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  1. otest82

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    Just got back on the island and the Air pump was still running! Not one casulaty!!!!! I never new how much this hobby really meant to me until it was all about to be lost. I am still with out power but I can manage from here on out. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, Oscar
  2. otest82

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    Thanks. cooling will be an an issue but I'm evacuating and this is the best I can do.
  3. otest82

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    How long will a 1.5 watt air pump run on a 100 amp hour deep cycle battery with an inverter?
  4. otest82

    What happened to all the captive bred tangs???

    Neither one have them available.
  5. I was thinking about getting a yellow tang and prefer captive bred fish but there doesn't seem to be any captive bred tangs anywhere.
  6. otest82

    Nano sapiens

    Stunningly simple.
  7. otest82

    The FTS Thread!

  8. otest82

    Banggai Cardinalfish at 28 days

    Banggai Cardinalfish at 28 days
  9. otest82

    Banggai Cardinalfish at 28 days

  10. otest82

    Banggai Fry

    And now they are at the LFS!
  11. otest82

    Banggai Fry

    The process has actually not been that difficult. The fry are really tough.
  12. otest82

    Banggai Fry

    1st batch and 2day old second batch!
  13. otest82

    Banggai Fry

  14. otest82

    Banggai Fry

    I will try and get a good one at feeding time in the morning. Here is a still from yesterday. 21 days old as of today.
  15. otest82

    Banggai Fry

    I wish I had time to document their progress in a thread here on Nano-Reef. I will post a picture here and there as they grow up.