it back. Any suggestions, I do like it and so does the clown.
  3. Macro ID

    Kallymenia reniformis... I think I will go with this.
  4. Macro ID

    Thanks for the great replies.
  5. Macro ID

    Any thoughts?
  6. Fragging tips

    I have some nemostoma that is flourishing in my tank. I'd like to frag some, any ideas?
  7. Aiptasia?

  8. Aiptasia?

    Thanks for the quick replies. I'll check your suggestions.
  9. Aiptasia?

    Kinda looks like some polyps. Not growing from a stalk, more like a mat. Its very small right now. Any suggestions?
  10. Red Algae ID

    This stuff is really starting to grow. What is it?
  11. fire shrimp fading

    Howdy folks. My fire shrimp has molted 3 times in less than a month. With each molt, he loses color and now his limb are deteriorating. Any chance of saving him? My parameters are 1.025, ammonia 0, nitrites and nitrates are 0, phosphates 0, ph 8.4, calcium 420, dKH 11. I have a few hermits and snails, a maroon clown, small colony of zoas, and a frogspawn in a 12gal. fingerscrossed