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  1. Emerald crab keeps killing my clown fish!

    just found out my green emerald crab has killed and is currently eating my royal gramma! my tank is algae free and i always make sure i feed my emerald every day (he comes out at 9pm sharp for pellets, mysis, ocean plankton, what ever i feed that day). wondering where my royal gramma went, he is always swimming in the water column, i was peering in all sides of the tank and i see his face in the shadows. further back i can see his flesh being eaten by my green mithrax! he's a dead man once he comes out of the rockwork. no more mithrax for me!
  2. cheato keeps dying

    my chaeto keeps dying as well. i have cyano bacteria so im assuming i have enough nitrates for maco algae to grow. its kinda demoralizing haha i have a green thumb with potted plants but i cant keep aquatic plants to save my life.
  3. Beautiful Blue Sponge

    its beautiful!
  4. Wanted: Micro Stars

    micro brittle stars* my bad.
  5. Wanted: Micro Stars

    Looking for Micro stars if anyone has them. Please PM.
  6. Uncurable rock

    wow, i had no idea that live rock could do that. definitely going to follow this thread.
  7. Mr. Microscope's Cube 2.1

    cant wait to see your livestock in there!!
  8. James's aquahoulic ant farm

    Beautiful tank! I cant wait to see what else youre going to put in it!
  9. 2.5 Pico.

    skipped a water change knowing what would happen just so i could see it first hand. So the algae is bloomin a bit but the snails are barely keeping up. i still havent scraped the front glass free of algae. guess im just too lazy! ive added the skeleton of a Lobo that died at my LFS. I soaked it in bleach over night, ran it under hot water for hours to get the bleach out, then let it air out for 4 days. I stuffed the chaeto down behind the rocks so you can no longer see it. it seems to be doing well. My peppermint shrimp went straight for the lobo skeleton and started digging through it. Ive dubbed him swiper from dora the explorer because he will reach in the suncoral and steal food. Anyway, swiper found remnants of lobo flesh and ate them. The suncoral is much healthier than when i first got him. The middle polyp has finally filled his 'space' and will soon over grow it. I also moved some stuff around opening up the center and creating a more balanced look i think.
  10. New to Nano

    At my lfs the live rock that has no coraline algae is $9.99 (8.99 if you buy over 20lbs), and the "good" stuff with coraline algae is $14.99. now thats overpriced.
  11. Snowflake's Transparent Reef

    i think it would look better if you but the branching rock in or behind the other rock. i personally dont like seeing the "trunk". Was the rock you put in there live or dry?
  12. The Oceanarium Project: Imaginarium

    Props to the Farscape reference!
  13. 2.5 Pico.

    You're right about it sticked out. i might shove it down behind some of the rocks. im thinking about moving everything into my empty 10 gallon tank and having the 2.5 as a refugium. I'll probably get around to that when the weather gets warmer and i feel like doing something besides sleeping. i'd love to get some nice colored zoanthids, and some non-photosynthetic gorgonians, possibly a feather duster or 2. If a nice dersa clam comes through my LFS i might pick that up and put it in my tank although it'll suck all the calcium out of my tank. There's a lot i'd love to do just need to find the time to research everything.
  14. 2.5 Pico.

    Thanks guys!
  15. 2.5 Pico.

    So its been almost a year since I've kept and aquarium. Recently got a job at an LFS and I think its a little hypocritical to tell people what to do with their tanks without having one. So here i am, planning a tank, setting it up, and using this as a sort of journal of what i did and what my looks/looked like, and of course get feedback from all of the forum readers. Hardware: 2.5 gal Glass Tank-LFS Taam Rio Nano Skimmer- petmountain.com Aquaclear 50 - LFS 12" True Lumen Pro LED strip (half 12k white, half atinic blue)- petmountain.com Aqueon Pro 50(watt) heater -LFS Glass Thermometer- LFS ~3/4'' of oolite live sand- LFS 4lbs 2.5lbs of live rock- LFS (2 polyps on it) Livestock: 4 Hermit Crabs - 1 blue leg, 1 zebra, 2 idk 1 Margarita Snail -i begrudgingly bought one, the Astrea werent keeping up and LFS didnt have anything else. I read they were a cold(er) water sp. and would crawl out of the tank and die. I witness this at my LFS all the time and never recommended them to anyone. To my surprise it is doing and excellent job plowing down the algae and had never come close to exiting my tank. 2 Astrea Snails 1 Peppermint Shrimp - just cause i like him and no one in the Buffalo Ny area has sexy shrimp. 1 Emerald Crab - had a few bubble algae, but looks like he's decimated it. Both the peppermint shrimp and the emerald crab eat ocean plankton straight from my turkey baster when i feed. 1 colony (3polyps) sun coral - saved from LFS because no one fed it until i became an employee. It has almost died several times from starvation and right before I got it, all the power heads some how turned off in the display he was in and 3 polyps died over night. 1 Orange cap. 1 Pulsating Pink & White Xenia 1 Asst. Encrusting something (ill have to see if i can get a good pic) 1 Small Clump of Chaeto to help with nitrate and just because i like it. 1 Green Mushroom 1 Green Tree Leather 1 Asst. Polyp 1 Small Colt Coral behind Xenia So i put down the sand, smoothed it out, put in a rock I've had my eye on for the last month, added saltwater, turned on the lights, and started the skimmer to get the water moving. After figuring out where all the plastic inserts go (Taam gives you NO diagram on how to set this thing up), i was able to get it running perfectly. I eventually found the youtube video, but i suggest you play around with it and figure everything out on your own to learn the in's and out's of this skimmer, it is YOUR tank afterall. the pics are decent. using my iphone 3gs so cant expect much now can i? the skimmer actually works! Its not the best skimmer, but for $25 you get what you pay for. Its decent. Its not as loud as i expected or as loud as others make it out to be. I've only tested my water twice- at the 7 day and 20 day marks both times tested 0 for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. I cleaned the skimmer twice, each time i broke the needle that the magnet is held in place by. Luckily my LFS had repacement needles (no longer though ). When LFS ran out i decided to leave it in there broken until i could buy a new filter. The skimmer still ran although it was noticeably louder. Algae Bloom! Turned my lights off for 2 days, bought a margarita snail. After 2 days of black out i slowly increased my photoperiod so the snails could keep up with any algae. First 3 hours of light per day for 4 days, then an increase of 1 hour per day every other day. So after a little over the 1 month mark i invested in an Aquaclear 50 and ditched the skimmer... And im in love! I was nervous that the intake pipe would be too large for my tank but it is just centimeters from my sand and does a nice job of sucking up any detritus that accumulates. Of course now that i dont have a skimmer ill be testing more and doing water changes every week instead of every 2 weeks. This is what my tank currently looks like: suncoral, xenia, polyps, colt behind xenia. please excuse their sloppy look. they just woke up. shrimp & shroom Emerald Crab missing 1 claw. Should grow back with molt correct?