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  1. RODI vs Distilled Water?

    I'd personally just pony up for a RoDI. That way you know what you're really getting.
  2. Red sea reefer nano

    I run chemipure blue in my filter sock. Change it every 2-3 months
  3. Red sea reefer nano

    I have a RedSea Reefer Nano. I love it. I got mine for free, but if I was purchasing one, Id prolly go with a 170 for the added tank size. The Nano is a little small, but again, it was free to me, so its perfect! You'll need a return pump. I used the Sicce 3.0. You'll also need a protein skimmer. I used the Eshopps PSK75. I wish I would have bought the Reef Octopus NWB110 instead as its a much better skimmer in my opinion. I also Have a MP10WQD. Its way overkill for the tank. but looks fantastic on there. You'll need a heater. I have the Ehiem 100w and its perfect for the tank. Its controlled by an Apex Jr.
  4. Hook'Em's Red Sea Nano

    So I decided I wanted different rock in the tank. I went with 15 pds of Reefcleaners.org rock. Great stuff. Here is what it looks like now: Must say. I am much happier with how it looks now. I also turned down my lights. Had them running around 70% which was probably running WAY overkill for the tank. Maxing out at 50% now. Things seem much happier. Here is my lighting schedule: If you guys have any questions or comments, Let me know!
  5. I just turn the return pump off, heater off, and skimmer off. I also turn my MP10 off cause the 5 gallons I change takes it below it. I normally blow the rocks off with a turkey baster first, then siphon the water out. Then I drop a MJ1200 in the bucket with the new saltwater with some vinyl tubing and pump new water in until it just starts to over flow. Then change the filter sock, then turn everything back on. Takes about 15 minutes.
  6. Durso noise softer with saltwater?

    It will get much quieter in my experience. It will take a few weeks for the pipes to slime up and then it will be quiet.
  7. From what I understand, RoDI water is like a magnenet for gathering stuff. That's about the extent of my knowledge on that.
  8. Hook'Em's Red Sea Nano

    Thanks! I have had a few tanks before this, one being a amazing build using a DSA 105, radions, MP40s and the such. I loved it, but started traveling for work a lot so I sold it all off in the fall of 2014. Just now starting back up. I tell myself Ill just have the one nano. But we all know that is a down right dirty lie.... Dealing with the green hair algae now... blah... Hopefully my reef cleaners order arrives in the morning! Heres my little helper buddy checking out the stock in the fish closet. He helps me keep inventory.
  9. Hook'Em's Red Sea Nano

    I recently acquired a Red Sea Reefer Nano from a member on DFWMAS. It was a complete set up for a deal that only a fool would say no too! I picked it up on Super Bowl Sunday and set it up that evening while watching the game. It was amazing how easy the tank went together. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of these Red Sea tanks. I have to say that I everything was mostly thought out very well on this tank and sump and stand setup. The plumbing is very easy to put together. The bulkheads stay attached to the tank, they come from the factory installed already. All the end user has to do is install the main drain, emergency drain and the return. To do that, you insert the correct pipe into the correct bulkhead and give it about a 1/4 turn and it locks into place! So simple! I used a couple of pieces of the previous owners live rock and then used a bunch of dry rock I had here. I may be redoing the whole aquascape. I just ordered 15# of Dry rock from John over at Reefcleaners.com. The tank is completely silent with the full siphon drain. Which is super easy to adjust. The auto top off is also pretty awesome. Its gravity fed. I just wish the reservoir was a bit bigger. Now, onto the equipment list: Tank: Red Sea Reefer Nano 28 gal System (21gal DT, 7gal sump) Stand: Red Sea Reefer Nano Stand Return pump: Sicce 3.0 (may be a bit over kill!) Skimmer: Eshopps PSK75 Heater: Ehiem Jager 150w Lighting: AI Prime Flow: Vortech MP10WQD Inhabitants: (all from previous owner) 2 Clowns 1 Firefish 1 sexy shrimp Various cleaners. I have also put various coral in over the last couple weeks. So far everything is happy. I started using Red Sea Coral Pro salt and I am very happy with it. I previously used Aquavitro Salinity and was happy with it, just didn't like the way it made my mixing containers have a film in them. Anyway, on to the pics!!!! For the stand lighting, I used some LED Tape lighting from Amazon. I also ordered a magnetic switch so that the light turns off and on automatically when I open and close the door. Pretty simple install, but probably one of my favorite things. Now I don't need to get a flashlight every time I wanna look in the stand. If y'all have any questions or tips, Please let me know!
  10. Biocube 29 LED light help!

    If no hood, go with an AI Prime. I love mine.
  11. Have my first RO/DI coming - any tips?

    Don't flood your house. Lol. I have flooded the bathroom many times. Just watch how long it take to make your specified amount. My BRS 150gpd unit takes about 45 minutes to make 5gallons. So just be careful there. Hopefully you have a TDS meter to show you when to change your resin. I typically change my carbon and sediment filters every 4-6 months. I have color changing DI resin and when its all almost orange/gold, I change it out. It starts out blue.
  12. I would say no, because it isn't saltwater. But try it and let us know!
  13. Replacing mag 7 pump plug

    Yeah. Just make sure you get the wires spliced to the correct ones. Use some heat shrink to seal the splices.
  14. Replacing mag 7 pump plug

    As long as you wire it up correctly, you'll be just fine.
  15. Please help! is this STN?

    SPS is very sensitive to ALK swings. That is most likely what caused it. Where do you normally keep the ALK?