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  1. Chrisl1976

    JBJ ATO and lift pump $50

  2. Chrisl1976

    thanks for the inspiration...

    It takes a manly man to call another mans sump sexy.
  3. Chrisl1976

    tetra half moon 10g seamless aquarium

    if you are really worried about it, put a piece of egg crate on the bottom before you fill it with sand.
  4. Chrisl1976

    JBJ 28 rear filter pads

    If you use the Tunze 9002 skimmer in the JBJ28, you loose the abilty to really filter out any particles through the filter floss on top of the media basket. After stuffing filter floss in the side chamber for the last few months, I knew there had to be a better way since it just end up getting washed over the side and basically do nothing. Well my son loves looking at the fish at walmart ad I notices the stock HOB filters were getting pretty small these days. I took at look at the plastic filter replacement cartridges. Well there was one about the right size. Got it home sure enough, it fits almost perfect in the side chambers. Its the Tetra medium size filter cartridge. You can even open up the pouch and dump out the carbon if you wish.
  5. Chrisl1976

    Clownfish & Duncan Colonies

    friend of mine's clowns host his big toast stool.....annoy it a little, but have not killed it in many years.
  6. Chrisl1976

    Hardcore Beginner?

    Unless you are buying rodi water locally, that should be your next purchase. Save yourself a lot of trouble down the road especially with algae
  7. Chrisl1976

    Biocube 29 Aquascape help

    The manado rock is amazing stuff. I have 26 pounds in my nc28 and is growing the coolest plating maroon vitamins algae. Check out pics in the PA forum here. I made a post about the stuff.
  8. Chrisl1976

    Toadstool Coral Help

    mine went through a week long phase a few weeks ago. Looked like crap, slumped over. Just make sure its not rotting away
  9. Chrisl1976

    FS/Trade: Nano Cube 28 HQI hood

    $5 SHIPPED
  10. Chrisl1976

    New LED kit for BioCube 14

    It seems the kits run from one power supply so unless you picked up another PS, you would have to run either a controller to get separate dimming or have them turn on at the same time. I'm curious if some 110 relays would work to turn them on separately.
  11. Chrisl1976

    UPS battery backup and powerhead choice?

    APC does make a UPS that will run aquarium powerheads. BUT, its cost about as much as a MP10 with the battery backup ($350), so not really a "makes sense" buy in my opinion
  12. Chrisl1976

    Purple Fuzzy Algae

    I have some really purple fuzzy algae coming in with the deep purple plating coraline algae that is spreading pretty good. Any idea what it is? Good? Bad?
  13. Chrisl1976

    ***HOW WOULD U DO IT****

    Only a kid at heart here. Whether its the case here or not, its not always the best course in life to let everyone underestimate you. Honestly, how many job interviews have you been in that asked for a copy of your college transcripts? They want to see that piece of paper that says Degree in XYZ. You walk in with that and a few nice projects you did in college, that can easily get your foot in the door. I will clariry to the OP. If you are going to half-ass this project, than by all means find something else to do.
  14. Chrisl1976

    ***HOW WOULD U DO IT****

    I supposed every single time someone in authority tells us what to do, we always follow it. I guess has it been said exactly what the professor said? Did he tell you no or just that it wold be a tough topic to handle? There is a difference. If he just did not recommend it, I'd go for it, your professor may not think you are not capable of an off the normal topic like the business side of a LFS. Make sure you prove them wrong. Don't slack it one bit. Check all your work, cross all your T's and dot every single dam i. Do you have to give a presentation on the subject? Powerpoint, ect? Make sure its great, not just mediocre. Crap, if you have any web design experience, throw together a mock website for the LFS to step into the online retail side of it. I did that with my senior project and that alone blew the professor away. Go above and beyond.