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  1. Tank Crashing

    Thanks I appreciate your concern. Will post tomorrow with overnight damage. Hope its not too bad
  2. Tank Crashing

    I am using saltwater from LFS the same one I always use. Don't have any water on hand but will try the airstone immediately. thanks
  3. Tank Crashing

    Hey guys needed some input as to why my tank may be crashing. I have a JBJ Nanocube 28g with the compact fluorescent lighting. The tank is four months old and everything has always been good. Here is the problem. Today I did a water change of about 25% went out and when I came home 2 hours later all my corals were closed up, my ultra maxi mini anemone is all shriveled up, about 6 turbo snails were upside down on the sand. Everything looks horrible. First thing I did was check my parameters, everything perfect. I went to my LFS where I always get my water and the guy told me that maybe its something in the water I can't test for. He said to wait till morning. By morning I fear everything will be dead. I have not dosed my tank with anything. Just notices six line wrasse and sand sifting starfish gone. I'm afraid nothing will survive the night. Any thoughts on what could be going on will be helpful. I have: Turbo Snails Hermit crabs Emerald crab Cleaner shrimp Zoanthids Torch Pulsing xenia Jasmine polyps Ultra Maxi Mini anemone Purple firefish Yellow watchman goby six line wrasse (RIP)
  4. JBJ Nano Cube Quad CF 28g

    totally agree. thanks
  5. JBJ Nano Cube Quad CF 28g

    Yeah LEDs is the way to go, but my tank is only 5 weeks old and I'm not ready to make that investment just yet. I have tried propping the hood open and it does seem to work. Do you of any upgrades to the fans? Thanks for the advice
  6. Hey guys does anyone know of any upgrades to the stock fans for the compact fluorescent model 28g nano cube or any other solutions for high temps. My tank gets to 84 sometimes. Would like to keep it around 79. I live in Miami so winter doesn't exist. Don't really want to spend the money on a chiller. Thanks Ariel
  7. JBJ NanoCube 28g Quad CF

    Hey Nano-Reefers need some help with heat issues with my JBJ NanoCube. My tank is pretty new just set up for a little over a month. My problems is the tank goes to about 83 degrees during the day and down to 77 degrees at night. Way to much of a temp swing I think. Are there any upgrades to the stock fans or any other things I can get to maintain a temp under 80 without purchasing an expensive chiller. My tank is the compact flourescent model. I live in Miami so winter doesn't exist. My ambient temp is around 75 degrees.
  8. High Nitrates

    sorry temp 80 my bad
  9. High Nitrates

    []Hey guys have a question about nitrates. This is my first SW tank and I think everything is going well. I have spent a lot of time here asking questions and have gotten some great advice. My question is how long will it take for the nitrates to come down, they are currently at 80ppm. My other params are Ammonia 0, trites 0, SG 1.025, temp. 80, ph 8.0. My tank is a JBJ NanoCube 28g with the cuad CF lighting. There is 25lbs of Fiji premium LR and 20lbs of LS. The tank has been cycling for 15 days. I got the diatom bloom a few days ago. [
  10. High Temp

    What do you guys think about cooling fans?
  11. High Temp

    What kind of fans could I add to the current setup?
  12. High Temp

    Hey Nano Reefers need your help. Just started cycling my new SW tank about 6 days ago. It's a JBJ Nano Cube Quad CF. My problem is my temp is running high. With the lights on the tank is at 83.5F, I obviously do not have the heater running it's not even plugged in. I live in Miami so there is no winter. I keep my house around 75 degrees. Any ideas on how I can keep the temp down. Also what is the recommended temp for a reef aquarium. I wanted the temp maybe around 79 or 80. Thanks in advanced for the help
  13. New Tank

    Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated
  14. New Tank

    Hey guys starting a new JBJ nano cube 28g quad cf and wanted to know if I should leave all the filtration media in the back while cycling. It consists of a sponge, activated carbon and ceramic rings. I've been on some other sites that suggest I just use filter floss. I will cycle with live rock and live sand. thanks
  15. Hey guys need some help. Just received my nano cube. This is my first sw tank and I've been reading everything I can to learn how to do this right. I am planning to start cycling soon and would like any advice you can give me. Do I leave the ceramic rings the tank came with. I've read that bio balls are not good, but what about the rings. Thanks