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  1. Captive bred tang after almost 2 months of feeding nori soaked in selcon.
  2. otest82

    Captive Bred Yellow Tang

    Captive bred yellow tang from Algae Barn. It came in with a slight touch of pitting behind it's eyes from HLLD but it is eating well and seems to be clearing up. The fish's color is becoming a deeper Yellow. I've kept a steady supply of of ogo and nori in the tank for it to munch on. I'm a little disappointed that it came in with slight HLLD but it seems to be clearing up nicely with the good foods.
  3. otest82

    Captive Bred Yellow Tang

    It is exactly the size of a quarter!
  4. otest82

    Captive Bred Yellow Tang

    It is eating very well. It is just young and a little translucent still. It should turn a richer yellow as it matures.
  5. otest82

    Captive Bred Yellow Tang

    Captive Bred Yellow Tang from Algaebarn
  6. The bridge to the island was closed until Monday afternoon, so since Friday at 7am (I could tell by my mechanical timers). I got home Monday afternoon and got the lights going (deep cycle batteries), finally got the generator started yesterday, and power was on around 2:30 pm today. On a side note it is nice to enjoy some air conditioning.
  7. Power is finally back on and the tank is in good shape! My BTA's marched all over the place and one split. Everything is starting to return to normal here in Carolina Beach.
  8. Just got back on the island and the Air pump was still running! Not one casulaty!!!!! I never new how much this hobby really meant to me until it was all about to be lost. I am still with out power but I can manage from here on out. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, Oscar
  9. Thanks. cooling will be an an issue but I'm evacuating and this is the best I can do.
  10. How long will a 1.5 watt air pump run on a 100 amp hour deep cycle battery with an inverter?
  11. I was thinking about getting a yellow tang and prefer captive bred fish but there doesn't seem to be any captive bred tangs anywhere.
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