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  1. Great tank. Gulfliverock.com is the best!
  2. Flatworms keep coming back Help

    Personaly, I would avoid dipping the corals. I've delt with flatworms in the past. They can be very hard to eradicate. I siphoned out as many as I could during biweekly water changes, dipped rocks in fresh water (the ones I could move and where not attached to corals), and dosed flatworm exit several times before I won the battle.
  3. Flatworms keep coming back Help

    Fresh water will definitely kill flat worms on contact. They burst/melt instantly.
  4. Flatworms keep coming back Help

    Fresh water kills them almost instantly. It might help if you could pull out some rock and dip it in fresh water quickly. You will eventually beat them into submission. Keep at it. I hate those little bastards!
  5. flatworm help

    Use airline tubing to siphon them out during water changes. Do the water changes more frequently and keep repeating. Once the population is down, hit them with the flatworm exit. Repeat.
  6. uh oh. Monti Cap dying?

    Your best bet is to let it be. It should recover under good conditions.
  7. Squared's 29g Macro Tank

    I'm also doing something similar in a 45 gallon frag tank.
  8. snowflake eel tank mates?

    Get a 125 gallon tank. They get long fast. I had one grow to two feet fairly quickly. Mine was housed with a large tomato clown. Also a tight fitting lid.
  9. Those ever grows look interesting. thanks! Looking to spend $200 I have a four or five par 38s laying around. I could build a canopy maybe.
  10. Any suggestions? It's going to be a marine planted tank. No Corals. 48 wide 18 deep 12 high
  11. gena

    Congratulations. Well deserved.
  12. What is this algae?

    Flatworms. Flatworm exit can be effective. Also freshwater dips kills them.
  13. That's going to be challenging. I hope it works for you. That is a beautiful anemone (I'm a little worried for it).
  14. Get dry rock from reefcleeners.org.
  15. Astroturf/moss in a reef?! Unique Corals WTF?

    I believe it is easier to remove the nem from it. I have heard of people using it for that reason.