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  1. Chrisl1976

    JBJ ATO and lift pump $50

  2. Bump for a great controller. I put together my own, but for the $40 bucks they are charging here.....well worth just buying it.. I've had mine running my tank for about 8 months now. [Knock on wood] No issue with the temp probe or wire. If memory serve me right, I thought my temp probe came un-attached and screwed into a terminals. If not, 10 seconds with a soldering iron and you could easily mount a new one on.
  3. Chrisl1976

    JBJ 28 Water Flow Help

    I had the same issue with then maxijet.....the blade disintegrated in about a week. Marineland did replace it for free sine the pump has a two year warranty If you are looking for in tank surging flow......RW-4 is perfect.
  4. Chrisl1976

    Discouraged, need help/advice with SPS

    Interesting video from 2014 Macna from Richard Ross on if high Phosphates in reef tanks are really bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRIKW-9d2xI
  5. Chrisl1976

    Discouraged, need help/advice with SPS

    I believe it is a common misconception in this hobby that SPS tanks have to have super clean water. There have been a few articles written on this topic. Some strive for perfect water and just go too far.
  6. Chrisl1976

    What is this on my leather

    I ended up finding out it is actually "shed rot". I had never heard of that before. A quick iodine dip and most of it came off. Majority of the rest came off with a soft tooth brush. Moved it to a little more flow and the rest of the shed has come off and it's opening back up.
  7. Went away for a few days on vacation and come back to my leather covered in black spots. Any ID on what it is? Treatment? Thanks!!!
  8. Chrisl1976

    Rock Sale! (Music Contest over)

    Totally late for the contest, but totally worth watching!!!! https://www.facebook.com/MixedMartialArts/videos/10153170189909789/?pnref=story
  9. Chrisl1976


    I've had one of Salty's elegances in my tank for about 3-4 months now. Doing awesome!!! Have a friend with similar results. Great stock!!!
  10. Chrisl1976

    Best Coral Store Online?

    Saltcritters.com 6 pages on mushrooms and rics http://www.saltcritters.com/mushrooms/
  11. Chrisl1976

    Rock Sale! (Music Contest over)

    This Sale rocks, but yours never roll!!!
  12. Chrisl1976

    Curved glass scraper--HELP PLEASE

    I have found just the opposite. I had one in my tank for 2 years. Moved the tank and took it out for the move. Week later it's the size of a marble and split open. The replacement has been in the tank for about 12 months now covered in coraline and working perfectly.
  13. Chrisl1976

    Curved glass scraper--HELP PLEASE

    Two Little Fishes nano-mag. Soft velcro pad on the inside of the then tank. It bends right around the corners and works great.
  14. Just curious if anyone could ID this. Seller didn't know the name. Previously thought to be a elkhorn or Scripps acro, but that was based off mediocre seller's pictures. Now I have better pictures.