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  1. seriously, what the #### is gong oj here? I jus got ina from blue martinaii and i;m 5 sheets to thw indedwind
  2. No, I'm pretty comfortable on the water. So much so that I'm going on a 3 day deep sea trip @ the end of May. We should make that a NR get together. It's < 300 a head for meals, bait & equipment (if you need it)
  3. http://www.thatpetplace.com/Lybia-tessalata-boxer-crab-208273?gdftrk=gdfV2226_a_7c268_a_7c6967_a_7c208273&ne_ppc_id=1463&ne_key_id=26454742&gclid=CLnk0biD0bYCFQWynQodNE0A_Q
  4. close to. right up the river from there. Ricks on the river. The buildings you're looking @ are downtown.
  5. forgot to post this nice pic I took last night while out to dinner
  6. http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/hsd/3747539610.html yeah i'm gonna pay you 400 bucks for your junk that you threw in the backyard. Want an extra 50 for a bucket of blue gravel?
  7. example of FL pricing http://www.reefs2go.com/product/INV_SHR_PEP-6/6-Saltwater-Peppermint-Shrimp.html Shrimpers pick these things up by the thousands and sell them to LFS for pennies
  8. i'm actually gonna watch Storage Wars and dvr Deadliest Catch
  9. LOL, he did the other day but I & everyone else ignored him. I instructed most others who's threads he posted on to do so as well. He probably jumped off the Golden Gate. oh hell yeah, deadliest catch time!
  10. I always had a boner for that tank. Wish they still sold the stand for it.
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