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  1. BulkReefSupply Reactor where to place?

    Anyplace you like really, Return area would be a good spot. Stay away from bio-pellets in small systems. They need a very efficient skimmer to work well, something nanos can not usually offer. Stick with the GFO. Also take note that BRS GFO calculator is really high on what they tell you to use. You can usually do half of what they tell you. Start with low amounts and work your way up.
  2. FS: New Maxi-Jet 4500 Utility Pump

    $65 shipped
  3. FS; Quiet One 14000 HH Punp

    $170 shipped
  4. Tanked!

    Its a good show for the masses, most dont really care about the building or setup in general, just as long as it looks cool and gets the AHHHHH factor. Its what we can expect from a network dealing with average american. Maybe they will do a show about how they build the tanks and about the fish they put in them one day as a special or filler show when they are low on jobs or ideas. Who knows.
  5. FS; Quiet One 14000 HH Punp

  6. Quiet One 4000 HH (High Head) NEW

  7. beananimal overflow

    I'd go 1" or bigger 3/4 does not work the best in drain applications. On average 1" is rated for 700gph max so 1.25" prolly be best.
  8. New/Never Used Maxi-Jet 4500 utility pump: 1150gph Was going to use for a project, never got around to it..... DOES NOT come with a retail box but all fittings/suction cups/bracket are included in sealed bag. $120 new Selling for $65 shipped -FIRM SO NO OFFERS OR LOWBALERS PLEASE- PAYPAL ONLY ! Maxi-Jet 4500 to the right ( I also have a Quiet One 4000 HH utility pump for sale, see classifieds)
  9. Q1 4000 HH punp: 980gph at head and 800ish at 6ft. Comes with retail box, manual and screw on reducing fittings. Was going to use for a project, never got around to it..... $109 new Selling for $65 shipped -FIRM SO NO OFFERS OR LOWBALERS PLEASE- PAYPAL ONLY ! Quiet One to the left ( I also have a Maxi-Jet 4500 utility pump for sale-see classifieds)
  10. FS; Quiet One 14000 HH Punp

    K, so I got a monster of a pump....Q1 14000 HH......New, never used ! Purchased a while ago for a project that I am never going to do. This is pump is a monster. 3800gph @ head and 2000gph @ 10FT 1.5" intake and head Be a great pond pump or basement located sump or just run a multiple tank system off of it. NO ! THIS WILL NOT FIT IN THE RETURN AREA OF YOUR BIO CUBE 14 Comes with the retail box and manual Paid $335 Asking $175 + $15 shipping (its heavy) OBO THAT IS A Quiet One 4000 next to it to give you an idea of the size on this monster !
  11. No Nanocustoms?!? What now?

    Rapid is overpriced
  12. FS Vortech MP40w es $320 shipped

    lol Have to take an unexpected road trip this weekend due to a death in the family so I gotta do what I gotta do ya know....Only reason I am selling.
  13. FS Vortech MP40w es $320 shipped

    yes, do a search for my screen name using the search fuction and you will see a few threads I have sold before. If anyone that has purchased from me wants to chim in, go ahead guys
  14. FS Vortech MP40w es $320 shipped

    STILL HERE !!!!!!!!!! $320 shipped takes it home !!!!!!!!!