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  1. Eheim 1262.. mint condition, never ended up using it in my build... $115 Shipped Super Reef Octopus Xp2000 Internal Skimmer .. $350 Shipped
  2. New Sand?

    Im going to be drilling an established tank soon but was going to remove as much water as i could prior to drilling... a rubber maid will be holding all live stock and water until finished.. I do not know if i should remove the existing sand for new sand?? at the same time i would like to remove the sand because i can see some nasty black pockets forming in the sand bed. Im am tryng to get this done in one day so i don't want to restart a cycle.. NEED SOME ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO!! Thank You aLL!!
  3. Mp40W

  4. Mp40W

    hey guys the mp40 is pending pick up tomorrow afternoon, if it falls through i will pm people back in order.. thanks
  5. Mp10 Wes *For Sale*

    pending local pick up.. if it falls through i will pm people back in order
  6. Mp40W

    i have a mp40w for sale.. great condition, its not loud, or does it get hot to touch .. comes with original boxing as well..$320 shipped
  7. Mp10 Wes *For Sale*

    will get pic up soon!!! ^^ so your telling me I should put the price up?? lol
  8. Mp10 Wes *For Sale*

    I have had for about 6 months.. I bought it off a local fish store used.. great condition .. depending where you are i can ship at this price
  9. Mp10 Wes *For Sale*

    want to upgrade so this has to go! $200 firm
  10. Digital Aquatics Lite Lv.3 PLUS(+more)

    not trying to part out at the moment.. bump
  11. WTB: Reefkeeper Lite level 3

    i have what your looking for.. Lite level 3, ATO and magnetic prob holder.. message me or u can find my thread
  12. Eheim Canister Filter