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  1. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    Today is the first day I noticed my BTA is splitting. Looks like tomorrow I will have two. On another note gold Midas blenny has adapted well to the new tank.
  2. Breaking the rules?

    Hey it's funny seeing somebody on here with the same name haha. I agree with the responses above. You'll be fine changing the photo cycle.
  3. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    In my last tank I had nassarius snails. Whenever I fed the tank these snails would emerge from the sand bed and like a moth to a flame, they would target food and head straight towards it. I never see the nassarius snails in this tank. I've been stirring the sand bed or parts of it anyway once a week or so and I've uncovered some snails just to see if they are still alive which they are. is it normal for them to be more active or stay more hidden?
  4. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    Thanks. He is a great little fish, but he is always trying to steal food from the corals. After he has had his fill, he will bring food to his Nem and spit it into the tentacles.
  5. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    I want to talk about Spectrapure. They have excellent customer service. This is my second RODI unit from them. My first was the 90 gallon per day refurbished unit which worked flawlessly. Upon moving to Florida, I learned that the water is treated with chloramines so I bought the unit they recommended for chloramine removal. My tap water down here also has a very high TDS. When I first started using it, it was initially producing 0 TDS, but during the initial fill The DI resin was exhausted because of a bad RO membrane. I emailed them and they helped me trouble shoot. Once I it was determined to be a bad RO membrane, they immediately sent me a new filters and an envelope to send the bad RO membrane back. My water has been 0 TDS since. Im glad to have you following along. Let me know if I can share any specifics. Where are you getting your 75 from?
  6. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    I brought home a Midas blenny today. It's a very cool little fish. I've wanted one for some time. No pics yet though. He hid in the rocks as soon as he was put in the tank. Hopefully he is not as hidden as my yellow watchman.
  7. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    Woohoo! Got a new fish today!
  8. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    Other changes I made this week I raised the light because I started to see some bleaching in the torch and the open brain corals. Too much light I think. Also I think the water is too clean. I think I need to vary coral foods more. I started using the filter sock again and I put filter floss in second compartment of the sump. Too much detritus is building up down there and it's a pain to clean out. Protein skimmer is working like a champ. Cheato was added to the Refugium section. I used to have a strong pod population but the angelfish made short work of the visible pods and tiny flat worms. He's always prowling and picking at the rocks and walls. Thankfully he doesn't snack on the corals. And one other thing. My clownfish has a nip in one if the find on his belly. It must have the dottyback but I didn't see. Usually the clown is chasing the dottyback but maybe he nipped back. Hopefully the fin heals. Although it doesn't seem to affect his swimming.
  9. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    I started dosing Red Sea Reef Foundation this week. Parameters were tested as follows: 1/9/2016 Ca 344 Alk 9.8 Mg 1380 I added 30 mL of calcium, strontium, barium complex A and 40 mL of carbonate and buffer B 1/10/2016 Ca 455 Alk 11.3 Added 24 mL of carbonate and buffer B 1/11/2016 Ca 455 Alk 11.9 Mg 1380 Then I did the 4 day test. Wait 4 days and test again to see what was utilized to figure out the sail amount needed. 1/15/2016 Ca 409 Alk 9.97 My 1350 I added 45 mL of A and 60 mL of B which should bring the parameters up to the target amounts. Now as I understand it I dose the daily amount of 15 mL of B and 11 mL of A and parameters should be relatively stable. I will recheck parameters in a week.
  10. Java's Artisan II 70 - Lots of Pics and Growth

    Nyos makes a good mag test. I'm going to start dosing too.
  11. Lawnman's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Wow! There's a lot going on here. I love the diversity! You have a bunch of things I've never seen before. Great job Lawn!
  12. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    I have witnessed a little bit of fish aggression yesterday and today. Usually they all swim together and seem to ignore one another except for the watchman which bolts at any sign of another fish. However the clownfish has chased the dottyback away when getting too close to the anemone which I believe is normal. The coral beauty chased the dottyback away from the little cave region he has claimed. And then today the clown blatantly stole food from the coral beauty at which time the coral beauty nipped at the clown's tail fin. I thought the dottyback was going to be the toughest of the group...
  13. Pete's 70 Gallon Artisan

    I did find what I think are eggs. I scraped them off with a pair of tweezers. Zoas are happy now and fully open.